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  2. Good man for trying to work out any concerns you may have before the surgery , you are a guy who obviously loves his hair and you have been honest with yourself how it would affect you if you became a baldie ,so you are right to think ahead and maybe you may need more than one op ,given the price factor and the way you wear your hair maybe FUT is the way to go .
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  4. Money is not the issue for me, lost grafts are much much worse, they are priceless. While I wish I had kept my cool earlier in the thread as it is easier to antagonize and discard an emotional response, I don't regret arguing that there are a number of recent sub par and what I would consider failed Asmed results, and I still firmly believe that it is due to the techs as the clinic very rarely did badly when Koray and his head tech Dilek had more involvement. It is important for me to look at the facts and get to the bottom of what happened here so that I can plan for the future.
  5. Am in Istanbul i arrived yesterday the driver was waiting there for me , the hotel is good my appointment is today with Dr. Erdogan
  6. Looking forward to your 3rd month update.
  7. Mick50


    OK I will rephrase that , when I say that when I say that Dutchie might have expected a better result, in my opinion he should have got a better result ,I have already stated that no two cases are the same, different hair caliber density etc, but I'm afraid that can be used as a cop out by clinics when a sub -par result happens . Hasson/Wong from what I remember were more than fair with Dutchie , they were willing to pay for Dutchie's flight to evaluate growth and I'm sure if he had taken up their offer an agreement could have been made between them ,they generally produce great results and are a top tier clinic and have been for years . I think the lesson here [in this case], for other people is not one of too high an expectation but that even the top clinics/Docs get sub-par results what that percentage is I have no idea .
  8. spex

    Angry sikh

    Great to hear Dr Bhatti was able to turn you round. Congrats!! Regards Spex
  9. Hi There, Dr Bhatti is a world leading surgeon and incredibly honest and ethical. Few can compete in my opinion and hence why when i was approached to come onboard with him as his patient advisor it wasn't a tough decision. Regards Spex
  10. Hi mate, good luck.. are you going to be documenting it? You’ve chosen a good clinic
  11. It really depends, you only require refinement really, I don't see this costing more than 10K. I would imagine you could fix this with around 1,000 grafts. Obviously, this would be keeping the hairline height, which I think is actually good. I don't think the hairline shape or design itself was bad. I just think the corners are a little sparse and could be refined. But to be perfectly honest, most people wouldn't really notice this too much, only trained eyes like those on this forum would pick it up. Either way, the goal of surgery is to not notice you have had surgery, so in essence you need to get that sorted out. Take a look at our recommended list, I would suggest looking on our surgeon review section of this forum to look at real patient threads with unbiased reviews. Pre-screened hair restoration surgeons Edit: After going back and reading your entire thread, I am going to address a few things. First you have a lot of scar tissue so the yield will be less than virgin scalp. Secondly, I don't see how you can say you're in the same position as you were previously. You look light years better now. I still think the corners can be refined, but I think you should stick with the surgeon who did the second procedure, it's clear they definitely did a good job repairing you, but your result could be better. It's just refinement of the corners to add density and some micro-irregularities.
  12. Once they have a good result they stop being anxious and don't come to this forum anymore lol
  13. Why only 2500 grafts to start with? Seems like a small number for your level of baldness and for FUT? Would have thought around 3500 to 4000... Looking good though, just thought it might have even more WOW with more grafts.
  14. Melvin-Moderator

    Why hate on Mexico?

    Avoid commercial chain clinics in North America, because these clinics rely heavily on advertising and marketing to gain their clientele rather than their reputation and results. Furthermore, these clinics are numbers driven and not patient focused, so essentially you're just a number in the chair, it's heavily technician focused and who knows if the doctor on site is even a specialist in hair restoration. Technically, a clinic just requires that a physician be on site, so the doctor on site could be an orthopedic surgeon with no history or knowledge of hair restoration. For the price, you are better off going to a clinic like Erdogan, who is heavily tech based, but a third of the price.
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  16. djohnson

    Best Hairline Doctor

    I sometimes wear my hair much shorter, so I'd like to be able to preserve that option. I also seem to have a large amount of potential donor supply, and the surgeons I've spoken to say they can still get essentially the same outcome at the hairline with FUE vs FUT. Do you disagree?
  17. BaldingtimetoLdar

    Eczema Drug Regrows Hair On Girl With Alopecia

    They are trialing a pill version at the moment but i highly doubt the price would be significantly lower for any than they are charging for eczema. I'm no scientist but i'm sure it would also be quite difficult for them to make a biologic into a topical and be as effective. This would also be based on your assumption that you would need a lower dose which isn't exactly clear as it only worked on the girl who was on the dosage for severe eczema . There's also the opposite side of the spectrum where I have read on reddit that it can also cause hair loss. Other side effects also include pink eye in quite a high percentage of users. I personally would love to take this drug for my eczema, but for hair regrowth I just don't see it being that helpful or affordable.
  18. LaserCap

    Minox or other treatment ?

    Propecia, Rogaine, PRP and laser are the only modalities approved/released by the FDA for retention and enhancement of the native hair. That being said, let's clarify that hair loss is. The hair you see in the comb, shower, brush, is normal. Most agree that 100 hairs a day is normal. Think that the follicle is tired of producing and takes a vacation. That hair typically returns. Hair loss has more to do with miniaturized hair that eventually seems not to grow any more and eventually disappears. Perhaps you are going through a shedding period? All these modalities work in different ways and are thus, synergistic. Most seem to be most effective towards the back. That is not to say, however, that they will not work for you. I would try them for 1 year and, based on the results, you can then decide if it's something you wish to continue. Lastly, please scope the area. If you are enjoying a fairly full set of hair and use a laser, for example, you will be sadly disappointed. Most modalities are used to help you retain and, perhaps, enhance the native hair. If you have a very thin hair, (under a full set of hair), you would not be able to tell if that one hair remained or improved.
  19. Looks really good, do you plan to do anything with the crown? Does having gray hair help with the disguise of the scar you speak of? Seems like dark haired individuals tend to be more noticeable IMO. The suture was a trychophytic closure right?
  20. Visit with a derm-pathologist. Find the reason. If the donor area is affected, this can all transfer to the top. Once the condition is not active, you can move forward. You seem to have diffused thinning throughout. Be judicious with your grafts when and if you move forward. You can never make a mistake by placing grafts towards the front. They will serve to frame your face. If you are going to be thinner, let it be in the crown. Because of the whirl we all have, being thin in that area is natural. You seem to have a lot of miniaturized hair. Medical therapies should be a priority if your goal is to keep as much hair as you can. And do it while you have it. Once gone, unlikely it will return.
  21. With regards to your comment, I tend to agree. The problem in my view is the fact that the entire medical community, (hair related), has not come together to discuss what and what does not work. I am aware of many out there doing PRP with little to no result. Others, however, are yielding great results. When you consider how most practices approach hair restoration, (the belief that grafts compete for blood supply and that a separation in between grafts is required for survival), the question becomes how many procedures will be needed to allow for a full set of hair. Without getting into patterns, patient expectation and all that is provided during a consultation, I think we can all agree that full density can not be accomplished in one procedure. When you start doing the math, purchasing a laser for $700-$1500, when appropriate, is a viable alternative.
  22. Hey matt, congrats on the transplant. I was wondering since I'm also at the 2 month mark and I see lots of static hairs on my frontal area which most of them are not growing in length, although a few are. My question is based on your previous transplant, when do these hairs start to grow? and when do they make a cosmetic difference? I'm using rogaine,finasteride and taking hair vitamins. Right now my assumption is that by the 4'th month I should see a decent cosmetic difference but its really difficult right now to think that in two months there will be such a huge change seeing as now there is barely any difference.
  23. It looks good so far, zero scabs. I feel like your line is very similar to mine. Looks great!
  24. Head to North America. Dr. Gabel is on the West Coast in Portland, Oregon and Hasson & Wong in Vancouver, those are elite surgeons easily accessible from Australia in a single non-stop plane ride.
  25. Can you provide a graft placement picture? Thanks.
  26. Farsan not for long . I’d say just massage the soap in for 2 mins in circular motion then rinse off lay normal position is sleeping on my chin and cheek so I went to sleep regular position about 6 days post op
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