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  2. Hello Guys, I am thinking to do hair transplant in Turkey. I am between Dr.Erdogan, Dr.Acar, Dr.Feryduni. I am between Norwood scale 4 and 5 or 6 even i dont know. Should i add someone else to my list? Is FUE only for local anesthesia or general anesthesia? Is it painfull? If i need to go back to work after 8 weeks is it enough time for recovery ? How many grafts would i need to cover it? Photo of my top head below. Thanks .
  3. skinnyshaft

    Propecia efficiency after 13 years

    Yeah, a few other people were speculating the same in the other threads, that your hairloss will eventually catch up with you, no matter how much you manage to slow it with meds. Sad if true, but we can still hope.
  4. That work fine to me the FUE hair transplant always give very nice results...
  5. psychopomp2

    Weak bladder after stopping Finasteride permanently

    Yes Are you saying that long term use of Finasteride can actually enlarge a prostrate? I'm pretty sure my prostrate didn't grow after i stopped taking Finasteride because i experienced the weak bladder symptoms within a day or two of stopping finasteride.
  6. splitting hairs

    Propecia and having kids

    Hi Melvin, what I was trying to say is that the risk is theoretical, there is no evidence of finasteride in semen causing birth defects. But to be on the safe side, It's a good idea to use condoms after conception. Merck have not put a warning in the product leaflet about exposing your pregnant partner to finasteride through semen because there is no evidence of it causing problems. Here's a good link for more info: https://www.hairlosstalk.com/news/treatments/conceiving-baby-while-taking-propecia/
  7. Sorry been very busy. Hairs are very crinkled and density isn't what I wanted. It was only 1500 graphs. Let me know what you think and where should I go from here.
  8. Neither of those are good choices in my opinion, you need a skilled specialist not a tech driven fue-factory like both those clinics. I would go with a skilled US doctor that does every step of the surgery themselves as you probably don't need too many grafts to achieve a good result.
  9. wheretogo

    donor area

    Really hope so, thanks Melivin, thanks gillenator. using derma roller on crown area for almost a month. should i keep using it or just leave the scalp alone? don't want to harm the area beneath the thin area of the crown. what do you guys think?
  10. firegirl

    Hair loss?

    Looks like its getting thin. My husband starts to lose his hair, when he was 20, so age doesn't matter. I think first of all to save it you should go to a specialist and ask for some treatment and advise. For my husband very helpful is head massage every day, it causes blood circulation and hair grows quicker. Also, I bought for him the wooden brush, it harder and better for hair loss. You can look at reviews of this link and choose one for yourself. Good luck!
  11. A 28 year old male with Nh Gr III baldness presented to us with the complaint of hair loss for the past 5 years. He underwent FUE hair transplant surgery and 2358 grafts were implanted in one day. The patient came back for a follow up and is now happy with the results one year post surgery.
  12. fortuneplant

    Ugly Duckling hairstyle

    I wore a nice hat everyday. (Cap for casual fridays and different ones when I have to be in a suit.) I told everyone I have a scar and it look unsightly.
  13. I think it is incredibly hard to believe that any of these grew and I've seen enough cases to know that, but he doesn't look worse than preop. However as future hairloss occurs he will have a slick bald head to show for it. "Of course, since you are not a hair restoration professional it would be hard to see and appreciate that with only 2300 grafts that the hairline, frontal and mid-scalp density have changed and it's now more uniform." This is one of the worst comments I've seen a surgeon make in all honesty. Like you mention people do not spend 15 grand on cosmetic surgeon for the (nonexistent) benefits to ONLY be visible to a hair transplant surgeon. One shouldn't require a microscope to find growth on a case with 2300 grafts. I post this because the reality is if those grafts go that far on this other patient, they could have gone that far on this patient also. A guy with what was a virtually bald head looks better post-op than this ARTAS patient who had a decent amount of hair left and even more grafts. "As a matter of education, men with hair loss can't always just "grow their hair longer" as the balding process involves shortened anagen phases which can preclude this option. " I find this an offensively disingenuous thing to say also. We can clearly see the EXACT same area of hair in the post-ops at full grown length, if this is the true for this case why aren't we seeing a patch of ungrown short hair as well as the long hairs? Because quite frankly its a stupid thing to say and its false. "it's an insult that anyone with fingers and a computer can express their expert "97 posts" opinions about things they know very little about and completely ignore the desires of the actual patient. I suggest that you get a life. " Pelo expressed his opinions in a hostile manner, but he's honest and his points will help people. Trying to deceive them by pretending that he wouldn't have been able to grow his hair out prior to the procedure (seriously?), or that he can't see an improvement because he's not a surgeon is not helpful. Every surgeon has bad or below par results, there's nothing unethical about that but there is about pretending 2300 grafts grew when they didn't, and something closer to 100 did.
  14. Hi Lukey. Very good results.
  15. Wow, Sean, thanks for that. Gotta say your posts have opened my eyes but also scared me. Perhaps it's best I just shave it off or just get rid of them rather than repair. The initial surgery was pretty tough seeing the result and dealing with all of that and I would hate to go through that again for worse. If I do go through with it it will be with either Dr Rahal or Dr Erogon. They seem to be experts and have great results on hairline. Still traveling and dealing with family stuff at the moment so might be next year at the earliest. Which is good anyway cause gives me heaps of time to consider it and which doc, plus see how bad my hairloss will progross.
  16. According to previous FDA filings, there were changes to machine/parts of machine. It is known to extract darker color hair, am I correct on that? Punch sizes have been changed? If it successfully extracts almost every graft, then how there doesn’t seem to be distinct results, in comparison, to say manual extraction? Are all artas patients those with physiological differences? Is it something else? Compare similar caliber hair yield with manual FUE versus ARTAS vs Motorized punches vs suction based punches (saline or air) vs implanter pens. Which route has shown most hair yielding results and why? These are questions often asked. I know Dr Rahal also gave it up a while back and it was collecting dust. Was there a reason why? If this patient is happy then he sees something hair gurus may not. Cosmetic surgery should give a cosmetic improvement where one can see a distinct cosmetic change with an easy to guage before and after. In the future, things may change but I think it is imperative folks see more distinct changes/cases from Artas at a higher degree. I am glad this forum at least gives some open discussion and no deletion of posts on this topic. We all want whats best yielding and satisfactory for one another. After all, thousands are spent and that is a distinct change in our bank accounts, thus it should be the same on our scalps. I thank the doctor for sharing, responding, and forum members from sharing concerns and comments. To thos participating, What do you think, percentage wise, the yield looks like at this stage? I can say one thing, the patient is in better shape then some repair patients.
  17. Melvin-Moderator

    Small talk during fue

    No talking should have no direct impact on your results, as long as you chose a qualified clinic with technicians that are skilled and experienced, there should be no issue.
  18. Trust me on this one, body hair (including chest hair), beard hair, nape hair should be a very last resort. Even when spending over 50,000 with this type of hair, I do not think it looks natural at all and in fact is less dense then other hairs. Beard hair can be dense but it will look off next to less caliber hair. Angulation may be different too and again, these other hairs are not normall found in 2, 3, 4, hair groupings to create a natural dense result. Right now, id avoid it unless you have tons of money and nothing on your scalp and want just a stubble look (if that) with a crewcut shaved head. Scalp hair is the best hair and that too if you have the right characterstics and if it is strong to withstand some of the harsher extraction devices. It isnt fun at all and definitely can be detrimental to a good looking hairline and design. Be very very weary of putting any hair into existing hair. Surgery can be a risk but this act can make it much more risky. I hope you are able to stabilize it, but be thankful your scalp isnt scarred. Wish you the best and I hope you get what you seek.
  19. I must say that your result looks very impressive. The hairline seems perfect. Your result speaks volumes about the skill, experience and artistry of your surgeon and his staff. I still can't believe the hairline. Really nice work.
  20. Thanks for all the replies guys. Really appreciate it. Here are photos from before any surgery. I consider my 1st HT a massive success, I really have no complaints. After 3 years though I've continued to thin/recede and had too many people recognise that I've had a HT from my hairline.
  21. I’m 56 years old and started propecia 6 mos ago. I don’t know if it’s helping but it doesn’t seem to bother me so I’ll keep using it for the forseeable future.
  22. How did it all look pre the first surgery, including on top? Your hairline currently is very aesthetic, dense and does not indicate any level of hairloss. I'm not sure if the second surgeon (I can tell who from the photos) did the right thing by proceeding with surgery but going against your wishes on the hairline and he should have explained this better, but ultimately it was a smarter choice for him not to reinforce or lower it when its already in a very good position. The midscalp and crown were much more pressing concerns to create balance, reinforcing the areas of the midscalp he did will ultimately give a fuller texture pressing up into the hairline. Agree with Melvin that the Aussie clinic lighting is doing you no favours and to be honest is likely in place to help further secure sales by the clinic. In my opinion you should wait until the 9-10 month mark before making any firm conclusions, and on top of that grow your hair to the same length as it was before the second surgery. You are approaching an area of diminishing returns for hair transplants and your hair already looks very good, on top of not having fully formed the result of the second surgery.
  23. Your hair loss was minor no doubt, but that doesn't mean the improvement is not noticeable, it definitely looks great happy for you. Warm regards- Melvin
  24. Thank you guys for your comments. I’m super happy with the result so far and I think I already achieved what I was looking for with a hairtransplant. So if it doesn’t change much from here, I’m still very happy. A lot of relatives and friends have been telling me that my hair was good before and there is not much change but I take that as a compliment that I have got a good natural looking hairtransplalnt :). Here is a picture of a few days pre op and 10 days post op. I think it shows the huge difference greatly.
  25. The work looks great, in order to maintain a soft and natural appearance to the fromt hairline, the hairline must contian “1” haired grafts. In fact, your surgeon did exactly what he was supposed to for creating a denser appearing hairline. I can tell right away that the length and the lighting doesn’t match thus, causing your hair to look worse, im sure if you took photos with less overhead lighting your hair would look the same if not slightly better. Again, 6 months is only the half way mark.
  26. Spanker

    Propecia efficiency after 13 years

    I think your genetics eventually beat propecia, but it us still effective. You should continue to take it.
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