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  2. Goodvibes who did the hair transplant? At only 3.5 months you have a lot of time and a lot of healing ahead of you. I have a lot of scars along my hairline, temples and in the donor area and they do improve over time. The hair that has been implanted will also help negate any concerns you have as it continues to grow in the future. I'm positive that the longer you wait the better the result will turn out and you won't be worrying about it! All the best!
  3. Well Biden's HT is pretty obvious and doesn't seem to worry him. Trump looks in his younger days he has had a Juri Flap procedure. Look at the direction of his hair and how it has to be turned around with spray and whatever else he puts in it. It's pretty common knowledge that he takes finasteride. Great topic guys!
  4. Donor looks much better! It start to fill in nicely, crown has good whorl. Next few months should give you more density for sure!
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  6. MONTH 7 UPDATE!! month 7 tomorrow just had haircut today 0.5 fade what do you think guys? Maybe a bit too short? All medication still the same and loving my result atm the crown also seems to be thickening up a little bit maybe? Hit me up fellas! 👍
  7. I believe u are taking finastride also.was there any reason u delayed finastride for so long? I have delayed it for 8 years now and pretty much diffuse Norwood 6.how has been Ur experience with finastride and that of eugenix prescribed finastride patients?Does it really cause side effects rarely?
  8. Day 6: Everything is coming along! I don't think I've lost any grafts, as I was pretty much sedentary for the critical 72 hours. Last night my dr instructed me to apply a cream to the recipient site and let is soak in overnight to loosen up the crusts. He then told me to massage (with some force!) the crusts off this morning. I was a bit nervous to apply much pressure, but gently and with the tips of my fingers (cleaned with soap, of course) I was able to get 99% of the crusting off! See before and after below. Now that the crusts are off, I can see the tiny hairs, their density and their direction on the scalp. It's getting me excited for the final result. I think my dr did an excellent job from what I can tell at this point. The donor site is a little itchy. I'm continuing to wash it with baby shampoo 2x/ day and apply a combo of antibacterial cream and vaseline. The vaseline has helped a lot in terms of soothing and getting rid of the scabs. Other than these updates, the numbness around my scalp (middle section) is fading but still present. No numbness on donor site. Biggest aesthetic issue is the redness around the follicles (especially the front hairline where 1 shaft grafts were used -- not sure why). I'm trying to apply coconut oil to see if that may help sooth the recipient area. Any feedback or comments would be great, thanks! @Melvin-Moderator
  9. Haha this looked like a first prototype of laser comb Keep us posted man, I'm keen to see more improvement!
  10. Rooting for you. Yours is the only Eugenix result on this forum that concerns me and I'm looking at booking with them when covid restrictions lift. Really curious to see you at 12 months. Keep posting!
  11. Hello @Charlie25, Has your procedure been scheduled? I too met with Dr Iniekio so I am keen to hear your feedback Thanks
  12. Good morning, it will be 2000-2500 Grafts with FUE this year. and the previous was 1500 Grafts with FUE
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. 👍🏼
  14. How has ht affected your confidence? Do you feel as good with it as you use to once about your looks or is it just better than having no hair? I am just trying to figure out how good do people in general feel about transplants. Just wanted to know how much mental happiness can it provide and is it it even worth.if you feel 10/10 earlier ,how you feel now about Ur looks after a ht?
  15. I’m willing to bet Biden’s team is using hair fibers, white hair color ones on him, some days his hair looks much fuller and “maintained” other times it looks extremely obviously sparse.
  16. This is a great result especially the crown, congrats! Curious, do you have on any hair fibers or concealer in the last 2 photos?
  17. This is what my hair looked like longer back this past April before I cut it short...don’t mind the crazy device, was testing out a relatives device for skin, to see if it helped with my forehead wrinkles lol.
  18. Hi i have also same problem now petting little going
  19. Yes, I noticed lots of stubbly new hairs growing and they feel and look as if they are getting to be more terminal than vellus, so I’m happy with that and just 2 months being able to regain some progress after a bad few months of shedding, I’m encouraged and happy. My temporal peaks are still there and good, since I had a fade haircut and gave white/grey hairs on my sides the front photo doesn’t show them well but I found an older photo from a few years ago and it’s definitely a big improvement.
  20. So great man. Very happy for you. The difference between you and i is I’m only 28 right now and becoming a nw6. did konior tell you before you started surgery that you were likely to address the entire top including the crown with your donor quality ? Or did you just play it by ear ?
  21. All three of my surgeries were with Dr. Konior. No minox or propecia ever, for better or worse. Konior worked some magic with me, considering where I started:
  22. Really? He's been around for so long i thought he would. He seems to have a lot of great results shared on this forum but i can't find much of BHT results of his. dr wong advised fut 5000 but i dont have enough laxity. He said i should do scalp exercises for a few months to see but i really don't want another FUT strip scar. Dr Konior also advised that i would need between 2000-3000 grafts and that he would only do 2200 in a single FUE session. He said " FUE harvesting needs to be performed if you are not willing to have another scar or if your exam reveals insufficient elasticity for a third procedure." I do not want another scar or widen it. I have not gotten a response from eugenix yet. I thought about that option too if i should even go with another procedure..doing the buzz cut was an option but i was always concerned with my linear scar. I guess SMP could be an option to address that.
  23. 5 weeks ago. Cutting the occipital artery and nerve is not standard. It's a mishap. And it shouldn't happen. The surgeon is part of IAHRS and is in Nor cal
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