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  2. I've thought about the efficacy of pills when they're cut, and I tend to believe it doesn't lose much. It's not a capsule pill (the container looking ones), so it gets digested exactly the same way as the uncut alternative. I'm positive that the presses pills we take aren't affected, at least I can't think of a logical reason the pill needs to stay intact. I've been cutting pills for as long as I can remember. Ibuprofens and prescribed medication. I didn't break 100lbs til I was in high school, I was always light, so I always had to tailor doses to my size. I've also spoken to the potency of taladafil, and I take 7-10 bites of the 20mg pill with positive results. As far as minox, I agree with the multiple times a day. I apply it after my hair dries from the shower and don't reapply til the next shower 24 hours later. I do notice scalp itchiness and slight irritation when I over apply or apply too frequently. I want to itch it, and when I do, I make it snow with the dandruff (which I don't normally experience).
  3. Same thing here.. should I go back to my hair doc? It's been 10 months. Looked great at 5 months.
  4. I had 2800 they toldos me. Now its been 22 days and I have a lot of scabings
  5. Hi Petroholic, Although I thought of posting pics in a timeline format all together from 1st month to 4th/5th/6th month, but i can post 1st to 3rd month timeline as i am very much satisfied with my progress of 3 months Stay tuned !
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  7. Looks great! I am considering going to this dr also great price and results look good.
  8. Hey man, any update not that you’re past your 18-th month post op? Are you still considering going back for another smaller Ht?
  9. Without arguing and in short. @Shera Your response doesnt seem appropriate at all , the least you can do is investigate the matter with the doctor. After investigation with an open mind , you can post the truth according to you/ clinic What does the clinic have to lose and what is the worst that can happen ? That this indeed turns out to be a failure from clinic 's side . So what . Everyone including the patient knows that both HT and our bodies are complex and there always is a chance for failure . And remedial action can be taken by the clinic The patient deserves this @Shera atleast. And will put Dr bhatti's patients like @Lennney @HLPToronto and me who are currently on recovery phase much at ease.
  10. Yea you definitely don’t wanna cure one condition and get a life-threatening illness like cancer
  11. Hi all new to the forum and appreciate any recommendations. im looking to go to Hungary in October for a HT but it’s hard to get a feel from the websites. can anyone who has been please share good and bad clinics. thanks tim
  12. @SprayPaint I see i see. How many mcg of biotin do you take daily? Also, was there any particular reason as to why you started the biotin on month 1? Or were you always taking it before or directly after your FUE procedure? So far I believe I am following your exact same supplement regimen post FUE as well.
  13. Its all normal my friend, you seem to be on the right track. Additionally, if you are also using minoxidil and finastride, they would contribute more to the shedding.... but its always said to be a good sign. It means your scalp is going to be regrowing hair after shedding during the first phase. good luck i am in the same boat ( 3 months post HT )
  14. Its quite possible so have to be always extra careful. Hair loss, HTs and hair regrowth is all a very complex science and needs utmost care. good luck
  15. You get improvements until 18 months? You have any sources you can link me to?
  16. I’ve heard crown can take longer to develop in some cases. Please keep us posted I like your doctors results from what I’ve seen. How does your front hair look wet after one year?
  17. I've been following your threads and I know you did not have a good experience with your first HT. I know you were considering going to turkey but If i were to offer any advice i would stick to the just the top 2 FUE clinics on the entire world and thats with HnW or Dr. Diep.
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