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  2. You run no risk of Losing transplanted hairs if they were taken from the center of the donor via FUT strip. A 22 year old can do a procedure if his pattern calls for it. We all have anywhere between 5-8000 grafts available so this particular person would have enough to address his hairline and then whatever thins in the future
  3. The advice that I've read here and on youtube is generally that I should do an FUT before doing an FUE and this conserves more donor grafts. How exactly does this conserve more grafts? Does FUE damage nearby surrounding hair during an extraction?
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  5. Why would hasson quote u more grafts for fut rather than fue? Makes no sense
  6. Sorry the pic isn’t great but this was the outline of my temple before 1200 grafts - you don’t look 2 x as bad as me so I would say the lower estimates are going to give you a banging hairline.
  7. I didn’t rate dermamatch so bought eyebrow makeup. Looking at your pics you may get a good result but if there’s not enough hair try a women’s foundation/concealer to cover the redness? Or fake tan!!
  8. I highly doubt that there is any hair restoration clinic in North America that employs a nurse practitioner. NP's don't make sense for hair restoration clinics. They can diagnose, write orders, and prescribe meds. These duties can all be carried out by the physician who has to be a part of the clinic. Why pay an NP a higher salary then a nurse to only do nurse duties such as assist during surgery or clerical work? The comment about top docs imparting there wisdom on nurses only to have them leave with that knowledge and open up their own clinics doesn't hold water. Nurses are not nurse practitioners. They receive a master's degree to become a nurse practitioner. That means school/clinicals for at least 2 more years after receiving a 4 year bachelor's of nursing degree.
  9. I’m taking Biotin and using a laser comb. Think I’m slightly ahead of schedule (especially with horrendous shock loss) so agree with the above - you’ll kick yourself if you have slow regrowth and didn’t try something that *may* help!
  10. Here you go doctor. Looking forward to hearing from you and others here in the forum.
  11. Hello All, I am looking to get some crown work done and perhaps also add some density to the frontal third, so I am calling all Bisanga and Lorenzo patients as to how their experience has been? Also, to possibly get an idea who is better out of the two in terms of crown work? Your help and advice will go a long way in helping me make a good decision. Thanks
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  13. Things like Biotin and MSM will help hair grow quicker/thicker and generally give it a more healthy look (won't do anything to prevent further loss of native hair). Can help give any shaved down native hair both in the recipient and donor a little boost in growing back (probably won't do anything much for any hair lost due to shock loss as that'll usually grow back in its own time) Some people take saw palmetto to try and prevent further hair loss but personally don't think it'll do much in that regard but no harm in giving a go if you want to.
  14. Doctors will save money from hiring techs instead of nurses (or pay extra for their Nurses to sign a non-compete) but will also have to lower prices to compete with Nurse run clinics. However, in Turkey the Nurses can perform FUE surgery and a lot of Turkish still prefer to pay extra to go to a Doctor so maybe it won’t be such a huge impact because there will always be patients looking for the best and willing to pay for it. The problem will be for those Docs that aren’t the best and thus will be forced to cut prices and operate on several patients per day to increase the daily turnover (this happens a lot in Turkey).
  15. That’s true, it can really change the business model. I mean I would rather have my extractions done by a Nurse Practitioner than a tech with no medical experience or background.
  16. I guess that if that bill passes a lot of nurses that got their know from top docs like Konior are going to start opening their own clinic with a lower price claiming to have the same known-how of the top Docs and possibly achieving similar results. This will probably also affect the prices currently offered by Doctors because they will need to lower it in order to avoid losing to much business to highly qualified FUE Nurses. Could also mean very few doctors will risk hiring Nurses at the risk of passing their knowledge and they opening their own clinic later on (worst for us patients that will be having surgeries with Doctors and their techs without an academic medical background).
  17. Nothing other than finasteride , I was using minoxidil for a while but didn’t feel that it helped and was a pain to use . Tried nizoral but again no known benefits, work out stay fit and proscar every other day at the moment ... my hair is in absolutely fantastic shape at the mo but starting to go grey !!! 😆🙈.... I can handle grey hair but no hair would have been difficult for me .
  18. @LookingForTheBest2020 you say you want the best and then consider a marketing hype clinic claiming to use donor steam cells. My advice is stay clear. You want the best then get on the wait list for Konior or Couto and do it quickly because the wait list is over 1 year.
  19. You are 100% correct, we open up our recommendations like a democracy, everyone has a vote, including other physicians. Famously, there was a Turkish surgeon who went up for recommendation last year, we ended up not recommending him, because the community didn’t like the fact that he has packages with no involvement. If we were in it for the money, he’d be recommended, not to mention the dozens of doctors we say no too, who don’t even make it to the recommendation process.
  20. Jonny, You know very well that this is not true, we are patient advocates first and foremost, yes our recommended surgeons sponsor the forum, but to say we’re only in it for the money is a total lie. None of our recommendations are set in stone, a few year ago we cut loose Dr. Doganay, because we found him to no longer meet our standards. It’s clear that you’re not happy with Dr. Erdogan, and you’ve voiced this several times, on multiple threads. Have I ever once tried to censor you? In fact, just speak to @dust78 and he will tell you how I’ve been at the forefront of his case to ensure he’s treated well. I’m disappointed in how you view our community, if we were really in it for the money you would’ve been censored and banned ages ago, like other forums do, and I wouldn’t still be working a full time job. We’re truthfully one of, if not the last forum to host good, bad, and even ugly reviews. At this point, we haven’t seen any of our recommendations not stand by their work, granted that won’t change how you feel about your own results, but that does demonstrate ethical standards and integrity in our eyes. As I said on the dust78 thread, if it changes, our list will change, that’s a fact.
  21. @killa You can ready my story and see pics below. One of my criteria when choosing a doctor was hairlines. neither dr. rahal or dr. hasson transplant low hairlines. Both are conservative and maximize coverage, yet both have very different styles. Both create some of the most natural looking hairlines in the business. Basically it boils down to micro irregularity. Dr. Rahal has a slight edge in my opinion. I'm obsessive and work with numbers by day so i'm able to look for patterns, etc. I'll break down the difference if i have time. But in the end, I noticed that Dr. rahal's hairlines minic nature more in terms of ethic background, features. Second for me was fue, and at that time Dr. Hasson was not really doing fue. So Dr. Rahal has an edge in results and experience. But again, Hasson backs up his work and stands behind patients so something to consider. I could go on and on lol Props to enigmatic936 for putting so much research into it.
  22. This is still one of the very best forums to get real patient reviews of doctors. While it is true that doctors pay fees to the site they are also paying them to help keep the site running. That’s my understanding, at least. Maybe @Melvin-Moderator can help shed some light on this, though. In order for a doctor to be recommended here they have to go through a vetting process by us, the members. If they are chosen then they start to pay fees. If a doctor’s work starts to slip they are held accountable and they could be booted from being recommended here. It’s happened at least twice in the last decade. The forum has gotten a lot of flack in the past because of doctors paying fees here. I’ve, personally, never had a problem with it. Unfortunately money makes the world go round and it’s just as true for those that help make this site possible. That’s only how I look at it. Not everyone agrees with me and that’s fine. I’m just sayin’, had I not found this site I might have made a bad choice while looking for a doctor. OR I might not have had the procedure at all. I’d still be a sad bald sack. That’s my 2 cents but I totally respect those who have a problem with it. They have they’re reasons, also.
  23. In that case you should contact the clinics direct, if no reply still then I guess that helps you decide whether or not to proceed with that particular clinic.
  24. I sure have. Multiple times a day for the past week. Nothing in the junk mail folder unfortunately.
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