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  2. Thanks both for the suggestions. Yes, both of those were on my shortlist. After trawling through several posts in this forum, I collected a list of all the surgeons who were mentioned by users in this forum, and have sorted them by how many times each surgeon was mentioned (with the users who mentioned next to them). Results are below (note that they may not all be from the UK - I need to research that next): 13 recommendations: Dr Feriduni: Bill - Managing Publisher, spex, RCWest, Blake Bloxham Forum Co-Moderator, HARIRI, England, JohnnyDrama, Melvin-Moderator Forum Co-Moderator, Dutch, Rootz, Mickey85, alix, snowman 11 recommendations: Dr Farjo: mikeyhwk, hairthere, fozzie, thanatopsis_awry, spex, Guest donald, RCWest, aaron1234, HairsGone, Melvin-Moderator 10 recommendations: Dr Bisanga (Brussels): Topcat611, spex, HARIRI, Cant decide, JohnnyDrama, Melvin-Moderator Forum Co-Moderator, Dutch, Mickey85, Rootz, delancey 9 recommendations: Dr Lorenzo: mikeyhwk, Jessop, Mickey85, HARIRI, HairsGone, Dutch, FUE2014, Rootz, Melvin-Moderator 6 recommendations: Dr Reddy: fozzie, fueBobby, HairsGone, Mickey85, FUE2014, Melvin-Moderator 5 recommendations: Dr Koray Erdogan (Turkey): HARIRI, HairsGone, Dutch, FUE2014, Mickey85 5 recommendations: Dr Devroye: spex, RCWest, Blake Bloxham Forum Co-Moderator, Dutch, Bill - Managing Publisher 4 recommendations: Dr Ball: mikeyhwk, fozzie, HairsGone, Sean 3 recommendations: Dr Mwamba: spex, JohnnyDrama, Mickey85 2 recommendations: Dr Bhatti: itxrd , mikeyhwk 2 recommendations: Dr Keser: mikeyhwk, Maines 2 recommendations: Dr Feller: koozie, thanatopsis_awry 2 recommendations: Dr Diep: shanks396, E39 2 recommendations: Dr Umar: abcdef, wylie FWIW. Bear in mind, there are thousands of posts I DIDN'T view, so this will be error-prone and restricted to posts where I searched for "best UK hair surgeon" or similar.
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  4. Get ripped abs in just 6 days...this formula is so famous, it sold out within 5 mins of the initial launch. On a side note, I stopped Fin 6 weeks ago and little brother is doing great and firmness back to good old days.
  5. Ok so now I’m a bit worried! I have just returned from the barbers and had a grade 1.5 back and sides and noticed that it looks like a may be thinning lower than I thought. To me it doesn’t look like a typical balding pattern in the average man but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Should my strategy change in terms of future planning if this will go too? Do you think I’d have a dense enough ‘safe donor zone’ to have a good hairline and mid scalp or is it game over? what would you do?? cheers all
  6. Interesting topic and, I agree, difficult to answer. Years ago, and even today, some doctors believe that grafts compete for blood supply at the time of surgery, This is why most will leave a separation in between grafts to guarantee a successful procedure. Is the take 100%? (Nothing is 100%). Close. Once that first set of grafts is incorporated into the bloodstream, a patient can then consider a 2nd procedure. But.... Within the last few years I have become aware of doctors that use advanced techniques, what I would call 3D, which allows for the "LOOK" of density with only one procedure. The placement of the grafts is such that allows for the look of "full density." Mind you, this is graft number dependent as well as how the grafts are positioned. I gather that the grafts are placed very closed together. Is the take 100% Doubt it. High 90's? I think so. Consider the hair dominance in the donor area and the type of procedure being used. A reputable doctor will always take hair from the "safe zone." FUE, if you've noticed, typically will take hair from "everywhere in the back," including the nape area. If the patient is experiencing retrograde, these hairs eventually react the same way they would have if they had remained in the donor. So for patients that complain down the road that they seem to be thinning a transplanted area, this would make sense.
  7. Amazing hair. I do not see an issue at this current time. Relax and enjoy! Do not try to fix something that isn’t broken. You are lucky you have great hair. Will it change later? Who knows, but right now, you are good to go and do not need anything. Best of luck.
  8. Well those are good signs. FUT is easier to remain within the safe zone, and if your donor hair is okay, I doubt it's due to the donor hair miniaturizing. I assume the area it was transplanted into was completely bald, which eliminates native hairs falling out. I suppose those two factors could trigger some loss/a shed - I have also read that regarding protein, but I have not actually researched legitimate studies. Maybe a visit to a dermatologist would be beneficial?
  9. Thank you. That helps a lot. For hairs I am finding they do seem to be a mix of lengths, some longer, some sorter. Thankfully the vast majority seem to be of normal thickness, with only about 1/10 looking to be slightly thinner in diameter and maybe 1 in 39 or 1 in 40 being extremely thin an brittle. Hopefully that's normal but at this point I know I am aggonizing over this and at this point I should probably be spending more time looking for a psychologist than for hair loss doctors At this point what Norwood would you say hairline is? My hairline is pretty low still actually, about 2.2ish inches from my eyebrows, with the center looking like it has stayed put from where it was in the single picture I found from a year ago, which I attatched here (i had worried about this a year ago for a few days too, forgot I still had a picture buried on my phone) Really at this point my fears come fron not knowing for certain. Since I di realize if I am balding, I am in the crazy early stages and thus it would be hard to tell. Thus I am stuck in limbo, not wanting to start treatmenrs with side effects that I shouldn't take if I'm not balding, but fearful of letting things get worse when I could have been proactive. That said I will try my best to relax and check back in the end of June to compare pictures I took back in December, then try to not worry about it for another 6 months.
  10. I acknowledged that he's been in contact with me. Did you miss that part? (By the way, it was (corrected) 8 terse emails since Feb 10, where he refused to acknowledge most of my questions, and never addressed my damaged donor area once. And one Skype session where he gave me generic answers as if he knew nothing about my particular case. He even had to ask me when I had my surgery done.) So, thinking is irrational? And how about wanting a photo of the surgery that done on my scalp that I paid for, when doctors I'm in contact with have requested it? Irrational?
  11. I understood what the doctor meant. My reaction is meant to be a bit sarcastic. Friendly but sarcastic. 🙂 I guess the emotion gets lost in the text🤷🏼‍♂️☺️
  12. Random, I see no real evidence of hair loss in any of these images (and I evaluate scalps for a living!). The crown looks very healthy, and I think the only "thinness" you are perceiving is the natural crown whorl (which is often accentuated in patients with finer, lighter hair). You do have some finer hairs on the hairline which may be due to natural follicle cycling or may be some remnants of what was your immature hairline of yesteryear. Either way, these are not indicative of genetic patterned hair loss alone either. And remember that shedding 50-100 hairs a day is perfectly normal. Even people with no hair loss whatsoever shed this many hairs from normal hair follicle cycling. You may be noticing more on your desk simply because you are hyper-aware and looking for it. I think you are in good shape all around. Like Spanker said above: keep an eye on it to make sure nothing really picks up (as the earlier you can address this, the better), but try not to focus on it too much because it all looks great.
  13. Both are great surgeons, I’ve met with both personally. I actually visited Dr. Mohebi during live surgery and filmed it. In my honest opinion, you can’t go wrong with either. Both fully involved in all aspects of surgery.
  14. It’s my understanding that Dr. Bhatti has been in contact with you. Thinking about removing transplanted hair before it’s fully grown out is not rational IMO.
  15. Interesting topic. I believe the most relevant issue with alcohol and hair transplant surgery is its (alcohol) affect on "blood thinning." You do not want your blood to be too "thin" before a surgical procedure or within a reasonable period afterwards while things are still healing up. We typically ask patients to refrain from anything that can thin the blood -- including alcohol -- for 7 to 10 days before surgery, and for at least 3 days after. By day 4, all surgical incisions/excisions should be pretty well sealed up and bleeding is less of a practical concern. However, this only applies to reasonable amounts of alcohol consumption. I think if a patient wants to have a beer at post-op day 4, it is probably okay; if the patient wants to go to an all day outdoor drinking festival at day 4, I may advise against it -- for a number of reasons. Having said all that, most patients like to be overly cautious and not drink for extended periods before and after surgery.
  16. Don't know about Mohebi but Konior is probably the best you can get in terms of hairline aesthetics and graft yield, if you can afford him there is no question in my mind that you should pick Konior
  17. Hey mate, How does the rest of your donor look? And was it a FUT, or FUE procedure?
  18. So my anxiety about this has come back after a few days due to having been finding several small (1 inch long or shorter) hairs laying on my desk? Is this normal? I am starting fear that the I really do have an early stage MPB instead of Telogen Effluvium. Is it possible the scalp biopsy results i had three months ago were wrong
  19. Hi, I’ve just joined here. I was a Norwood 6 and had a hair transplant 7 years ago. I was pleased with the result, and though I didn’t have enough hairs transplanted to cover the crown of my head, the front part of my head was fairly well covered. I would have had another HT later to add more density but couldn’t afford it. In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that the density of the transplanted hair has diminished, and I can see through to my scalp. I’m hoping that this is due to the telogen phase of the hair cycle rather than the transplanted hairs beginning to fall out permanently. I read that the telogen phase comes every 6 or 7 years so one is due for me around now. In the past 5 months (until I discovered the hair loss) I had been using dry shampoo and also volumizing mouse on my hair, and maybe this has something to do with the hair loss. Also I have been drinking whey protein shakes each day for about 8 months, and maybe this is also is connected to the hair loss. I read that whey protein can have negative affects on hair growth. I don’t think the hair loss is due to seasonal shedding, as I haven’t noticed any such shedding to a great extent—just a few stray hairs now and then in the sink. The current lack of density problem looks as if it could be more serious. I hope not. I’d be grateful for any advice.
  20. After repeated requests for the the photo of my scalp after extraction, I've finally received one reply from Dr Bhatti that actually acknowledged the request. NOTE: I remember clearly that his staff took photographs of my scalp before and after the procedure. This is unmistakable. I never received any photos. Dr Bhatti's reply: "We do not have any further photos other than what has already been shared with you. In addition, a photo of the extraction zone immediately post-op would make no difference for anyone attempting to fill any point on the scalp that has had a follicular unit extracted. This would be the same as asking for a photo of an empty water bucket in order to understand how to fill the bucket with water again." Besides that, I have been told the following: "As conveyed earlier, refunds are never offered. This was also mentioned to you before the procedure." And actually it was never mentioned. I don't know if it was in the form I signed before the procedure. But it was never mentioned. Anyone considering Dr Bhatti, please consider the above. They took my photos before and after the procedure, but the Dr refuses to give them to me. Why is that? I need one photo in particular. I explained to Dr Bhatti that other doctors have requested the photo immediately after extraction, to get a better idea of whether my issue is shock loss. At 4 and a half months, I'm losing hope that it's shock loss, and resigning myself to never being able to have remotely short hair again. But at least if I had a photo, I would have some idea, because I'd be able to see exactly where follicles were extracted, and perhaps any damage to the surrounding tissue. Dr Bhatti is pretending to not have photos. I remember being told to sit in a chair, and his staff using a camera to snap photos, before the procedure, and after the procedure. Dr Bhatti is not offering any support whatsoever. After telling me that although I am "thrusting" negativity on to his clinic and his personal character (which I think is false, as I am merely telling the truth about a terrible experience), he told me that he would still support me as he does any patient. But he has said nothing regarding my irregular and thin donor area. Absolutely nothing. In fact, I think most doctors would offer some kind of explanation, and offer some kind of potential solution. And I believe that part of the reason for the lack of support is that I am openly discussing my terrible results in a public forum. I'm only telling the truth, and for that, I am receiving terrible treatment, after being given a terrible, life altering result, which I will need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Thanks Dr Bhatti. I didn't even really need a hair transplant. But I just had no idea that a surgeon could produce such a sloppy result, and treat someone's scalp like an elementary school paper mache project. Considering Dr Bhatti? Look at the extraction pattern on the back of my scalp. Look at it again. Want to look like that? Then by all means contact Dr Bhatti.
  21. Hi everyone, In this video, I continue to track the progress of my Hair Growth & Thickness using a Hair Loss Treatment with CBD Hemp Seed Oil in this 7 Month Review.
  22. Hello @Abhinay Singh I sent an email yesterday to info@eugenix.in, to inquire about the 5th June consultation with Dr Bansal and Dr Sethi, as I am genuinely interested in getting a HT with Eugenix next year. I've read on the forums that the Eugenix team tend to respond quite fast, but I've not yet received a response. Is there any other email Eugenix address that I can send my reservation request/inquiry to? Thanks.
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