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  2. Truly heartbreaking, but if you’re 33 now, then you got your first HT at 19! That is why I ALWAYS discourage young guys to get surgery. There is absolutely no way to judge the donor accurately. I’m no doctor, but it’s evident that your donor is not stable. I see significant thinning all over your scalp. You appear to be a Norwood 7 with DUPA. Please see @Gatsby he’s had SMP, and he looks fantastic. Please do not be discouraged, there’s more to life than hair!
  3. The only explanation I have for this is that you went Norwood 7 + DUPA, which is really rare. There is one guy at work I know who is like this, his donor is see through and his lateral humps dropped all the way like yours. This is the most aggressive form of male pattern baldness, and these people simply aren't candidates for hair transplants. There just isn't enough donor available. I don't know if finasteride would have stopped this, but that or dutasteride would have been your only hope in my opinion, had you started it 10 years ago. However don't despair. Even with your scar
  4. I have no idea...I had my 4 HTs between the ages of 20-26 as a result of not getting any decent result...hairline was always see through and now it is what it is...I keep whatever hair is there trimmed down ...doesn't really make much of a difference if I grow it or not.
  5. What is your advice? I'm guessing I'm not even a repair case now am I with BHT or equivalent.
  6. Correct- I clearly remember that after HT2, around the 1 year mark my temples started to recede and then another wave of hair loss/ thinning kicked it so I never actually saw the benefits of a HT or what hair was lost native or HT ones.
  7. May well be. It’s just hard to tell with all the harvesting done. Although the miniaturization in the donor doesn't seem quite diffuse as in DUPA. You can see a thicker segment of donor in the middle that is uniform. Probably dermoscopy of that Region can show if they are thinning better.
  8. Could genetics be anything to do with it? Unfortunately mpb runs both from my father and mother's side and I was always told that I would be doomed. At the same age as me now, my father was a Norwood 6. I remember having blood work done before the surgerys and had an appointment with a dermatologist and everything came back fine indicating that it is all genetics. What do I do? I want to stop thinking about this now but I need a solution.
  9. Due to miniaturization in donor area I think it could be DUPA. For how long have your result lasted?
  10. I looked at your last pictures from 2009, https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/journal/azza786/327/HT21-YEAR/4432, and if the hair transplant permanence theory was true, this is the hair you should still have today. You were pretty much slick bald in your initial areas before transplantation so it is not a question of native hair thinning.
  11. Yes indeed. I still think this is quite unusual. I think looking at it in depth is quite important. Maybe a biopsy with a dermatopathologist can reveal something?
  12. It looks like your transplanted hair continued to thin. You should have way more hair for 5000+ grafts. It appears your case is yet another of hair transplants not being permanent without additional treatments such as finasteride. I'm really sorry about your situation. I would ask Dr. Rahal why he thinks your grafts did not hold.
  13. I have no idea why sir. The clinics I used were through research and reputation so I didn't go to any cowboy as such. Yes a naturally transplanted hairline with a system is something I considered a few years back but as you can see my hairline isn't great. I have the shape of a hairline but it's wayyy to see through.
  14. Hi Dr Barghouthi, When I noticed that the transplants didn't really help the hair loss, I have been using hair system for around 8 years. I don't really enjoy it to be honest though I know some maybe ok with it. I didn't undergo 4 HT surgery's to use a system in the end 😣
  15. It’s something worth researching further? Tons of SMP content on the forum! You could use SMP to cover your head and not just the FUT scar.
  16. How come all the surgeries yielded low results? Have you investigated this through biopsies etc? A hair system with a naturally transplanted hairline is currently my preferred choice for cases similar to you.
  17. I'm really sorry for what you've been through. It is important to consider things like SMP or hair systems. They can make a huge impact.
  18. John, Thanks so much for the reply brother. I have seen SMP but not too sure about it? If anything, I will probs use it at some point for the scar. I'm not used to a buzz cut/ never had it and don't think I can pull it off but yes- something to consider. Cheers
  19. Hi so sorry this has not worked out for you. Have you thought about SMP? And then having your hair short. @Gatsby SMP is truly amazing at covering his FUT scars.
  20. Hi everyone, Logging back into this forum after soo long. For those who don't know me I go by the name of azza786...you can see my journey on my blog. I am now 33 and had my first HT at age 20 in Ottawa, Canada..long time ago I know! Between then and now, I have had a total of 4 HT surgery's including FUE, BHT and Strip surgery amassing to over 8500 grafts. With that amount of extraction, one would expect a half decent result at the very least. After persevering and persevering, rolling with the punches, being optimistic, I can easily say I have lost the battle. You ca
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  22. Thanks for the response @Dr. Suhail Khokhar And @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia. I don’t think and don’t really want to commit to any type of drug to be honest whether that be oral or topical. There’s no guarantee topical will even work and just like with minoxidil I could start slacking With applying the topical finasteride which wouldn’t do me any favours.
  23. What makes you say this now? You used to be the biggest FUE advocate on the forum.
  24. I hear this a lot. Is there a time frame? is it case by case? Can telogen phase seem permanent? Is it complete horseshit? Here is a question. Would you think the below picture could grow hair back?
  25. He did on my first HT. We finished up gone 12. I think I was the record holder for a while until another guy from London told me his lasted until nearly 1am.
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