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  2. What are your guys top do's and don'ts? I'd love to hear some thoughts. The Do's and Don'ts To Hair Transplant Surgery
  3. Well 2,000 calories isn't that low, but yes vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss. Biotin, Vitamin D and other deficiencies can cause thinning. Homeless people for the most part don't starve, they have people feed them. Why don't you eat enough? Is there a particular reason why?
  4. There are a few posters on here that I believe used Dutasteride, @win200 if i'm not mistaken and @Spanker I don't know if they still do, but I know at one point they did, maybe they'll join the discussion.
  5. You hit the nail on the head, Dr. Diep pretty much said the same thing. They live in a bubble, and they believe any doctor that practices in an expensive area of LA must be doing good work i.e Beverly Hills, Bel-Air etc. I was watching a podcast recently with David Spade and he was talking about hair transplants, and how surgeons have it down to a science with a robot. I chuckled to myself, but then I thought man it's sad that so many famous and wealthy people are so ill-informed. I really wish more people knew about this forum, it would save them a lot of money and most importantly save them from bad results.
  6. hahaha I love your screenname, we've got baldlivesmatter and makehairgreatagain lol. Welcome to the forum, you chose an excellent surgeon and one of the very best. I will be following your progress closely. Happy growing🙌
  7. Why did Brendan Fraser's look so bad? Or, arguably, John Travolta's? Or so many others with so many other types of Hollywood botch-jobs like those horrible comical lip injections, bad butt implants, ridiculous unnatural boob-jobs, etc? I've thought about this for a long time, because as a cosmetic surgery vet it just pains me to see so many wealthy connected people get so bamboozled by hacks. I've honestly long-believed that it's because celebrities live in a bubble where they don't do any research themselves, they just ask the idiots around them (their assistants or agents or whatever) to do it for them, and said idiots do some basic cursory internet research (or even worse, they just ask other idiots "in the business") and end up sending them to some Hollywood hack with outdated tech who only gets to stick around because he was popular with big-name stars 20+ years ago and sort of got grandfathered in (also for being known as a sort of inner-circle surgeon who services celebs and keeps it on the down-low - i.e. away from the tabloid vultures and public), so they just accept this bad advice on trust and go to crap doctors. I can't imagine Lebron looking in the mirror after this garbage SMP procedure or whatever he got led into/pushed onto him by his assistant/agent/advisor/whatever and thinking, "Man, this looks great!" He probably knows it looks like crap and he was trying to keep it hidden until he could do damage control. It just looks like a crappy SMP tattoo to me.
  8. Interesting you noticed sides from Saw Palmetto but not propecia? Btw your hair looks amazing man, you remind me of Jack Wilshere my fellow Americans won't know who the heck that is, but i'm sure you do since you're from the UK. Dare I say you have a better hairline than him now though haha. Congrats man.
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to share my journey as it was this site that gave me a lot of great insight into picking out Dr. Konior along with seeing results and answering all of my questions. This procedure was done in early October and I've posted my Pre op photo, immediate Post op and also one month update. I'm more than happy to answer questions and hopefully I can be a resource to those who are thinking about having the surgery. Dr. Konior and team are extremely transparent and diligent from start to finish. Don't let the waiting list scare you off, it's absolutely worth the wait. Here's the breakdown of grafts 1 -214 2-1066 3-744
  10. This is what I had in mind when I said low taper fade, at the very bottom go short, but fade into a 5 or 6 guard.
  11. Your progress for 10 months now looks fantastic! Even with the thinner donor issue above your ear and all the concern..at this point I’d be thrilled with the progress. Congrats man!
  12. Who did you go with? I will learn from your direction and make sure to spread the word about whatever doctor screwed you over.
  13. For those curious what a low taper fade looks like, see pic below. Only thing i'd be worried about would be scarring showing with the hair that short. That being said, scarring on fair skin is probably less noticeable than a thin spot contrasted against dark hair--so perhaps the better of two evils 😈
  14. Hey guys! Quick update..I reached out to Dr. Pekiner and being the great doctor that he is, told me that I did not have a suitable donor area based on the photos that I provided. However, Dr. Scott Boden who I had a consultation with in person stated I was an excellent candidate back in March. Now I need help in making a decision. I am thinking of going for another consultation with Dr. Dorin in NY to see if he also believes I am an excellent candidate or not, or just going off of Dr. Scott Boden's recommendation. IF I go to a consultation with Dr. Dorin and he says that my donor area is good, I was thinking of potentially relaying this message to Dr. Pekiner and still getting it done in Turkey. If that is not a good idea, then I will have to decide between Dr. Dr. Dorin and Dr. Boden. Dr. Boden I met in person, seems really nice and even did the hair of some guy who was on the bachelorette. He is also featured on IAHRS.org, but it doesn't seem like many people know him on this website. Dr. Dorin is way more well known on this website, but I have obviously not met him before. What do you guys think based on the information I'm giving you? Really appreciate the help and like I said I have felt so lonely in this process, it really helps to have people looking out for me and willing to talk to me about it.
  15. THis looks like it’s comong along really well Ellen. Did you shed a lot?
  16. Dr diep said 1500 grafts in hairline for 13500 same as what H and w said
  17. So just to confirm Demirsoy doesn't give anything that shows the amount of grafts implanted like the singles, doubles, triples etc?
  18. Agreed on the low-taper fade; honestly it's a slight thin spot, but not in any location that anyone would look at and think "This guy is balding." It's just a random thin spot; people have these all the time. I see them frequently in the military because guys have to keep their hair short. I wouldn't sweat it, no one is going to pass negative judgment on you for something tiny like that, and most won't even notice. If worse comes to worse and it really bugs you, get some mild SMP in that area - it's getting really good these days and can very effectively camouflage even big bare pink FUT scars; it would easily hide something like that little thin spot, for a couple hundred bucks and and afternoon's worth of time.
  19. Thanks mate, I'm booked in with Dr. Demirsoy in January. Hope it all grows well
  20. Yesterday
  21. Just plain old MPB. However I also took accutane when I was younger and that thinned my hair out considerably which didn't recover very well, and I think it sped up the MPB. I say this because I have an identical twin who did not take accutane and my hair loss is more advanced than his. I took finasteride for 18 months and that thickened up my hair by a crazy amount. See the pics below Unfortunately I decided to shave my head and stop taking finasteride for 10 months and I'm closer to the first image rather than the second image now I'm back on finasteride for a few months and I'm hoping it comes back
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