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  2. yeah this is not the place to judge a man by the content of his character, but by the density of his hairline! on 2nd thoughts i might need to take a break from this place
  3. Possibly can if you mess and pick at it. I waited until they got a bit bigger then used a sterilized diabetic pricking needle to gently pop the center, used an alcohol swab and let it naturally heal.
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  5. I'm following all the post transplant instructions except the finasteride. I really don't want to take that. Will that have a major impact on my result?
  6. Keysersoze, are you serious? You say that "my statement should be addressed as it's completely untrue". What is untrue and what is a falsehood and disservice? You copy/paste comments that I made on September 7, 2014 and without even attempting to understand the context, pass a judgement. You are the prosecutor, the judge and the jury! Those comments from 5 years ago were made specifically to point at a thread that I had included in that post. That thread was in regards to Dr. Bhatti's recommendation on HRN. I had referred only to the Patients that had posted on that particular thread. I never implied that Dr. Bhatti' has never had an dissatisfied Patients. That is just not possible for Dr. Bhatti and/or any HT Surgeon anywhere in the world. My statement does not need to be addressed. It is actually your statement that needs to be addressed. Don't you think? Best regards, California
  7. I had always had a widows peak. So I asked to keep it. They wanted to lower the hairline even further, but said it would take two days of surgery. I had originally been quoted 1700 grafts and then the morning of surgery, the Doctor said I would need double that to match the density. And to significantly lower the the hairline would have been at least another 1,000 grafts. I want to see how this looks first and then do a touch up once I know how this turns out.
  8. Agree with donor but meant more because of the density difference between native and recipient area when buzzed rather than donor.
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  10. Is a body hair transplant viable? I have plenty of unwanted body hair.
  11. Around 700 years ago in certain areas in Europe, you and the Eugenix team have been imprisoned and burned at the stake for witchcraft, if anybody saw you like this after just 4-5 months! 😆 ... in other words, what a mind-blowing, magic-like result!! I'm quite sure that if you presented this 4 month result as a 12 month result over at another forum, people would be congratulating you for an excellent final result. The fact that this result is less than 5 months in, and that further growth is on its way, takes the whole thing to another level. Really amazing progress @Azzy US. I'm delighted for you buddy!
  12. I think you should sit tight and enjoy life . You have receded which is natural but nothing major and you have lots of hair. You have far to much hair now and its not the right time for you in my opinion. All the best. Paddy.
  13. When grafts are out of body for less time that is an advantage to graft survival , also less handling and trama to the grafts in DHI so every percentage counts as graft survival is crucial to a successful HT. There shouldnt be any difference in downtime from one procedure to the other.
  14. Ahmedabad_guy thanks for your update. Your crown has improved in density even though you didnt get grafts there so your multivitamins and medication has worked there. Your hairline now and density has really improved in your pictures since your last post which is great to see and Im very happy for you. Your temple area that was filled looks really natural and blends in as if absoutely untouched and natural.Yes you can see that big change and you have crossed the line where your HT is on its way now to becoming a really great result in my opinion . I hope your numbness disappears soon and I wonder is this a natural part of the HT journey @ nearly 5 months ? All the best for now and looking forward to your future posts and updates. ..............Paddy.......... ..
  15. I have a different view of Ugly Duckling. Since my recipient area was not shaved, and I don't buzz by head anywhere, the worst part is waiting for the buzzed donor area to grow out.
  16. At times, disclaimers are quite important because negativity seems more attractive to plenty and the truth, hardwork and talent of any individual is very strenuous for people to digest.........
  17. This thread is so important, because you've had an excellent result that has completely transformed your life no doubt. But back when some negative forces ran this forum, the perception completely changed. I'm glad you're seeing what the rest of us see now, and that is an awesome head of hair.
  18. Month 4: Progress but slow?..... Also I have started using abit of nanogen as it covers up well. What does everything think about hair fibres after your HT?
  19. Month 4: Progress but slow?..... Also I have started using abit of nanogen as it covers up well. What does everything think about hair fibres after your HT?
  20. Looks great Dr. Farjo, I'm sure your patient is quite pleased.
  21. Your going to see some great results in the next 4 - 6 weeks. Those new hairs are looking good "connor"!
  22. Best of luck with your 3rd surgery. I had two FUE surgeries, the first in 2012 (5,250 grafts) and 2,000 more in 2015. Enjoyed your Bosley story!
  23. Hello @rocketmas , your more than welcome, i also am not Spanish, i travelled from the UK. 1. I did not, i just did alot of research on here and on the web and i had enough information to make an informed choice, i rate his hairlines very highly and i had the type of hair that he had very good success with, naturally very thick dark hair, they are, i was speaking with Viviana on email, her English was fine. I did not have any consultation until i saw dr freitas there, they have some nurses who speak very good English and could communicate everything that dr freitas was saying. Do you speak with her? Dr Freitas spoke in spanish but everything was easy to understand from the person who spoke English. 2. I am taking the medication as you can see by my last update post, regarding the visits, i will see how i am at 3 months, i might make the trip, i will defiantly at 6 months. I am taking propecia, rogaine foam, saw palmetto and some vitamins. I am also derma rolling every day quite intensely which i think will help alot in the longer term. 3. extraction was done by his head technician, who is very senior, dr freitas did all the implementation of the grafts. 4. I do not understand question number 4 - after the operation i stayed in valencia for 2/3 days i think, i will have to check.
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