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  2. Kamran Aftab

    Coffee as hair dyer

    I need to know that if using coffee on your hairs will be helpful or not. As I have seen many caffeine based shampoo for hair loss. Also please suggest that if using coffee on transplanted hairs will be safe or not for the purpose of hair dying.
  3. Kamran Aftab

    Finasteride & Coffee

    I need to know that if using coffee on your hairs will be helpful or not. As I have seen many caffeine based shampoo for hair loss. Also please suggest that if using coffee on transplanted hairs will be safe or not for the purpose of hair dying.
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  5. Radiss0n

    Do you think I need one?

    32. Hair thinning last few years but I think I always had a big forehead. Goal is to cover some of my forehead.
  6. I think you run the risk of making it look worse. If you have some swelling right now that could be making it more pronounced than it really is. If you add some grafts on the one side to even it out, then what happens when the swelling goes down in a few days? You could end up with it not looking right and even being lower than the other side. I say leave it alone for now and wait for it to grow and reassess. You can always get more later.
  7. Yes. This has been done by others and it seems to work. The general answer is yes it's doable. For your particular situation and whether it will work for you depends on a lot of factors including how large is the area that needs to be covered, how much body hair and head donor hair do you have left to use, how much hair coverage do you currently have, etc. Adding some thickening illusion with SMP is the only time I think SMP is worth doing. I personally don't like SMP on a bald scalp because while photos can look great, I just don't believe it will look good up close in most situations.
  8. Sethticles

    5 Years Post FUE

    thanks dude, I think the results are pretty good too, I had to let the cat out of the bag and fess up couple of years ago to my closest friends who started seeing a massive difference in my appearence, all of them admitted feeling bad for that nasty banter with the typical bald jokes and all of them were well impressed and "hats off too you mate for doing something about it" a few of them even said, they would have tried talking me out of it, anyway thanks for the kind words, i'll try and hang around this site for a while, I just get worried that I will get dragged back down by trolling and FUT v FUE debates, if that happens i'll probably delete my account for good. Life is pretty good at the moment
  9. Well, I had my FUE procedure with Dr. Nadimi today. It couldn't have gone better. I was out sleeping for probably 90 of the procedure due to the ambien and slept through the entire graft placement procedure. Dr. Nadimi unquestionably knows what she's doing, she provided a lot of guidance but was ultra willing to consider my preferences. At the end of the day, I deferred entirely to her judgement based on others' experience with her and her obviously astute professional judgment. When all was said and done, I got in the office at about 6:30 and was out at about 5:00. We were scheduled for 1500, but the number ended up being about 1590. I was told a large number of my grafts were 3 and 4 hairs, but I'll follow up with more details after I reach out to the good doctor for specifics. I'll also upload some pictures when I get a minute. Beyond that, I can't say enough about the quality of Nadimi's and Konior's staff. Super nice, super competent, and they've obviously been doing this for a long, long time. I'll have to have another procedure given my Norwood scale, but when I do, I'm going back to Dr. Nadimi. While I don't have anyone to compare her to, I can't imagine having a better experience elsewhere.
  10. Lets have some opinions here Top 6 hairline doctors inside the US and top 6 outside ?
  11. I can’t wait for that result! Albeit my hair is not as dense as yours unfortunately, so fingers crossed anyway for the same results! .. Muzzafer said that I was really lucky as most of my follicles were 2-3 hairs each. What did he say to you? Haha.. I managed to remove all my scabs in a day, coconut oil worked a charm. I’m scared of the ugly duckling phase coming up. Fortunately it’s really cold here so I’ll wear a beanie 24/7! Were you taking the proscar branded finasteride? I’ve been taking it for about 6 weeks with no sides.
  12. SBSinNYC

    Do you think I need one?

    How old are you? How long did it take to go from your youthful full head of hair to where you are now? What are your goals?
  13. Very eager to see some update pics too! Have you noticed any side effects from Finasteride?
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  15. TrixGlendevon

    "Wobbly" vs Straight Hairlines

    Fair point. Like a 5 year old colouring in
  16. I will ask but i doubt it, I'm seeing a lot of doubles in the very front of my hairline as well as a single triple which stands out like a sore thumb, is it standard procedure to chart grafts?
  17. Almost 3 weeks post op and my scalp is almost scab free. I have had quite a bit of native hairs fall out around the recipient site but no transplanted hairs have shed yet. Donor scar is healing nicely. Keep telling myself to have patience as I've quite a bit of time in front before I see results. ist pic is current. No scabs but skin is red. Next pic was about 7 days post op. I might also mention that my hair is naturally grey and therefore the transplanted hair cannot really be seen.
  18. Yeah Erdogan has since responded and rejected me for transplant lol. He's asked me to go on Finasteride for 6 months before getting back in touch with him, but I don't want to use Finasterid so I guess I'm ruling him out... Doganay says he can do 4000 grafts, so it's quite the contrast...one saying im not a transplant patient at all and one saying I'm good for 4000 grafts!!
  19. @Bill - Managing Publisher Hey Bill, How are you buddy. Hope you remember me man. Here I am myself with my case of hair loss condition, what you can suggest on my hair loss causes, as it looks to be scary now but I believe it's quite in an initial stage and can be treated non-surgically treatment to fix this. Shall be looking forward to have your useful input and I will follow the same....
  20. @Melvin-Moderator It was really so much helpful to know all aspects of my hair loss condition. It seems to be having alopecia areata as per general understanding or might be causing due to multiple disorders of my health conditions , but let me have full check up with top Dr and Plastic Surgeons of my region; to have it reviewed thoroughly. I am fully prepared to get this fixed and sorted out as soon as possible, as i was totally unaware of my continuous huge hair loss before until recently having had my full hair removed by hair cutter specialist for some religious occasion Shall update the same soon

    Dr Cooley - July 2017

    INCREDIBLE! You got some substantial growth towards the end of your first year. Night and day difference since your pre-HT photos. Congrats on a new head of hair!!
  22. You're going to be in good shape Speran. The scarring in front of the hairline will continue to heal, and will be less noticeable, if at all. I had similar concerns about the donor scarring, but most of the redness is from the ACell will dissipate. You have A LOT to look forward to!
  23. Looking VERY good UKLad! You still have a long way to go, but your progress since pre-HT is impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing more updates!
  24. Thank you all for the great feedback and support! It's been a LONG journey, August marks 14 years since my first HT! I am incredibly grateful to be where I am now, and more than appreciate all the support from the members of this forum. I will continue to give monthly updates, in hopes that people can learn from my experience.
  25. Melvin-Moderator

    Female Hairline lowering

    Do you mind posting photos? The scar in most cases will be completely concealed. This is especially true if you plan on having long hair. The only time you should be concerned about the scar is if you plan on wearing your hair shorter than a #3 clipper guard, which is near buzz cut length.
  26. Hello!!! I am a female with a large forehead and I've always wanted to have something done and over the past 6-9 months I've really been thinking about it since I seen that it can be done so I've been researching female hairline lowering and I'm very interested in having it done. I've had a consult with a doctor and I was very comfortable with him (and his staff) The only thing that is keeping me on the fence is the scar. I would really like to hear from people that have had it done and any pros and cons. Thank you!!!
  27. TrixGlendevon

    "Wobbly" vs Straight Hairlines

    Best answer yet! Thanks a lot. This makes sense. Out of the doctors in Belgium, who in your opinion does the best hairlines?
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