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  2. Looking excellent mate! I had 3,300 grafts at the clinic 2 days before you - tomorrow is the official 2 month date for me. 😃
  3. Thing is this might be the case for some individuals. I really doubt that it is same thing for every Asmed patient with poor growth/density in recent past . Really wishing that things get better. We just have to hang on to every little hope we get
  4. Haha, yes, exactly. Therefore sent the money to me, I kiss your bald heads and I guarantee your hair will grow back. If you are not satisfied you get the money back...guaranteed 😉
  5. U just jealous cause u can’t afford gas ..
  6. I've seen all of Dr. Dieps videos on youtube. And I agree with your thoughts on everything. Dr. Diep does really work some magic I must say. Good luck and fingers crossed
  7. Ive here some people say the more soon you can grow a full beard and the more bodyhair you have its more likely that you go bald. What do you guys think?
  8. Today
  9. Well said brother! "its not fine print"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Come on guys. This is the oldest trick in the history of scams: Moneyback guarantee! There are millions of hair growth, diet and other scams sold with this trick. Do not support scam artist who make money out of desperate people.
  11. Since you are a former patient of Diep's - do you recall what your recipient site cleaning process was? The written instructions I have are fairly vague and I've been erring on the side of caution since I recall the techs telling me that I was bleeding a lot during the graft placement. Yesterday I basically poured a few cups of cold water across the recipient site, lathered up the sponge with the shampoo provided, and squeezed the sponge to let the entire graft area be covered in lather (not making any physical contact). I just let the foam sit there for about a minute or two, then used cups of water to pour off the foam. I just let the hair on the crown flow wherever it did and let everything air dry. I had some small white bubbles that went away after a few minutes. The vagueness in the instructions is how long I should be letting this area be soaking with the shampoo - and how much water I should be using. I think you aren't wrong to cringe at the donor area - this seems to be characteristic of Dr. Diep's patients due to the size of the punch. I think that if I hadn't done my research prior to the surgery, it would have freaked me out as well when comparing it the 1-day post-op photos from other doctors. However, knowing this reality, and also hearing the doctors explanation (says it gives him a healthier graft to work with), I knowingly accepted it. To me, the real consideration is how the donor area looks *after* healing - and Dr. Diep is not hiding the ball here. There are plenty of videos posted showing the donor areas in the months following the extraction areas, and they look no different than the donor areas subjected to smaller punches. Melvin's pictures in this thread are just one example. Perhaps there is a perceptible difference if someone cuts their hair with a very short guard on the back - but this isn't something that I will likely do. I will say, however, that a second major consideration of the Diep's donor areas is the viability of future FUE procedures, and whether or not the punch has any implications for future extractions in the same area. To this - I can't say I've found any definitive answers - and it may be a real issue for me in the future if my hair loss continues if this extraction method does jeopardize the surrounding grafts. I don't know enough about this to offer an opinion. Here is one example of someone that I think has similar hair type to mine - his donor area looks untouched: I can say as to the immediately post-op photos that might explain some of the mess - I bled more than usual per the techs. I'm not sure if this is due to semi-regular marijuana smoking (1-2x/week) leading up to the procedure, or the regular supplements that I take (I stopped 1 week before the procedure but many of the things I take were on the list), or my high blood pressure (the tech said it was 166 right before the drugs kicked in, but insisted that was normal since I was really nervous about the procedure). Other than that, I am an exceptionally healthy individual (I don't smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat junk food, I've exercised/weight trained 2-3x/week since I was 17 years old, and I rarely get sick). I'll continue to update this thread with progress pictures over the coming year. I think of it as a bit of insurance - if it turns out there are serious issues with Diep's work, then I'm sure Diep will want to make things right when its all well documented and visible. I can say right now though that I don't have any major concerns with the work other than the need for him to revise his printed post-op instructions, and I'm looking forward to the results.
  12. Thanks 4 sharing. I am dissapointed so far (almost 8 months) with the outcome of my surgery but have not given up all hope yet. Its just the hairline and area behind i am worried most about. We will get to know in 4 months, i guess if i am going to have a decent result or not 😉
  13. U have a 6 month guarantee .. what u got to lose .. document the progress every month for us .. it’s better for u to try it n know for sure .. than us guessing for u .. it be an interesting read.. it’s an advanced scalp massage .. can’t hurt to try ..
  14. I fully understand the scepticism but why would they offer a 6 month money back guarantee on the product if they weren't confident on its effectiveness? They're basically saying its a risk free purchase. It would be financial suicide for them if most buyers decided to return the device for a full refund within 6 months. According to their website, the device is still in 'beta' which probably explains the lack of reviews out there and also 'before' and 'after' photos. Anyway I haven't decided yet on whether to buy it, I've emailed them a few questions and see how they respond. If i do end up buying it, I will post photos of my scalp before and after using the device, so that it helps others. But I will need reassurance from them that i can have my $297 back if the device fails to produce any meaningful results within the first 6 months.
  15. Hey @Payam Any update? Really curious especially after how things turning out with my procedure. Any ray of hope
  16. You would grow more hair if you sent this 297 dollar to me and follow my advice. Shall I sent you a PM? Kidding aside: I do not even need to read it to understand that this is fraud.
  17. Your results are looking good already mate. I’m particular interested to follow your journey and look forward to seeing updated photos. I’m hopefully going to book with Asmed this week. Thanks for the initial detailed post. I’m 31, from the UK and have been quoted 2500-3000 grafts for my hairline and frontal scalp. Would you recommend staying at either the hotel or clinic a few extra days after surgery to help with the shampoo? I was going to arrive a day earlier then I needed to but fly back the next afternoon/evening after surgery. Thanks, Craig
  18. Check this article out https://newhair.com/baldingblog/the-baby-hairs-5-months-after-hair-transplant-with-photos/ shows him at 5 months and then again at 14 baby hair and poor density looks normal at 5 months for some people
  19. This sounds like pseudo-science nonsense. The scalp is one of the most vascular places on the body. If the lack of blood flow was a problem, than hair transplantation wouldn't work. This would mean that balding people have impaired blood flow thus, the grafts wouldn't survive. It's amazing how clever these snake oil salesmen are getting, they're blurring the lines between fact and fiction to fool the public.
  20. The size of the punch has no bearing on the size of the incision. Once extracted; follicular units are separated by 1,2,3,4 and some even have 5 hairs per unit. Grafts are separated by unit size and the incisions are created accordingly. Perhaps in the 80's it may have been common to punch a graft out and punch a graft in, but those days are long gone. 1mm while larger than average, is not large enough to require additional trimming. Some surgeons may trim their grafts, but it isn't necessary. In fact, some would argue the larger the punch, the more fatty tissue and the healthier the graft. I don't agree, but some have argued this. In regards to remaining respectful, treat others as you want to be treated pretty simple.
  21. Thanks Cosmo, where did you go for your HT if you don’t mind me asking. I am in Washington DC and will consult Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Rahal.
  22. I guess you want to get back to your pic of a few years ago. But you won’t. You can get part of the way back. You can certainly get the temples filled in and reinforce the hairline and it can look very good to excellent by today’s standards. And everyone on this board will call it a home run and it will be. However, the hair that goes in the temples will be much coarser than what was in there before. And it will be sparser than before. And the hairline will be slightly different and the angles of the hair may be slightly different as well. So it won’t look the same as before to you. All those things will be true even with a home run result from a top surgeon. People with a lot of loss accept all those things but it’s harder to accept when your starting position is so good. So it’s best to wait for a hair transplant until you really need it.
  23. Wow that’s a lot of growth for only 2 months! Amazing!
  24. It's more like inflammation pain / itching, some balding people feel it, some don't.
  25. Thanks. Yeah, I'm feeling relatively optimistic about this so far. I'll be updating at least once a month.
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