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  2. I know you know this, but helps to hear: You're the only one who sees it that way and only upon close inspection lol Looks really good brother congrats
  3. Thanks all! Appreciate the positive feedback. Everything blends together pretty seamlessly at this point. The front is still a little thin but I wouldn’t say there’s an obvious point where the transplanted hair meets the native hair...he placed a bunch of grafts around and behind the thinning zone, which I think helped reduce any contrast.
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  5. Awesome! Any issues in the “transition zone” where the transplanted hair borders with the native hair? Seems as though this a location that can sometimes be a bit weaker, although it can be easily covered through styling.
  6. Hair transplants are a last resort. His first course of action is hair loss prevention. The worst thing he can do is try and chase an adolescent hairline and waste thousands of grafts that would be better suited in other areas of his scalp. You need to think long-term, not short-term. Lastly, we do not sell hair transplants here, we are honest and most importantly ethical.
  7. Actually there is a type 3 5ar that was found more recently that both drugs block. The scientific community aren’t sure what kind of role this type 3 5ar plays however.
  8. Damn I just learned a ton from this thread. Sends us your new hair once you get it done.
  9. Melvin, I'm not sure why are you saying he doesn't need a hair transplant. He literally lost all of his hairline. @lucas, don't listen to these guys, a hair transplant would make a day and night difference and frame your face perfectly. I'm just being real here and not trying to bullshit you mate. //@melvin, I didn't said that he should go for a teenager hairline but still a HT would make a huge difference in how he is going to look and also I'm sure the hair would boost his confidence as well..
  10. Why do you think getting hair transplants are no longer taboo? Is it because of celebrity endorsements, because the results look better? I would love to hear the communities thoughts. Getting A Hair Transplant is No Longer Taboo
  11. Great post I agree with all your points. Guys visiting this thread will learn a lot from it so kudos to you.
  12. @RecessionProofSolid advice! @lasercap ... man you have must have some wild stories about all the strange stuff that goes in this industry
  13. What sort of coverage are you expecting from this? Getting crown work done myself with Dr. K. But will likely only be adding about 1K to crown.
  14. We often see clients who were let down by a hair transplant due to lack of grafts. Thanks to SMP we are able to give them a more aggressive and aesthetic hairline as well as the appearance of full density. Thanks for looking!
  15. Great thread! Here are a few thoughts: Don’t look at price as the determining factor when choosing your hair transplant surgeon. Your results will affect your appearance for life and you only have so much donor hair — one bad surgery can seriously compromise your long term results. Do be willing to travel for your hair transplant. It’s such an minor inconvenience and expense compared to the surgery itself, and you really want to go with whomever you consider the best surgeon in the world for your situation. Even if you live in a major city, it’s worth considering some of the top docs in Canada, the Midwest, and overseas. Do be open to the possibility of waiting a few years or deciding not to have surgery entirely. Hair loss can be super unpredictable and your best bet is to try finasteride and see if you’re able to maintain for a while. Do understand that sooner or later, you will lose more hair. Will you be ok with this when it happens? If not, are you open to a lifetime commitment of future procedures?
  16. I agree, at your age preserving your hair is what is necessary. Your hair looks good. I don’t think you need a transplant either, at least for now.
  17. Wow that’s insane. I guess that’s what you get with commercial chains. Not all, but a lot.
  18. Exactly, recently there was a guy on the forum who had surgery, and he was talking about how one popular YouTuber was charging him more than the surgeon for his treatment plan. Keep in mind this is just some guy from YouTube who didn’t even get good results. I was shocked that this stuff goes on. I’ve had guys offer me money, but I don’t feel right accepting. We’re all bald brothers here trying to get information. I’m just paying it back.
  19. I don't think so. I think they got him off the street, did a month of training....and got going. And with the company realizing it or not...now they've put the consultant in a tough spot...."Oh, Mr patient, I am so glad to tell you that you will be the very first patient this doctor has ever worked with." And all future conversations - particularly about the work which is less than natural.
  20. Guys, This thread has nothing to do with other clinics. Please stop de-railing this thread. This patient is posting, so we follow his progress and results, not discuss other clinics.
  21. Great points from both of you guys. @LaserCap this surgeon you worked for didn’t have an apprenticeship?
  22. I understand you want to look good for wedding day (it played into why I got my first procedure), but everything I'm seeing here shows me you're doing everything wrong. You might look good in the short term, once hair has fully grown, but the concern, imo, is what you will look like for the rest of your life. And the options you will have later in life to address your hair will be limited. Price shouldn't dictate where you go. I believe timing should play a role, but it shouldn't be all about timing. I do wish you luck, though.
  23. Amazing @LaserCap Ive only ever heard of doctors performing "rows" on patients ... you would think some things should be obvious not to do I guess because of the massive time delay between surgery and results a noobie doctor might go a long time before being fully aware of the consequneces of their surgical choices. the konior gabel book "Hair Restoration, An Issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics, E-Book " is effectively full of essays written by the top docs in the field. I sort of wish there was a patient written guidebook taking you step by step on how to navigate the industry (is there one?). I think one of the hardest things to do as a patient is knowing what are the right questions to ask, and then even when you get an answer it can be difficult in knowing how exactly to interpret the answers. It seems like you have to become an expert just to understand basic things.
  24. Looks like an excellent number of 2 and 3 hair grafts, excited to see how this one turns out! I will probably end up having some crown work done by Dr. K sooner or later so always helpful to have a reference point 👍
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