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  2. Maybe the hair in your temples was very weak and after a shock loss it wouldn't come back.
  3. I receive this question daily, I thought I would make a video on the subject. I would love to hear the communities input. How many of you have had successful hair transplant procedures with diffuse hair loss?
  4. Hello mate i stopped as I was told by someone on here that it caused native hairs to shed . my thoughts were that if my native hair shed (not donor) , and I stopped using it that I would lose those hairs
  5. Good luck. Hope all goes according to plan for you
  6. Thanks for your feedback! You are right about H&W, I’ve always thought H&W’s results have been amazing and they have a great reputation. I’m not that familiar with Diep so I’ll have to research him. And I feel Asmed has had some outstanding “one pass” results. His graft calculator is pretty interesting as well. I will continue to keep Asmed in mind. Thank you!
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  8. Raphael84

    BisangaCole Hair Transplant Clinic Athens

    @Matt J How are you? Thanks for your interest. Dr Bisanga and Dr John C will both be available for surgery next year. The intentions are for other physicians trained by both Drs to be available and to be performing surgery in Athens also, but if your preference is with Drs Bisanga or John C, then that is of course they will be available. As and when you are ready to move forward and receive recommendations from the Drs then it will my pleasure to help you out in the process. In the meantime, do your research and ask as many questions as you can. Wishing you the best.
  9. Thank you for the kind words. Do you think the existing hairs thicken or new additional hairs will grow? I think the former but will be even more happy if it is the latter. Plus maybe by then the minoxidil will kick in as I heard it takes a few months and since I wasn't using enough for the last couple months I haven't seen the full affect?
  10. Looking for HT

    Turkey or India?

    Hey guys. Time has come to get a HT as sick of using hair products to hide the baldness. I will appreciate if you can recommend a clinic in Turkey as it suits better or otherwise India. I am Norwood 4 and most clinics have told me that i will need app. 3000 grafts for frontal area and 1000 for crown. I am not a rich person so cannot pay higher European cost and hence looking at Turkey or India. Thank you.
  11. If it makes you feel any better, my trip was 34 hours on the return, and I was only 3-4 days post op. I survived lol. My other advice is: Dr. Bhatti's price won't change (or minimal change, but you understand...) but the travel price will. I don't know when you're available, but use Google flights "explore destination" feature using Dublin as your starting point. It'll tell you the price to fly to India, and the best time of year to fly. You can save 20%+ on your journey (HT +travel) if you plan the timing. To finish booking, I used kayak with their +/-3 day feature. One last thing: I've noticed for USA based travel abroad, the best days to book tickets are Monday night and Tuesday. Aka Tuesday for me, but Monday afternoon for you. It's when airlines allow lower fare tickets on market. I constantly saw swings from 970 to 750 when prices were high... And when prices were 650, I booked my trip on Tues for 460. Best of luck. No prob, I hope the above info helps too. Dr. Bhatti and other reputable Indian docs charge less than European and American docs. Many people believe that travel costs will put USA/EU docs in same price range for HTs. I'm just trying to dispell that myth and help others make informed decisions, whatever is best for the individual. I really do think I should make a post on traveling from the 5 or so most popular airports to India, Turkey, and Thailand (for HTs or even vacations!). Maybe I could add it to a stickied post for travel abroad.
  12. This patient is in his 40's with fairly stable hair and wanted to boost the frontal aspect. We did an FUE procedure of 1741 grafts with an average of 2.3 hairs per grafts. He popped in for 5 minutes and we took a few pics with the full set to follow. These though clearly show the progress at over a year through the journey.
  13. Fantastic result Sunny, you must be delighted.
  14. Melvin-Moderator

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    The price is different depending on the severity of your hair loss and how many grafts you need. We’ve had a lot of trolls come one here and try to unfairly malign Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal. The price is easy to get, but it seems you’re just here to stir the pot and create problems. If that’s your goal then you came to the wrong place.
  15. The donor area wasn't from the beard or the chest, no. Being that I had the surgery just at a time when my personal and work life was really hectic, I didn't do a separate post documenting my journey. But it's something I plan to do shortly, in there I'll post pictures and else. I agree that right now it's very early to tell, but it deserves to be monitored.
  16. How long has it been since the procedure? Are you willing to share pictures with the forum? How many grafts?
  17. Good job!!!!!!. That was like a 50 square centimeter density area, right????????? I mean like fist of hairs. Would you share a before pic??
  18. Mooneypilot

    Dr Sahar Nadimi

    @RecessionProof no, after the first concern of “bumps” and washing more, that is all I’m doing. I do live in Florida so the humidity may have an impact. According to her instructions I can start foam minoxidil in a couple days which I will do...
  19. youngheart

    Driving after a HT

    Hey mate. Dont drive yourself. Imagine a puncture tyre or for some reason car breaks down . Not worth the risk.
  20. Mr S

    Minoxidil on the newly transplanted hair

    I started applying it at around 2.5 months. It's hard to say if its made any difference as hair is slowly regrowing anyway during this time.
  21. I am now 30 years old and I started to lose my hair. Until I went to the trichologist and I don't know the reason. But I read that hair can fall out due to severe stress. I have plenty of that at work. So I decided to buy cbd oil for anxiety and undergo treatment. I like the effect of nervous tension, but it's too early to talk about the results.
  22. Progress update on Day 8: the itch is a b*tch The last few days have passed by pretty uneventfully to be honest. I'm taking extreme care everywhere I walk and I fortunately haven't had any more bumps at all. I can tell I've been getting closer to scab removal time; the whole head has been really itchy and it's been driving me crazy. On close inspection, the head is full of little dry crusts and what looks like little earthquake lines parting the scalp so I know it just needs moisture and for me to move onto the scab removal phase. To help with the itching: Sounds stupid but drumming my fingers on my forehead helps distract from the itch I've been doing an extra wash or rinse before bed to help cool the head and to take the itching away - it helps I stopped with the saltwater spray - I wasn't sure it was a good idea and I'm wondering if this has made my scalp drier... With a clean finger, I've been gently pressing any really itchy areas and that helps (obviously no scratching which could pull out the graft or cause infection) I've been patting my head a little harder during the washes and this is making me more confident in touching the scalp without fear of losing grafts / earth imploding Yesterday (day 7) was the day that Armamed said I could begin moisturising and scab removal. I applied some moisturiser (which instantly solved the itching and felt absolutely incredible). My BIG tip here would be to apply the moisturising lotion using a paintbrush. This allowed me to really work it into the crusts but to do so really carefully rather than go in there with my massive fingers. It took a bit longer than just slapping it on but in 10 mins it's complete. However, the scabs felt pretty firm and I didn't want to pull on them, so I decided to leave it an extra day and spend the whole day today (day 8) with moisturiser on my head, then using a soft toothbrush (or the paintbrush) later on to see if I can work anything off. At the end of day 7 I went to IKEA with my mum for some things and felt pretty confident to walk around - no-one looked at me at all aside from one guy who did a double take, but I don't think people immediately know it's a transplant - with the dryness it looks a bit like a scalp condition. At the back of my head, I can see how my hair is growing in normally, though there's a thinner patch of hair before the transplanted area starts. I guess I'm a bit worried that they 'missed a bit' but this loops back to managing expectations - I'm sure they knew what they were doing and I'm not expecting a perfect, thick, teenage head of hair. I just hope it doesn't end up looking awkward but it annoys me when I read hair transplant blogs and people are worried about their end result within the first few weeks as it can only really be judged at the end. The donor area is doing pretty well, a lot of the scabs have come off and my hair is growing in nicely around it - I don't think it's very obvious unless you're close to my head. Area still feels a bit numb but I'm trying to leave it alone rather than pick at the scabs. Anyway, some pics here taken this morning - one shot of the top of head, one of the donor area and one of me right now, sitting with a load of moisturiser on the head. I'll keep topping up this moisturiser and try some gentle scab removal tonight and I'll update the blog with the progress...
  23. One more comparison photo for showing clearly the result of this patient
  24. Thanks for the kind words happy so far so hopefully more to come. Ashishmetha I am in both been on minox for probably about a year and fin for 4 months now, unsure on there effectiveness yet but sticking with them
  25. That's right the place and culture where you are living matters a lot. I am currently doing a job in a small town in India ( Agra ). People here are interested a lot in other people's lives and are not afraid to speak anything out . People noticing , commenting etc although should be a minor consideration in the journey for a final goal . For you wearing a hat for 6 months should entirely solve this problem . In my job I have to wear formals so cannot wear a cap . My options are to get a no. 1 trim ( buzz cut ) all over every month for 6 months or maybe use hair fibre (although am a natural sort of guy and hate using any hair products ) or maybe let ppl say whatever they want to and just remember the final goal .
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