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  2. Thank you for the encouragement, as this makes me feel a lot better? Would you say based on the pictures I provided (including the more recent ones I put in my most recent post) that I am safe for now not to do anything drastic like take Propecia or Rogaine at this point? It doesn't don't know if my hair had gotten worse or not in the past year, as the one picture I have on my hairline is only on my right side and is a bit blurry and at a weird angle. I don't remember the temples looking as thin as they do now, but I don't really trust my memory for that. That said, two dermatologists did tell me I had nothing to worry about for now, so I should probably just trust that. I am actually going back to see the one that did the biopsy in two weeks for a three month followup to see if the telogen effluvium they diagnosed me with has cleared up. I plan to ask them to compare the pictures they took back then with my crown and my hairline to see if they notice any change, as well as inquire about doing a miniaturization study.at some point (since another fear of mine is that there is miniaturization that I'm not noticing due to having always had very thick hair)
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  4. Dr rahal tops my list and I'm also a fan of Dr hasson I would like to know how many surgeries were performed at the day of this patients surgery , who did the incisions and who planted the grafts and which team was involved.
  5. amazing. exactly what a hairline restoration should look like
  6. Just a quick correction to my original quote , I said that BT forum was corrupt, I was a bit out of line there certainly didn't mean it but this is a topic I am passionate about so emotions can run high.
  7. I remember very well the anxiety I felt in my mid 20s when I first started experiencing the fear of hair loss... And knowing what I know now, the best advice I can give you is to trust that whatever comes your way you can handle it. There's no magic pill or formula to make any hair loss stop completely. There's Propecia and Rogaine, but based on the information you provided above, I'm not sure it's even necessary. I suggest you look into ways to effectively manage your anxiety and trust that should the time come when you need to look into treatment, you can step up to the plate and take care of it like so many men do - and keep your fingers crossed it never becomes something you need to deal with anyway.
  8. Impressive transformation from where you started and still only at 7.5 months. With regards to the crown, think it's always going to be difficult to get it right after one procedure if you are balding extensively I don't know what it is with ASMED, they just seem to do better with these kind of high norwood cases (obviously not all cases). Could argue the bar is set lower with regards to the expectations of patients who are going in already having lost most of their hair and it won't take too much too please them but nonetheless, as a neutral, progress and results like these still look good. Almost as though they do their best work on more of a blank canvas. Why they haven't been able to translate this kind of result to patients requiring, on paper, simpler, smaller procedures recently is strange. I know the experience of the technicians has been called into question and definitely has it's merit's but I'm beginning to think there's more to it than just that. Can't help but feel there's a technical failing somewhere in the approach. Are they trying to over compensate in patients who still have a lot of hair (to try and get as close to their natural density as possible) with higher graft numbers but this is having the opposite effect and grafts ares simply not surviving? Maybe other surgeons/clinics are relying more on the artistic aspect/placement of grafts using lower numbers to get better results (believe in most cases it's only really Dr's performing most of of the procedure with years of experience who can pull this off) whereas ASMED are more about higher numbers but it's causing issues with graft survival, who knows. Cases like that patient on youtube who had 2000 grafts in the temples but had very poor progress at 9 months does make you think. 1000 grafts in each temple does sound too much on paper and just wonder if it resulted in the majority of grafts simply not surviving. Anyway, ASMED look to have done a good job in this particular case with things progressing well and good to see the OP is happy.
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  10. Vast majority receiving quality results? This seems to be true in the past with this clinic. At present, the evidence we are all seeing is the exact opposite. Asmed needs to address the quality issues - why the dramatic inconsistency? Huge numbers of grafts and yet still density issues... What was once a sure bet high end, bang for buck clinic (never 100% guaranteed, but as close as it gets) has now become a mill turning out some really below average results; all in the space of a year or so. It's terrifying that a change this drastic is possible.
  11. dramatic improvement. the crown takes more grafts than average to look “full” so don’t get discouraged. you may need a second pass if you want to fill it more. looks good though. age appropriate
  12. I'd just like to thank everyone for all the responses. While I have not been able to stop my anxiety on the matter, hearing all of this has made me feel a lot better. My only real concern now is with my temples which I feel may be thinning/recedeing, but I am not sure if that should just be expected at this age. Are there any preventative steps I can do to stave off hair loss long term. I am really just looking for something to put my mind at ease so I can stop agonizing over this.
  13. It's been a minute. Got busy, life got in the way, lost my password - you name the excuse. A Picture: Before (I started the first step with Umar) and after (as of today) un-retouched, zero product used or otherwise any BS tricks to inflate the appearance of current hair in any way, etc. is attached. FWIW: Dr. Umar has almost completed (it appears to me as I drive by anyway) a brand new custom clinic a half block or two South from Rosecrans on Sepulveda, right in the heart of Manhattan Beach, CA. Almost directly across from Manhattan Village. Pretty much as close as you can get to LAX and still be in the best part of town, with a great hotel (The Belemar) a block away. All of which tells me the Doc is doing something right by his clients. Hope all is well otherwise for everyone. Now four years in I can say that your transplanted hair only continues to thicken during the cycling. I am now able to cut my hair pretty short, parting it the way I used to.
  14. It depends on how far you are destined to go genetically without an anti-DHT med. Are you someone who is on his way to a NW7 or worse?
  15. Now it is day 229 - 7,5 month post surgery. My hair did grow a lot in the meantime and I am really happy with the current status. My life did change a lot and i would always do surgery again. The crown is stil not perfect and i hope that more hair will come - but also with current status i am more than happy.
  16. I think you are crazy to consider grafts in the crown. First, you are just doing Rogaine. For how long have you done it? Do you feel you are retaining? From the angle of the photos you have posted it seems you are not losing vertically on the donor. Good sign. But, 1000 grafts is going to do absolutely nothing to that area. Consider a circle, similar to yours, (the back), that drops slightly vertically in the back. You fill the circle. But, because you've shown the propensity to lose-you will continue losing. You drop down vertically some more. Now you've created a smile in the back of the head. Now you need to waste more donor just to fix it. This is called chasing the pattern and it never stops. A smarter way to approach the back, (and that same 1000 grafts will make a big difference), is to work horizontally on the pattern as far back as you can so at to minimize the size of the crown. The doctor would work in a sphere shape so that, even if the pattern expands vertically in the back, you will still look round and natural and have no "smile" back there. More importantly is the use of medical therapy. Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP. And while I understand you are using Rogaine, consider adding another modality as you are playing with fire. You are going to use a HIGH percentage of your donor and have no clue what your pattern will do down the road.
  17. happy things worked out well for you, although I chose a different doc I still get amazed on how hes able to creat such natrually looking hair lines, I love watching his videos every friday, If you watch his last youtube vid he created a dent like patern on the left side of his clients hairline which blew me away!! Looked super natrual
  18. Thanks all for responding. Looking forward to getting this done!
  19. Thanks for the reassurance Melvin, I hope you’re right! I will certainly be documenting my restoration journey from start to finish. I’m getting excited now about the possibility of having a hairline again. Ironically I’m nervous too because I feel like I’m admitting to others that I’m insecure and unhappy with my appearance, and perhaps not the confident Witty guy people say/think I am. Seems so unfair! Not sure how I’m going to tell a crew of firefighters who just love an excuse to make jokes! Fingers crossed anyway cheers
  20. I agree Dr. Diep is an amazing HT surgeon. (he did mine too). It would be nice if you could post some before and after pictures.
  21. ^pretty much this Hair when longer blocks light from reflecting off of the scalp. This is why the scalp is visible when short or wet. Shorter hair allows light in, as well as wet hair because it clumps together. You look fine and you appear to be a good candidate for hair restoration. Please consider creating a thread of your experience and a patient website. This is what keeps our community vibrant and alive. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/
  22. Now that’s not true. The truth is the vast majority of patients are still receiving quality results and I have no reason to believe your results would be bad. If you haven’t documented your journey please do so and also create a patient website to track your progress. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/
  23. The scar is healing up nicely. I am an avid user of hair fibers. Although I’ve had three procedures. The crown is thin and will always be thin. I can make my hair look amazing with fibers. In fact, I get complimented a lot on my hair lol the irony. I do agree it’s just like makeup for women. Hell I even went to Mexico last week and snorkeled with Nanogen in my hair. Sure it came off a little, but I didn’t really care haha can’t wait to see your results I’m sure they’ be great.
  24. Patient came in to restore hairline and mid front of hairline. Dr Rahal, designed a hairline to fill in the recession and to add density to mid front. The treatment area was 50 cm. The transplanted density done at 44 grafts/cm or at 80.5 hairs/cm. He now has more styling options with the new transplanted hair and will continue to improve, as these photos were taken at 7 months post-op. Surgery Type: FUE Recipient Area Treated - 50cm Zones Treated - 1 to 3 Total Grafts - 2201 Total Hairs - 4026 Recipient Graft Density - 44 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density - 80.52 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs - 636 grafts Two Hairs - 1311 grafts Three Hairs - 248 grafts Four Hairs - 6 grafts
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