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  2. Thank you, I can't expect any improvements on the crown until the 2nd HT, but I am hoping the mid-front area improves a bit more
  3. You are in the right place by doing the research..... I've seen, first hand, the results of follow up patients during my time with Dr. Arocha. Not only artistic, but such advanced techniques he is able to achieve density in a single procedure. Very experienced. I would suggest you visit the ABHRS. This will give you a decent idea of the certification and credentialing of each of these doctors. Visit the websites of each. Look at results....It is always about results.
  4. I researched lots of clinics in Turkey and i decided this clinic i found from Google. Lots of similar clinic name in Istanbul. I will write their website also. Not to confuse. (Hairstanbul like Hair Istanbul) I did my FUE hair transplant with Sapphire Blade in the end of the January this year in Hair Istanbul Clinic located in Turkey. I chose Turkey because of good reviews and much better price. I had lots baldness on my head. You can see step by step. I also love this clinic. 0,5-1 Euro per graft. I sent deposit. I stayed 4 star hotel also good. Others in the same package; Like other clinics. They have 3 doctors which name of Dr.Erkam & Dr.Mehmet & Dr.Harun and i wrote here their website: hairstanbul.com Before operation i sent my photos from whatsapp. They consulted my head photos. Lots of clinic sad me we can't help you bla bla. They used my back of and side of head donor areas. They implanted 6100 grafts yes! That's amazing. Some of article it is bad idea but you can see my result step by step. Thanks Hairstanbul's Doctor and Team. After Operation 6100 grafts implanted: 14 Days Later: Mixed photos, monthly: These are last photos: My new hair Still growing; also my wife saying me "i love you too with your new hair" again every day:) I am also asking her you love me or my hair?
  5. if i will experience libido loss, if i stop finasteride, its coming back, right?
  6. its not terrible but Diep usually delivers much better results than this
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  8. I have spent quite a lot of time checking dr Demirsoy and I think he will be the one who touches my head. xd He is also more affordable and a bit closer.
  9. Hello everyone, it's been exactly 15 months since my hair transplant with Dr. Diep. I think I have done all the growing that can happen. My thoughts on the HT is that it was a success in that I have a frame but it definitely isn't a home run nor is it one he would post on his youtube page. There is definitely a lack of density for the amount of grafts that were placed. I am pretty sure all the remaining hairs that were there in those areas before the transplant fell out but I also think that not all the grafts that were transplanted survived and grew. I would say maybe 70% grew especially in the hairline. I went for his medium tight hairline and its pretty clear in the pictures that they all didn't take. Also I would like to add that I have been losing a lot of hair the last few months. It feels like during every hair wash I am losing hundreds and hundreds of hairs. Very disheartening to see but I knew that would happen since I am not taking any medications. I am okay with that because I am taking other meds that might interfere with them so it is what it is at this point. I had a 12 and half month follow up with him and he said that another 1500 grafts to the area that he already did will give me the density I am looking for. He said he could probably do 2000 grafts and work backwards towards the mid scalp. I would definitely recommend Dr. Diep because he was pretty honest and at least gave me a hairline where I can add toppik to it and it will stay. With that being said, I am thinking about going to Eugenix in India to get a 5000 plus session done so I don't have to keep going through multiple highly priced transplants in the States. My plan is to harvest whatever I have left in the donor area and then go with beard grafts. After all that is done, I will probably do scalp micropigmentation for the entire head. This way I can cover up the FUE dots (in case I have the donor depleted look) and also add the look of density to the top the head. If you guys have any other questions or comments please feel free to post. Thanks for following my journey from my first post 9 months ago. Side by Side comparison of the hairline
  10. You should defo go to Paul Clarke i can't recommend him enough, I had 3 sessions with him and feel great. However, I'd recommend you do at least another laser session maybe 2 before you see him for the best results. I've attached my results below if you're interested.
  11. I'm still researching, but I think both surgeons are great. Seems like both docs don't have many recent reviews online and they are not active with posting their jobs as well. Since both of them are doing 80% of the procedure themselves and having 1 patient a day I assume it's difficult to spent time for posting. In the end of the day they're human beings like we are and wants to have their life as well. If there would be a choice between these two surgeons I would go with my gut feeling.
  12. As to how many doctors they have that I'm not sure I estimate around 6 I got to choose from. The price was £3000 for 6000 hairs and they give me slightly more than that free of charge which was really good of them this also includes accommodation transfers and lunch. I couldn't speak anymore highly of their service. Before I travelled to Budapest I met one of their doctors for a consultation in the uk. They came across as very honest and professional and their reviews on trust pilot were very positive so I felt confident to put my faith in them. Everything went smooth in Budapest and it felt like I was in really good hands the dr preformed the whole procedure over 2 days around 5 hours surgery each day. Now just preying my scalp responds 🙏
  13. He does amazing job. Which one would you choose - Dr. Bhatti or dr. Demirsoy? I haven't done much research on Bhatti besides some Youtube videos.
  14. Wow it’s really starting to fade. Does this mean tattoo ink was used rather than pigment?
  15. Wtf bro, that’s really good! Keep milking the micro needling and minis train til ur nw negative 1!
  16. I’ve seen some good results posted here from hair palace. How many doctors do they have and how much do they charge?
  17. The progress looks good no doubt I just don’t understand why there is overhead lighting in the befores but not the afters.
  18. Thanks abhinay. What part does the doctor play in both: “crucial steps of extraction and crucial steps of implantation?”
  19. Scar tissue is different from virgin skin and doesn’t tan from what I’ve read. So I think if you go that route they might be even more noticeable.
  20. I can't tell you had FUE. Incredible. Who was your doctor and what punch size was used? Your scarring is a bit more visible than previous poster, but it actually looks very good. I wouldn't know you have scars if I wasn't a Norwood Marine. Who was your surgeon? Thanks guys for photos, I appreciate it. EDIT: How many grafts you guys had?
  21. Looks neat! I've seen some people naturally have similar "patterns" without ht. Obviously not as many. Is it possible to get tan on the scars so they get darker if let's say you shave it all the way down to 0 and wear it like that while on the sun?
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