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  2. You're going to have to give the scar time. You have stretchy collagen. Take vitamin C, bone broth/glycine, and tocotrienols and use topical vitamin E/aloe. For me, I've found jojoba really keeps inflammation down. Experiment with things, even grapeseed or emu oil. Massage and laser might help, though the main elixir will be time. Keep us updated and don't beat yourself up too much -- and if you figure out how to do the latter part, please share your secret. Good luck young man.
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  4. This looks awful.. That is NOT shock loss, you clearly see it is stretched scar tissue, what is diep saying? I would consider konior for your scar revision, I bet he can make that scar dissappear without any hassle.
  5. Hi. Thank you for the valuable contribution. As per the loss, looking at the photographs of about ten years ago, when I was fifteen, the hairline is very similar. There's no actual history in my family - both dad and granddad had a similar hairline, but still did sport some natural volume even in their sixties). As per the clinic, it is where I am based and the prices seem decent for the quality. Most of then want to see me for a consultation, instead of an email, but I'll need to travel for an hour to the next biggest city. I am thinking to take up more effort into this when I do my eye correction at the end of the year. My current goal is to estimate the price and 1750 grafts sounds great.
  6. Could you please elaborate? I don't think it's fair to call every tech run clinic a hair mill obviously, but what makes hasson and Wong any different from some of the Turkish clinics? Do you have any information to share about their techs level of experience and education?
  7. I'm a lawyer. I work in a law office. I'm pretty invaluable here, so I didn't ask for 4 months leave, I just told my boss I take it as fact and done deal. even though I knew he wouldn't take it easy, I knew he had no choice. I did work from home some of the time (week in a month). and used the time to travel the world (australia, thailand, japan, china). I was honest, I told him that i'm gonna do HT, and I'm way too sensitive to get back before the hair grew back (I was wearing a hair piece - no one at work knew - so it was harder for me). he gave me a few examples of ppl who did a HT that got back after 2 weeks. but i kept saying everyone is different and I have my own mental scars In israel long vacations are more acceptable i guess. And i was thinking about it for so long, that I was ready to quit my job if needed for those 4-5 months leave. I knew i wasn't able to see pepole like this. All my friends say i'm exaggerating, but that's who I am - hair is a very big deal for me. Everything worked out for the best - I got my 4 months leave, traveled the world, got around 60% sallery during the vacation - I couldn't ask for more
  8. Being in the same medical profession I must say that he is one of the finest artistic surgeon, I have gone through the procedure in 2017 and the outcome is so natural even the temple points are so aesthetically designed by Dr. Soni, that it is hard to detect that it’s a transplanted piece
  9. I firmly believe FUT is the better method, it's just that there are so few docs in the HT world that can do this at this level on a consistent basis.This result, amongst others, should at least give pause to the FUE advocates about what exactly is achievable in the hands of a capable surgeon. As I said previously ... 'what strip scar'
  10. Sorry to see mate, that scar isn't the best. Have you discussed with the surgeon what may have been the cause, and if it is indeed still shock loss? Maybe reach out to some surgeons who do great scar work. Dr. Bloxham just uploaded a video with an amazing scar, and Dr. Konior can also work wonders.
  11. What an incredible result. Someone was on this forum the other day, talking about how terrible FUT scars are. I'd love to show them this result, what a great procedure.
  12. Never ever think of using BHT on hairline, it would look horrible in my opinion. BHT is the last resort when donor is about to be limited. Its good to be used for mid scalp and crown sometimes. Most optimum for strip scars coverage due to the thickness of the follicle. Once you consider shaving your hair then you do not need to worry about using Beard hair because the biggest concern is the slow growth rate. Good Luck Buddy.
  13. I'm a diffused thinner NW6, please make a thread and share pics. I'd be highly thankful to you.
  14. Hi Melvin, Great topic indeed. I have been using three of them since 2010 after my bad surgery. Toppik is most affordable however the color is dull and it cause horrible itching in the scalp if applied for long time because it contains sheep wool I heard. Caboki is over expensive and it finished fast plus it needs more amount to be applied due to its size but its a real quality. Nanogen is the winner to me although its not American product (British) however its very valuable, economic, efficient, great range of natural colors and most of all blends very well (undetectable). I have been using it religiously since 2012 and it made me forget about a future HT after my last hairline repair however its time for me now to go my 3rd surgery on August with Dr. Cinik in Turkey. Fibers need base hair to stick into so I need to add some density in my midscalp area.
  15. I was honest in my response to the offer of a free touch up, I just said I don’t feel confident in the clinic any more. Hoping to get at least some money back to go elsewhere and have a Dr do the procedure, not a gang of random techs.
  16. See this post for the details as I’ve added some update pics.
  17. Update on hair and scar. Hair looking pretty good. Scar looking even worse. Very disappointed overall just bc the scar is so bad. Not sure what to do next. Was considering tattoo but might be best to go for a revision next...
  18. Not to derail your thread but i am curious what type of work do you do that allows a 4 month vacation? Here in the US unless you are a school teacher, taking anything beyond two weeks is pretty unheard of. I've been out of college for 10 years and the longest vacation I have ever taken is 5 work days. I only took four days when I went to Instanbul for hair transplant (though i can work from home which helps).
  19. As others have said that cracking is totally normal and happens often.
  20. Great job dr bloxham. Is this patient considered an early grower? It looks like he achieved most of his density already at 6 months post op.
  21. I have a feeling that NDA's are more common then you would think in the HT field
  22. I have heard them described as "snowflakes;" I have heard them described as individualized "works" like paintings; regardless of how they are described, one thing is for certain: hairlines are not a "one size fits all" type of situation. All patients are different. Things like hair characteristics, facial structure/head shape, level of loss, and projected future loss all come into play when designing a hairline. Some situations call for a lighter, more broken-up and irregular "transition" hairline; in other situations, patients may benefit more from a stronger, denser, more symmetric hairline. No two hairline should be alike and a doctor should customize the design for each particular patient. And remember, just because a hairline looks good on another patient does not mean it is the right one for you. Today's case is an example of a specific hairline created for a specific patient. The patient is a male with darker, coarser hair, and seemingly more limited and stable loss for his age. He requested a strong, dense frontal hairline (he was happy with the corners), and I thought this made sense for him. In his situation, a more striking, strong, less irregular hairline made sense for him. I performed a hairline rebuild, a dense frontal band pack, and also a little bit of fill behind it using 2,400 grafts removed via the FUT technique. He returned at 6 and 12 months, and was very pleased with the direction we took for the hairline. Here are a few "teaser" shots of his 12 month results from the video: And here is his 12 month comb-through video, which features much more detail and also a look at his FUT incision line at 12 months: And here is his 6 month video for comparison: So I hope this helps explain that hairlines are not a "one size fits all" approach, and you must visit a clinic which will spend time creating a specific hairline for you and you alone. Make sure to see lots of examples of different hairlines from any clinics you are considering, and speak with the doctor about their hairline philosophy. Look forward to the discussion, Dr. Blake Bloxham Feller & Bloxham Medical, PC http://www.fellermedical.com
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