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  3. So around August 2017 i did keratin treatment for my hair to make it straight ( i have frizzy hair) and every thing was great for 4 months, after that i decided to get another keratin treatment at the same salon then the nightmare started , i've been losing hair since the second treatment , i tried a lot of anti hair loss shampoos , minoxidil , alpecin , biotin supplements and nothing worked , my hair got a lot thinner since that day and i noticed that if there is any regrowth of the hair it will fall after that and i noticed that it is so thin and weak , i went for number of doctors but no one gave me a specific diagnosis , someone told me it's telogen effluvium and another one told me it's seborrhic dermatits . I don't have family history of male pattern baldness so i don't think that it's genetic thing. Can you please help me with my problem?
  4. Subtle but looks great imo, especially for 7.5 months.
  5. FUT 2146 grafts
  6. Joebigaloe

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    The biggest reason I am wanting to go to him is because it is a 2 hour drive from me, the price, and he seems like a very knowledgeable doctor. I know HT isnt his primary duty, but vs the DHI clinic in Athens...there was just something about him that makes me trust him. Everyone says only go to people how only do HT. I understand the reasoning, but it doesn't mean that those who dont specialize in HT will not do just as good of job. Below are the donor area pics.
  7. Ah- yeah I have nothing but good things to say thus far!
  8. hairlossPA

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    can we atleast see pics of your donor? i agree with Jean
  9. To clarify, I had a really bad breakout of back acne within 4 days of hopping on fin. I realised it was because of the testosterone levels creating excess sebum in the follicles of my back, which is why I discontinued the fin temporarily. However, I had to get on antibiotics for my back for it, which is why now I'm re evaluating whether it's truly worth it. It's itchy, and I'm fucking torn just writing this. Trying to solve a problem gave me another one, and this one isn't a very fun one to deal with 😢
  10. If cost is an issue and travel also, I would strongly consider Erdogan in Turkey as you require extensive graft numbers and he isn't particularly far in distance. Hasson and Wong in Canada or Hattingen in Switzerland are other options I'd consider due to the large area needing to be covered but they are significantly more expensive. Imo you should not go with the current doctor. Its a gigantic risk and it is under no circumstances is it right going to a surgeon who isn't a dedicated full time hair transplant doctor. I go as far as to recommend you cancel ASAP and do more research. Probability is at best you will get a below average, unnatural result, at worst you will be butchered and have permanent damage to your donor and lost grafts. If you the amount you can afford is very small but you are still desperate for the procedure, I would absolutely look at Cinik and Acar in Turkey over this surgeon.
  11. spex

    Dr. Lindsey patient cleaning nuances

    Great video and content Dr ! Regards Spex
  12. wow thats some really good work. who was your surgeon? i like the appearance of a more staggered hairline as it looks natural IMO. some surgeons make it look too linear.
  13. I seriously doubt it man - 1 week.... I think you'll be fine 😉 Regards Spex
  14. Who did your surgery? Any pictures ? Regards Spex
  15. Ive had 13 Ht's and initially kept them all a secret. When i finally came out and told my story i was overwhelmed how much people found it all of genuine interest and were incredibly supportive. In my experienced opinion the more people you tell the easier it all is to deal with. Its a hard one to wrap your head round no doubt but trust me! Regards Spex
  16. Oh My God!! This is perfect! Just cover your head with a fancy night gown! NO ONE will notice you're losing your hair! BRILLIANT!
  17. Just wanted to keep the updates going on this thread If this works and anyone wants to follow suit. My Regimine: Started taking Finesteride 1MG September 26th Started derma roller October 18th (2 times a week Thursdays nights and Sunday nights, no minoxidil on these nights) started Rogaine foam 2nd week of October (morning and night) Just started Shampoo Containing 1% Ketoconazole (2-3 nights a week) currently using PhotoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo w/ plant stem cells for recovery and regrowth (using this for 2-3 months) will use Photoworx on days I do not use Keto shampoo Vitamins: Daily and Nightly (been taking these since 2012) https://bit.ly/2JZ1gQC Sr Sports biotin with coconut oil 5000mg https://amzn.to/2FjoiD6 (taking this for last few years) Viviscal Professional (been taking this for the past few years) https://www.viviscal.com Photos: Taken October 7th Taken October 17th Taken November 12th
  18. Thanks for the write up! Off topic, how many doctors recommend the saline solution treatment, where you continue to spray the new grafts? Is that a good way of healing, or just let your body do its work? I saw many YouTube videos of Doctors recommending it.
  19. Panamera13

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    remember, your hair supply is limited, you can not say after a year - oh my old procedure didn't work out so let me get another one.....when you get another one, your hair supply situation will be more worse. For HT, tread carefully as hair supply is limited and no option of "do-over".
  20. Joebigaloe

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    DHI is the next closest place for me and it is 3k as well. With me working here, its kinda an issue to travel off the island while here. Thanks for the replies thus far.
  21. Panamera13

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    For HT, you need an HT specialist who does HT ONLY. Not someone who removes moles on skin and some HT's on the side. If money is a factor, even 3K can get you somehere if you do proper research. I think you should STOP and postpone your HT and give it a serious thought as to what you want to do.
  22. finasteride prevents your body from making DHT. This is the main cause of hairloss. Day 1 of taking finasteride your body will begin making less DHT. As you keep using finasteride, your body will continually have a significantly low level of DHT. When you stop taking finasteride, your body will begin making DHT again and your levels will go back up to normal and your hairloss will progress again. Some people experience side effects that are short term and not permanent. It's extremely rare to have permanent side effects. Dont let the internet scare you
  23. will be following this one!
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