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  2. Hi Everyone. Sorry for late update. Its been long to update my results after 1 year of my HT. Just to post my pics. Lets see.
  3. Is there a check for your medicine at the airport? How many boxes of phenythraamine can be allowed according to regulations?
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  5. Yes, there are several cases from Lorenzo where he posts DUPA cases that improve with Finasteride and some even require Dutasteturide.
  6. By "manual," Dr. Diep means handheld. As in, non-robotic. He uses a motorized punch device with foot pedal control similar to a dentist's drill or Devroye's WAW. I think he rigged it up himself or had someone build it for him.
  7. Quite an amazing journey that you've had thus far, @logansays -- from virtually no hair outside of the donor area prior to the 1st HT, to now being well on route to an entire head of hair. Quite phenomenal. Even I'll be having a crown restoration done with Eugenix next year, and your post op photos have continued to add to my confidence on them. Like Lenny, even I think crowns are the toughest to restore, but every crown restoration job I've seen so far from Eugenix has been excellent. I'm thinking positively that your HT will be yet another success. I definitely will keep a lookout for this thread. Happy growing!
  8. Thank you guys for your advice. I was searching quite a lot on this forum, but why there is almost no cases done by HLC clinic on this forum,? only just recommendations that it is good clinic?
  9. If a patient indeed has DUPA - then would finasteride be enough to stop this donor thinning usually? No one I've spoken to has seemed to know whether meds can be effective in stopping DUPA. Hope you get everything sorted out, OP.
  10. They somehow share(d) the facilities with Dr. de Reys. There are a lot of cases in the german forum (alopezie.de). Reasonable priced for Europe, but IMO slightly below top clinics density wise etc.
  11. I had surgery with Dr. Kaan earlier this year and I am very happy with my results. He cares a lot about his work and struck me as a very ethical doctor. It sounds like this patient has DUPA (a very rare condition by which even donor hair is susceptible to DHT). It can only be expected then that without a DHT-blocker, the transplanted donor hair would begin to miniaturize and fall out. This has nothing to do with the surgeon's skill. Rather it is to do with the patient's unfortunate medical condition. He was told he must take finasteride or risk the transplanted hair falling out. It sounds like he stopped finasteride due to side effects. Not the patient's fault, but we also can't blame the doctor here. The fact that given all this, Dr. Kaan gave the patient a free touch-up of 1000 grafts speaks volumes of his character. Even the most skilled doctors in the world encounter unfortunate situations such as this one. In these cases, all they can do is try their best to remedy the situation.
  12. Hi, Kindly find the below details: Exclusive Package Cost of Rs. 120/graft*: Planning, designing and 100% slits are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Complete involvement includes below Designing the hairline. Crucial parts of extraction. Supervision of implantation steps Crucial steps of implantation Supervision of graft placement assisted by our expertly trained and experienced senior technicians. Value-added benefits Nitrous oxide anaesthesia (optional): ensures conscious sedation, extremely safe, make anaesthesia step even more painless Airport transfer, Staying and food for two nights are complimentary. 18% GST is extra. Comprehensive Package Cost of Rs. 75/graft*: Planning and designing with 100 % involvement by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Slits of aesthetically vital areas like hairline/crown/temple are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Rest of the slits and process are completed by Dr Abhinav Kumar/ Dr Priyadarshani Das/ Dr Alok Sahoo of Eugenix who are experienced, hand-picked and trained by Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal. Value-added benefit Airport transfer, Staying and food for ONE night are complimentary. (Beyond 1 night, discounted rates apply.) 18% GST is extra.
  13. well...if the patient wanted a density of about 10 grafts/cm2 then yes, the plastic surgen would be correct. Thats pretty absurd if true. Im very curious to see the post op for this patient. Whats the maximum number of grafts you do over consecutive days?
  14. Haven’t heard much about them lately. I remember maybe 10 years back they were the talk of the town on various forums.
  15. Yes! It is quite an interesting list with different type of clinics.
  16. Wow demirsoy imo is the best “budget” clinic in Turkey. The extraction pattern looks great. And unlike many of the lower cost clinics in Turkey that focus extractions to the occipital & parietal areas, he goes into the more difficult temporal areas. your results look great and you have a ton of time to mature 👍🏻
  17. I think I is such a subjective topic. The candidacy of body hair as a donor seems correlated to factors it's calibre, density, growth rate among many others. I have seen some patients with a fair growth where the chest hair was planted. But in majority, not a very satisfactory survival rate. Plus, these hair from the chest etc tend to shed off and grow back after a huge gap unlike beard and scalp donor grafts.
  18. Hi Fozzie, I am satisfied from the growth so far.I also think that i am a good responder to minoxidil,it is really accelerating the growth.
  19. Your previous FUT thread was the thread that made me go to DrK myself; a great detailed write up with simply phenomenal results. In my few limited conversations with DrK he always preached the importance of placement over some overriding arbitrary graft count. The fact you have had around 5500 grafts (including temple point work!) and your hair looks that dense, aesthetic and can stick up without any see through appearance just shows how much of a grand slam this result is. And DrK rebuilt it all from scratch ... pure artistry. Somewhat curious ... do you even think about your hair anymore?
  20. you must roll your eyes at guys who get upset with not seeing results by 6 months lol
  21. That’s a wrong thing to say dredd u can’t talk about future clients of him to be aware...how come? The doctor has amazing results and very natural posted all over the forums and u come and say after a bad result of yours to be aware? People will decide based on results that come out every day not from a bad one or a good one
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