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  2. You wont lose your newly transplanted hair. It is possible your native hair that you had before your HT was not as robust and thicker than it once was and was possibly heading towards its natural cycle of falling . Dont worry as this could grow back as it could be caused by other factors also. Speak with your HT doctor. Make sure to eat healthy and to get all the good vitamins that promotes good hair growth and healing, biotin, zinc, aloe vera, and better to take hair growth promotional tablets also Nizoral shampoo. ........all the best..... ..........Paddy.....
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  4. 1. its a life long commitment and you'll likely need more than one transplant (the one and done argument) 2. moderating expectations; you'll never get your true density back as there is only so much donor hair available, and the industry as a whole has quite low standards (the advertising doesnt really match the reality) 3. Researching thoroughly and picking the right surgeon is paramount to ensuring any kind of hope of a positive result.
  5. Filled in nicely for 5 months and still not half-way, and I really like the hairline shape w/widows peak, congrats!
  6. Thanks man! This is how short I used to have my hair cut for many years the “Army”-type haircut with lots of gel as it was easier to manage and still is and like you mentioned it looks even and neater but as I started to loose it that’s when the hats took over. Yeah, it feels great testing different lengths and styles, for convenience I like it short for hipper style I like it long. Recently saw an intereview with this actor in these photos (Stranger Things I believe) and I think my hair is similarly wavy like his and like the way he’s styled it in both photos.
  7. Yup. I see a lot of people thinking that they were botched or wronged somehow because their first procedure doesn't get them 100% of what they want. HTs often don't work that way. You just can't implant at near-native density in one fell swoop without risking compromised blood supply or necrotic tissue.
  8. Thanks Phil. I’ll update everyone soon. I’m at about 10 weeks
  9. Yes, you're way overdue for a solid hair washing! Those grafts have been secure for almost a month now... Also very safe to get a haircut at 5 weeks post-op.
  10. Recipient primarily, as sunburn can damage the grafts... The hair in the donor area will typically grow back rather quickly and serve as a sunblock anyway, but I also chose to keep my entire head covered to be safe.
  11. I agree with this. It's a much bigger deal in our minds than it is in reality. I literally have friends who knew about my HT when I was going through it who have forgotten all about the time I "shaved my head and wore a hat a lot and had a 'sunburn' on my hairline." Lol. I understand still wanting to keep it a secret, but knowing what I know now, I would definitely save myself the stress of making sure nobody found out.
  12. I have a few bottles of Caboki. Expensive but really, really effective.
  13. I invite you to take a picture of how it looks when you style it how you would when you go out. No matter how good someone's transplant is, the wet look is never going to give the representation of the illusion of density that's available, and in turn can be discouraging.
  14. Reach out to me personally if things don't clear up and I'll get in touch with the office regarding his schedule. Really hoping things shape up though for you soon so that's it's not an issue. Glad you were able to at least take some action in the meantime.
  15. I know this is an old thread but I'm looking to find out which doctors don't require shaving the recipient and donor sites. I'm in NYC but would consider traveling to get to the best doctors, as I've seen many suggest on these boards. I had an online consults set up with Dr. Rahal and I emailed them this question but they haven't responded. It looks like, from the posts of others, that Rahal does require shaving. I met with Dr. Dorin and he doesn't require shaving either. I have a family member who got pretty nice results with Dr. Dorin and didn't shave his donor or recipient site. Dr. Dorin suggest FUT, since I don't have a super dense donor area. But, he said I would need two surgeries to get a dense hairline, that's why I would like to try Rahal or someone else to see if I can get a dense hairline with one surgery. He suggested 2000 grafts. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  16. Too many factors to consider in this case. First, your current hairline is age and pattern appropriate. To bring down would be criminal. I understand how young guys reminisce about the hairline they once had. It is tough to realize those days are gone. What we do need to do is to get ready for what's coming. I do know of a couple of outfits that do SMP and do give the look of hair, similar to the photo you've posted. It actually looks good, but I do think patients should proceed with caution. I think the main reason why this procedure, to call it that, became available was to provide the "look" of hair for those with no other option. No donor, etc. In your case, it seems, you have a great deal of hair but choose to wear it very tight. If I was in your case and were to consider transplants, I would perhaps take it from below the chin. Yes, there would be minor scarring, but no one would see it. Body hair does not have the same qualities nor characteristics we find in a donor area. Follicles will have 1 hair and it typically does not grow very well. May have a kink to it, etc. And while I understand you would keep it shaven, the look would be that of a miniaturized hair, and not a strong caliber one, (and more so when concentrated in a strip - and in the most prominent area - the very front).
  17. For this who care: another one one of my hair outside loving my my new head of hair!
  18. I forgot to include a clear hairline photo, so here's one from today
  19. I am thinking of making a video using the photos posted. If and when I do for sure you can feature it.
  20. As far as I’m aware he doesn’t use concealers, 🤔 may be they’re a sponsor. Either way I’m willing to give it a shot as long as it’s reasonably priced. As far fibers running in rain nonsense, I’ve gone swimming and it doesn’t fully come off. A little bit but it doesn’t run. Plus you could add dermmatch and you’ll be able to fully submerge your head in water and it wont come off. In fact, stay tuned I’m gonna test it out on video. I’ll have my gf film it. It’ll be my full proof plan for fibers not running or washing out in water.
  21. Dam you and your friend are saving yourselves some big time hassles by going to a top notch Doc from the getgo. good luck!
  22. Wtf is laser or chemical peeling going to do on an fue scar that is just blank scar tissue after a graft is removed? It won’t magically fill in a blank spot with hair or pigment. Stop spreading horrible info. And I know your next point is going to be smp into the scar....news flash smp usually doesn’t last that long when placed into scar tissue.
  23. Looking good, I'll be looking forward to August 11th. Thanks for updating.
  24. Hey my man, This is an awesome story. Well, your ordeal sucks, but I'm stoked you got a good result. Your hair looks amazing! I've always loved that style. Just wondering, if you were to do it all again, how would you tackle it? As you said, it's hard in Melbourne, we can't go to a good salon, get the shave, the system, the style, and so on. Also, how do you plan on the maintenance? As in, do you just shave your own hair if needed every few weeks, re-apply the system, then get it blended at your salon? Thanks mate
  25. Hey mate, I'm in a similar situation. From Melbourne, but don't really know about the whole transplant thing. I've got an extensive family history, and feel like I'm gonna lose it anyway. How'd you go with a system clinic? I've seen a couple around, but don't know if they're reputable.
  26. My recommendation is to schedule a couple of consultations. Go to two or three different doctors and see what they say. Make sure they truly look at the donor area. Touch it, move the hair around, check for elasticity, etc. Just "looking" is not doing a proper job. You purchasing a USB microscope is not going to do anything other than to show you a close up look of the scalp, hair, etc. A true professional, however, can tell you how many hairs are in a CM2 by looking at an image. The first thing I would do is scalp stretching exercises. This can ultimately help the elasticity of the donor area. The second thing i would do, is to get on medical therapy ASAP. This will help save your donor. Lastly, take photos every 3-6 months and keep a record.
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