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  2. Hi all. I just joined. I'm starting to notice my hairline recede and the crown start to thin a bit. I've researched my options for a month. I just had a consultation with a very popular hair transplant doctor here in California. And during the consultation, I noticed a few things that were red flags to me. I'm hoping you guys can tell me if you think they're red flags, too. I don't want to name the doctor because I noticed there are some (including one moderator in particular) that backs this doctor up constantly, almost if they're paid to do so, so I just want an unbiased opinion. Here are the things I thought were red flags during my consult: We had a video conference consultation (he never saw me in person), and with just a few pictures and literally 2 second look at my hairline over video (he spent majority of the time looking away, including at his computer), he recommended 1,500 to 2,000 grafts. No talk about where the hairline I wanted should be, no talk about where he thought the recession was, nothing. It was 1500 to 2000 grafts and how soon can we schedule it. The number of grafts seems very high since, to be honest, he uses .9 to 1 mm punches and if I measured 1 mm squared across the area where I think he'd put in grafts, it seems too small to fit in that many grafts unless you overlapped them. He said he would insert some grafts where there was already hair to anticipate future hair loss. And said shock loss "is rare," and "minimal." But I've seen a lot of anecdotal evidence of people realizing after surgery that inserting grafts in an already fairly populated area was a bad idea. I'll concede here I haven't researched shock loss or where the grafts are actually inserted but generally from before and after pics it seems limited to areas that have very little to no hair (not areas with a good amount of hair). When I mentioned I was considering trying topical finasteride with minoxidil, he said topical finasteride doesn't work. Period. He said only oral finasteride works, and there were tests done on different types (oral, injection, topical) and they show only oral works. That's not true. A quick search for related studies shows that it does work topically: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6609098/ I mentioned using Rogaine (5% minoxidil). He said it might work for the crown where it was just starting to thin (not bad enough to do any transplant there). But he said it won't work on the hairline that he wanted to fix. Period. Won't work at all apparently and that's why companies that sell it can only say it works on the crown (which is where it works). But my understanding is that minoxidil was approved by the FDA based on studies done only on the crown, and so that's what it was approved for. Since there were no studies on the hairline presented, the FDA didn't approve it for the hairline and prevents companies from saying it works on the hairline. But that doesn't mean that it does not work on the hairline. The vast majority of hair specialist say it does work on the hairline, there's nothing that would suggest it doesn't, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing it does. He seemed to want to schedule me to do the surgery this month or maybe next. He says people are backing out because of the Coronavirus situation and so easier to get in sooner than later since those who booked appointments at a later time likely won't move their appointments. But how can I schedule an appointment for my surgery in less than a month when the only thing substantiating his recommendation for the surgery is a few photos and a glance at me on video (no talk about where I wanted the hairline to be, he looked at his computer most of the time, etc.). I asked about specifics, and he said it would be determined the day of the surgery, including where my hairline should be, what size punch he'd use, etc. So I would have to put down a downpayment and agree to pay the remaining balance a few days before the surgery, all before even figuring out these specifics.... I asked if he would do the surgery. He said he would, he always does. Yet I've seen many posts on here and other forums suggesting the day some people showed up it was a technician who did the work. Do you think the above are red flags or do you think I'm overreacting on some points? Please let me know your thoughts. I'm leaning toward holding off on it and using the topical finasteride/minoxidil solution for a few months and see how it works. Below is a video of a guy who makes it himself (I'm getting it from a dermatologist directly though so easier) and on his channel you can see results after 7 months from bare scalp at the hairline to hair. And after 6 to 9 months, if I'm at a worse position I think I'll come back and consider the transplant again. But I don't want to waste a year to only find out I might as well have gotten a transplant.
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  4. @LonelyGraft - Thanks for the reply. Appreciate your support. I discussed these concerns with my surgeon, pls find below the details: > For Frontal-Patch, he's sayin that sometimes due to press hair don't come, firstly suggested to wait until full growth and then suggested to hide patch with different hair-style. Surprisingly after initial & then another (both chargeable)surgeries, he couldn't fix the patch > For Strip Scar, he mentioned that sometimes the strip area stretches, leaving visible scar, mentioned in future whenever I plan for nxt surgergy he'll see, did SMP at scar area that lasted until few hair washes > For Shallow side templates, he mentioned that purposely he added less graft on right temple b/c with side partition hair falls from left to right, difficult to understand why one temple would have shallow-lining, making baldness on temple visible. @LonelyGraft - I've sent you a personal message, mentioning the details of surgery, it'll helpful if you could check & provide few suggestions. Surgeon is recommended on this forum, so I've requested Moderator Melvin, to have a closer look at my concerns. @Melvin - Request to have a look to the details I've shared with you. Also, let me knw if you need any further details. Looking forward to hearing from you soon...
  5. Hi-, Request suggestions to my below concerns post getting full results (after 1+ year) of HT surgery Concerns: > Visible patch in front > Visible thick scar at back > Disturbed/Patchy Hair Line after two surgeries > Uneven Hair Distribution on the Right/Left Temples @Melvin - I've sent you a personal message, mentioned all the details of surgery, request your help & attention to my concerns.
  6. Damn, I just saw a video on Facebook where they were gluing dreadlocks on a guys head, and it looked awful. I was going to post it on here, but I thought it was too ridiculous. Then somebody posted this thread.
  7. I’m almost 3 months after my ht. Had 3900 grafts done, mainly hairline and then dispersed throughout mid scalp and crown. Ive had some folliculitis, which is getting better, but I’ve noticed a part of my transplant area feels a little swollen and is actually numb to the touch. No fluid or pus if I try to squeeze it - normal or no? Could it be some type of scar tissue/collagen?
  8. 10 months! Hairlines getting better and not as see thru as month 8 I am flirting with the idea of getting another procedure to handle my corners , maybe scar and a light pass in the front. Hope everyone is okay!
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  10. @Guy73 It really does look great but I understand where you’re coming from. At 6 months you absolutely still have more time for growth and maturity. I’ll definitely be following along. I really appreciate Dr. Nader’s work.
  11. Slovakia. In the middle of Europe. The best flight connection for me is Spain (3 hours of flight), or Turkey (2,30 hours of flight)...
  12. Hi pal I went to HLC in Ankara Turkey. Will be updating as soon as I get the opportunity to take pics! Happy growing 👍
  13. Wow Spidey - I remembered following your story before having my own HT (mine was with Erdogen in Istanbul). I't great to see you've had such great long term results. Congrats!
  14. We do not allow links, so please send a private message. I believe it is called recepurar pelo but I may be wrong.
  15. Is that the back of your head or the top of your head? I have seen these sort of crack like hair loss patterns in people before, it may be an autoimmune condition similar to alopecia areata, have you consulted with a dermatologist? I suggest submitting your photos to some of our surgeons here who also happened to be certified dermatologists, they should be able to give you better information. Given this global pandemic, surgeons have suspended charging, so these consultations are free, you have nothing to lose. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/hair-transplant-surgeons.asp?sr=HRN
  16. This looks like a really good result to me. It looks very natural. You might be growing your hair a bit too long for the type of style you are trying to get. Try trimming it just a bit and it's possible the overall look of it may be better.
  17. It could be a seasonal shed, or the hair can be shedding due to the medications. Are you noticing a decrease in hair? Hair shedding doesn't equal hair loss.
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