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  2. Jron, that is looking great so far to me, what a transformation and only four months. From checking out hundreds of other journeys similar to yours I truly believe you are heading for a great result. Exciting times ahead it’s only getting thicker from now on! Also your crown looks a lot thicker, barely looks affected by hair loss so Propecia must be doing wonders for you. Long may that remain! Good luck with the rest of your journey.
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  4. Right im not damaged but my yield was just incredibly low so I'm not satisfied because I didn't get a good enough result my hair is still too thin. I think reinforcing the density in the area I circled in red is basically the way to go because even if I lose more hair it's gonna be from that area
  5. You’re def not a repair patient bc of asmeds work, u just want additional density. However, I still think you need to think thoroughly so you use your remaining grafts wisely.
  6. Yeah I mean I've seen some excellent results from asmed but I've also seen a lot of mediocre ones myself included
  7. I think for the price point, asmed does pretty good work. Theyre doing better work than 95% (if not more) of the clinics in the US doing fue (of course I’m just going off pics). Yes, they do use high graft numbers. On a positive note I think their donor management is very good. I don’t think I’ve seen a case of donor depletion. The OPs donor looks great for over 7000 grafts extracted and he cuts it pretty low too.
  8. Just submitted online consult with Lorenzo as well
  9. Day 2 Update! Today I was pleased to be able to wake up after what I thought would be the hardest night to sleep. Fortunately, sleep after Day 1 came pretty easily and I was relieved to sleep through the night without shifting or moving from a 45 degree angle. The only odd thing was I developed hiccups which I read can occur. Fortunately, they subsided on their own after a few hours but they were definitely annoying. They didn’t keep me from sleep but when I was awake they did start to become irritating. Two things I have to recommend for post op recovery: * A foam 45 degree pillow! It’s proven to be an amazing sense of comfort knowing I’m at the angle I need to be at each evening. Ordered via amazon for $30 or so. * Travelers’ Neck pillow. I owned one previously - one of the softer ones and it works great to keep me feeling stable. Since the clinic is closed every Sunday, today was my first day to go in for a wash. The two front desk associates were very kind and helpful. The office is a busy place and they handle it so well. After my wash, more ointment was put on and I was left to my own devices. Wearing a cap, I felt fine to go light grocery shopping. Nothing too strenuous and I was back watching movies in no time. The state of my head feels like a helmet but fortunately no pain. The meds have been laid out and timed out so I’m ahead of the curve there. The wounds are still weeping some clear fluid a bit but no signs of infection due to the 3x a day ointment smear. The clotting and scabs from the rear head incisions have become more apparent today. Mild itching but nothing that really bothers me or makes me suspect I’ll scratch. It’s mostly relieving to feel something on my scalp tbh. I’m looking forward to Day 4 or 5 when I can wash the recipient site gently, but am also very anxious to do so. The pictures are from tonight right after an ointment smear. Will update soon!
  10. I want to share my doctor after I see the final results. here’s another before and after. Using Rogaine foam I am able to get volume and style my hair. I’m still waiting for the the majority of the grafts to grow still. Only the extended hairline grafts have grown in. Or maybe I can’t see the new hairs that were placed down the vertex growing in yet. The new hairline makes me look a lot better! thoughts?? Please provide me feedback.
  11. Swimming pools can be full of bacteria depending on how well they are cleaned and treated with chemicals.
  12. Just ended my 4th month - starting month 5 today. Here are a few pictures of progress so far (these are after a hair wash and blow dry, no product in hair). 1. It doesn't look the greatest in direct light, but there is a base there that wasn't there before. 2.From the frontal view I've been comfortable not wearing a hat (as long as I have some toppik) and it looks relatively passable. 3. Another view of the top with the light not directly on the hair. The thinness isn't so dramatic even though it's a similar angle. 4. Final view of the hair where the incision was. My head has probably 95% feeling back at this point.
  13. does thinking about hair loss cause more hair loss? lets just add that to the list so as to make people remember theres more to life than thinking about this stuff 😀
  14. Fantastic job on the donor area. His hair is very short and no one would notice any scarring. That should be applauded.
  15. This is the final before and after let me know how does it look
  16. The most common, hereditary. Physical or emotional shock can have an effect. Not sure if this is a medical condition but it is contributory. Telogen effluvium is typically temporary. Chemotherapy Hormonal changes, some of which you've outlined already, Alopecia areata, Scalp infections like ringworm, Trichotillomania, Many medications which I can gladly list if you want me to, Hair treatments which can lead to traction alopecia, or hot oil which results in scarring, Lupus, Significant weight loss, Smoking, Auto immune diseases, some of which have already been outlined. Anemia, Seborrheic dermatitis, I'm sure there's a lot more.....
  17. What are some of the medical conditions that you guys know cause hair loss? I know thyroid disorders cause hair loss, also for women menopause and birth can cause hair loss. But what are some others? Medical Conditions That Cause Hair Loss
  18. Haha. Well it depends on couto and lorenzo after I communicate with them more. For the mean time in going to prioritize my nose job and tattoos. Planning to spend 10k on the nose and about 4k on my half sleeve from a to notch artist. So end of next year would be ideal for a hair transplant. 2 years after my surgery with erdogan
  19. That is interesting that the scarring is not visible. You must also be blessed with a perfect skin to hair contrast with that donor area of the gods! Any idea when you'll go to Spain to visit the doctor?
  20. Oh you're right I totally forgot about those little dots. I shave down to a.5 and they're still not visible. Only time they were ever visible on me faintly were when I shaved completely for my most recent hair transplant. But true. Well my hope is to reinforce this entire area As much as I can within reason
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