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  2. Been trying to schedule a date for Eugenix for months. I’m from the Uk and looks like I will be waiting a good while yet.
  3. I know how that feels. My surgery was postponed by 2weeks. But as they say. Good things take time.
  4. What are you talking about? I can speak about my experiences and all the real patient reviews on the forum. I have spent over 10 years researching and posting. I have had multiple hair transplants in the Uk. And have spoken to most of them. So you joined up and commented on my post, and not all the other members and mod posting the exact same advice.? I personally think there is only a few clinics that actually are worth considering in the Uk. But this Dr Ashard clinic is also worth considering it seems. You don’t like my posts then there is a new feature called “ignore user”
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  6. JohnAC71 you post as though you`re some sort of authority on the quality of UK clinics. There are more than 70 clinics performing FUE in the UK, plenty with amazing results but you have a blinkered opinion that only a select few are worthy. Your posts read like a recruitment drive for this forum. Take some of your own advice, research on other sites, you will be pleasantly surprised. It would appear it only takes several positive patient reviews from patients and you`re promoting the clinic to be recommended on here. Maybe they don`t need or feel it necessary to be recommended, they seem
  7. God-dang amazing, loving the way those temples came out naturally (why do so many clinics have issues making temples look natural?). As a Canadian I just wish H&W was even a little more affordable.
  8. Jealous! Like others have mentioned I'm trying to get into Eugenix but w flights from Canada being all messed up it'll probably be another 6 months at the soonest :(
  9. Okay!So here’s my First Update. I reached the clinic in Delhi a day before my surgery. Everything was arranged super swiftly. From Pickup to checking into the room to arranging the lunch. Then a few blood tests were taken and then i was taken to meet the doctors. Who understood how nervous i was and made sure that i feel super comfortable and answered all my questions. Then i was taken to Click Some pictures. So finally the surgery is planned for 8-9am tomorrow. 🤞.
  10. You do not have to worry about the pick up as that would be arranged by the Clinic. So that shouldn’t be a worry.
  11. I honestly wouldn’t worry at all. Your clinic is right to reassure you.
  12. All looks on track for this time. Now the waiting begins. 😁
  13. There are still international flight restrictions until the end of September. And, yes, I could use your help about finding the best way from the airport to Eugenix. Should I take a taxi, public transportation?
  14. Thanks for the response @Gatsby. I am fully taking into consideration future loss, it’s also why I’m prepared to have a conservative hairline. What I’m trying to workout is when to best time my first procedure without waiting too long. Also can transplants be successes even without taking finasteride? I’ve seen many success with finasteride but not many mentions of hair transplants without finasteride.
  15. Hey guys, I did my HT last week. I made a mistake and I wanna know if someone did it and what their clinic think about it I did my HT in Turkey, once I went back to the hotel, I inflated the travel pillow they provided me. I tried hard to inflate it, probably not the best thing o do. The clinic said it's ok and nothing to worry but it's actually against what they said about rest, not doing gym etc. What's your thoughts? Thanks
  16. Hi @Gatsby Yes I asked for the hairline design. I saw a photo at college the hairline around 6.5 cm from Glabella. Maybe it's too low for 6 cm now, i thought if it looks low maybe i will shave with razor. Initially I was going to do HT and consultation with some Doctor in Turkey but some clinic was full in August i can not wait until next year because COVID19 case progress still increase month by month and some country still restricted people from my country to enter. I already bought tickets in August due to the pandemic situation airplane tickets cannot be canceled. I know Esma &am
  17. The donor looks good and you won't really know where it's going to head until post op 4 months on wards. The hairline to me though is only 6cm's above the glabella? You really want a hairline that you will grow into. Not out of over the rest of your life. I don't know why you chose a nurse to do the procedure either? That's just crazy??? How much research did you do? However I wish you the best and look forward to further updates.
  18. As has been said it's too early to give a real appraisal on your hair transplant. And even if there is no density you can have (and will need) another procedure. Also are you on finasteride to try and stabilize your hair loss? What really worries me though isn't just the back yard surgeon who did this (though as Melvin stated you really are lucky to be alive) is that it cost $475. Because that tells me that you won't be able to afford another surgery to finish the job and/or correct the results with a qualified hair transplant surgeon. Just wait and see and wishing you all the best!
  19. Sorry I’m not a good example .. but I had to treat it as a two day vacation in Canada . Couldn’t be stuck in the hotel room sober . 😁 I didn’t bleed much . N yep , I dranked before n after surgery , not much just a few beers . Enough to pass the time .
  20. Here some updates progress pictures. I’m really appreciate any positive or negative feedback welcome!
  21. Thats a pretty long wait. Yeah i have know Dr Pradeep for a couple of years now and have spoken to him multiple times i have also met him once. He is a really Fun and Caring person. Will meet Dr Bhansal Today. Lets Hope for the best.
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