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    • That doctor is crazy then. I had a better result on 35cm2 on my first pass. If that is 50 then I would say a lot did not grow. I was always told 35-40 per cm2 the most and come back for a second. Anymore then that you can run into blood flow issues and survival of graft. I am sure some people can do it but I would feel better playing it safe. 
    • What kind of post op instructions did the patient not follow that could compromise his yield besides the meds? I’ve read grafts are very secure and permanent at roughly 7-10 days post op
    • You need to provide proofs of your words. I can provide all messaging with Kaan, where I was concerned every month sending photos, asking why bad results, discussing side effects, which I got from the drugs. Future clients of this clinic be aware in case something goes wrong just wait for long messages of his team how you did not follow surgery instructions, did not care about the op, slept on the wrong side and so on:)  
    • What would be considered super dense packing? Anything greater than 50cm2?
    • Dredd, in your case medicines were mandatory because your androgenetic alopecia was miniaturizing also the donor area (it is a condition called DUPA and is more common than people think) and dr. Pekiner told you that many times. Not only you did not take Finasteride and Minoxidil as prescribed, you even started minoxidil on and off, that is worse than not taking it at all. You said you got Finasteride driven depression after 2 weeks of usage, which looks rather unlikely. You said you got side effects from Minoxidil and even from Xpecia that is a mild Saw Palmetto supplement. Dr. Pekiner also suspects you did not follow post surgery instructions, because you always behaved like you did not care, probably you were thinking that you just had to pay the money to the surgeon and get the results without being annoyed by medicines and post operative care. But the first month after the operation is the most important one. It is like a fat man not following post operative instructions after a liposuction and starting to eat pies and donuts and lift heavy weights the day after. Surgery doesn't work this way, you must follow and trust doctor instruction and advices, it is not like "this is your money doc, now I want the problem solved". At the end we have some suspects but we don't know exactly what happened, while you look so sure it was all dr. Pekiner's failure and like 2 weeks ago you started to feel the urge to inform the whole world.   Please don't worry about this Lixin. I also invite other dr. Pekiner's future patient not to fall prey of a free shooter only interested in destroying the clinic reputation. I will start posting all the clinic good cases in this forum as well, I just need a little time. Please check all the surgeries before and after both of Dredd's operations and you will see 3 perfect frontal dense packs and 1 norwood 6 reconstruction in 2 steps.   As I specified before, this case was not treated at an extreme density of more than 50 grafts per cm2, which is often called super dense pack. It was a "classic" high density of around 50 grafts per cm2. DHI method, that is basically a marketing term coined for incisions and implantations via implanter pens, shares the same philosophy of the stick and place technique used by dr. Pekiner, that is placing the graft immediately after opening the channel. Having said that, there are many other clinics, using different techniques, like lateral slit with custom blade made incisions, or placers instead of implanters, that can achieve great density all the same.
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