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  2. This is a class 5 patient who wanted to fill up his thinning areas with a hair transplant having a poor donor. HDC performed a total of 4900 FUE grafts in two Surgeries. The first one was in 2015 and the 2nd one on November 2017. The limitation of this particular patient was that his donor was not good especially on the sides. HDC Hair clinic explained the limitations to the patient and discussed that the expected result should be in accordance to his donor. Also, the patient was put on Propecia and Minoxidil to avoid further hair loss. Fortunately, he did not have an aggressive history of Hair loss. Half of the hair transplant result is how the hair grow on the recipient and the other half is how the donor is managed. You can see the result. Before Immediately After FUE1 Immediately After FUE2 After FUE2
  3. I’m pretty sure JT has some bad blood with this forum. I also believe his account may have been banned from here (I may be wrong however)
  4. I did a lot of research on this prior to HT. My understanding is that the main reason smoking tobacco is contraindicated for HT or basically any type of surgery is because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. This means it constricts the veins, raises blood pressure, and can cause less blood supply. It’s why smoking is associated with heart disease and high blood pressure. It’s known that nicotine is bad for wound healing which needs blood flow to be optimal. Cannabis/THC is generally understood to be a vasodilator. This means it opens the blood vessels, increases blood supply, and lowers blood pressure. It’s why THC can be a wonderful medication for glaucoma, for instance, as it can reduce intraocular pressure. In theory, this may be good for newly placed grafts. It’s at least probably not as bad as nicotine, particularly if vaped or eaten. My understanding is that the act of lighting any plant on fire isn’t really the thing here, it’s the blood flow effects of the active ingredients.
  5. John Doe

    First Time Poster

    Here are some buzz cut pictures. It'll be a couple weeks before my length is over 2cm to post something better. I have no noticeable loss anywhere but the front.
  6. Hey Deb, everything looks great, you looked wonderful before this surgery and it's only going to get better. best of luck. one thing, didn't you concern about adding grafts in the front between hair transplanted a year ago?
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  8. Gasthoerer

    1300 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    Remember you case! I am sure everyone in here wishes you nth but the best. Did Dr. Harris or Dr. Diep offer any explanation what went wrong and/or what will be done different this time? Some clinics have an internal protocol how extraction and implantation went. Bigger punch diameter? Different way to implant the grafts (forceps/implanter)? From your old thread I have recognized that the transplanted hair appeared also thin and has slightly lighter colour. Maybe a sign that extraction was putting to much stress on the roots. All the best
  9. JeanLDD

    Dr. Diep 3000 Grafts

    I also think that's a possibility
  10. Do you think it is someone trying to tarnish this Clinic's reputation?, almost all these new reviews are from first time posters.
  11. jj51702

    Synthetic Hair Transplants? Caution!

    I thought these were banned in many countries including the United states
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Looking For a Top Hair Transplant Surgeon?

    @Raker I appreciate your input. Since we do aim to recommend surgeons that are doing top notch work, if there are some not recommended by this community that you know of that you think we should consider, please go ahead and list them. You said there are a lot of them, however, most of the ones people mention on a regular basis are already recommended with the exception of a few. But, we are certainly open to considering others for recommendation so please list those you know about and we can go ahead and contact them about being considered. Thanks, Bill
  13. Thanks! I know this myself and amazed at the difference. Definitely worth it and best decision i have made regarding my hair. Feel so much happier and confident!
  14. Thanks for your input baldlivesmatter. I also think that I should be on meds but to be very honest, I am scared. I never ever in my life experienced ED problem until I started FIN. It took me a long time to get back to normal and am afraid I might get it again if I restart it.
  15. Night and day difference! This shows how the technology has improved over the years if you choose a quality surgeon. This guy went from a rather obvious hair transplant look to a 100% natural look where no one would ever think he had anything done. Congratulations
  16. This mid 30s Norwood 3V patient has wavy dark hair of a coarse caliber and a fair skin complexion with below average donor hair density (sixty follicular hair units per square centimeter). The patient pursued Dr. Patrick Mwamba of Belgium for hairline repair and augmentation, temple restoration, and hairline recession. The patient had a bad hair transplant procedure in 2015 that resulted in poor growth and aesthetic quality prior to coming to MyWHTC Clinic in Brussels, Belgium. The unnaturalness of the previously transplanted hairline restricted the patient from wearing the desired hair style. After consultation with MyWHTC's European branch, the patient decided to trust Dr. Patrick Mwamba and team to complete the corrective procedure and augment the frontal hair line. In the three-day repair session, approximately 1,900 FUE / FIT hair grafts were utilized to restore adequate density to the frontal hairline and temporal regions. With small and fine hair grafts extracted via FUE by FIT at a calculated density, the new hairline design was created to better proportionate the patient's characteristics and facial symmetry. At fifteen months after the corrective hair transplant procedure performed at MyWHTC Clinic, the patient is pleased. Below are fifteen-month photo comparisons depicting the before and after results.
  17. Day 6 after clean up at the clinic My hair are very oily around the scar because of the ointment (hard picture to take):
  18. grantleebuffalo

    ASMED FUE 4059 Grafts 18/08/18

    post haircut pics, in natural light it already looks like an improvement (bad camera helps too, will get a new phone soon, haha) i am getting a little obsessed with the hair transplant and the forums now though, i should take a break. next update will be 5 months.
  19. Markee

    Coloring Transplanted Hair

    Heres a quote from Dr Rahal's post op instructions about dyeing your hair 15. When can I dye my hair? Wait at least 6 months before dyeing your hair. Dyeing the grafts too soon can harm their growth and your results. You can dye the sides and back of your head (outside the recipient area) 1 month after your surgery
  20. Yesterday
  21. No. Another Dr. I got the density increased in the temples and the hairline slightly softened with some one follicle grafts Erdogan used multiple hair grafts on the hairline and it was noticeable up close. It’s hard to say because overall it looks great other than some inconsistencies in the hairline that only someone with a trained eye could spot. However I don’t think I can recommend him anymore especially after seeing some of his recent results that frankly look horrible. I believe he has gotten complacent; when I was there he operated on 4-5 people at a time and he had an army of techs so it was like playing Russian roulette. He was nice and all to me and it was a good experience but I would not take the risk of going back there again. For legal and and privacy reasons I can’t state the doctors name because of the nature of this thread but he is very well-known.
  22. Assuming that you’re not in your 50s or more then the chances are you will require further surgery based on today’s surgical techniques & medications, so if 20 years is your requirement then I would say forget about it as you’re going to end up disappointed.
  23. purple18

    Am I losing grafts?

    Wearing a dark black bandanna whenever I’m in the water to avoid any rays penetrating to 10-20 meters depth (scuba not spending time on surface swimming), but also not pull a tight cap. The instant I exit the water, another thick baseball cap (Go Cubs Go) covers the bandanna. So I’m double layered on the recipient which was 90% in my crown.
  24. Awesome mate, good luck and keep us posted
  25. Shock loss is always unnerving but 2 months is way too early to worry about anything. Patience is the toughest thing right now but give it time and chances are everything will work out.
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