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  2. Update: Just over 4 months. I have included some photos from just before 4 months and some i took yesterday. Also a couple are before and after a haircut. Temple points and the left and right corners of hairline have grown in really well. I never shed any hair from the temples at all, and the very left and right hairline areas shed was only around 60%. I noticed the hair starting to re-grow just after 3 months. Only concerns have been that I developed some sort of dermatitis on the recipient area. I think this has been from a very dry scalp, I have been using some olive oil and tee-tree oil that has helped. The problem with it is that when these "flakes" fall or brush out they have hair attached to them (picture included). I would have been further along in terms of growth if i did not have this issue, as the hair needs to regrow again. I went to see my doctor and she gave me some strong topical treatment (forgotten name) and one of the side affects is increased hair growth. I have been a bit scared to use it as it seems to be one of the strongest out there. Picture of the "flakes" Hopefully I will get some more density in the next few months, but happy how things are progressing.
  3. dilbert1191

    Saw Palmetto VS Propecia

    @Melvin-Moderator Check out this research paper on the effects of ecklonia cava. Apparently its stronger than saw palmetto and is comparable to finasteride. Still not sure about authenticity though. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3382810/ From the paper:
  4. It does feel like there are more gaps than an ideal case. But again it could be shock loss. Grow out your hair for a couple of months. Hopefully it covers the scalp. Happy growing!
  5. Attached are some more pictures at 4 weeks(Day 27). Let me know your thoughts on sides of Donor area.
  6. Hi Guys... Just wanted to post some latest pictures and get some opinion on one concern I have. Everything is go well as excepted. However one concern I have is Donor area on the sides(especially more so on the left side of Donor area). I see the sides of donor area very thin and depleted compared to center/back. Wondering if I was over harvested on the sides or if I had shock loss. Can you guys please let me know your thougts. Attached are some pictures from Day 21
  7. Wishing you all the best...thanks for sharing....any update ? .........Paddy.......
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  9. Thanks for your interesting post . I understand Eugenix has a world class facility who provide world class results in the DHI ( direct hair implantation ) procedure. The yield results are exceptional and the clinic is top of its class in treating very high norwood cases. I have looked on their website but cant see how much 3000 grafts would be? Can the clinic extract grafts without shaving the back of your head ? What is the wait time for a DHI at Eugenix, ? I presume it cant be very long if you just booked it ? Thanks.......all the best ...... .............Paddy........
  10. couto,lorenzo, freitas are very selective on who they take on. have to be on propecia and have very good donor hair
  11. Thanks When I was talking with another clinic for FUE, they told me for the same amount grafts, I needed 3 days of operation, that they will trim all of my hair, and that they will have to use some beard hair. Ailene from Dr. Cooley's office also pointed out that since my skin is very light (when not in the sun much) and my hair dark, that doing FUE will put me at risk for a "moth" like appearance at the donor area. In summary I did FUT because: Less time at the clinic and cost for the same amount of grafts. More yield (more grafts survive FUT vs FUE). Aside from the donor scar, the rest of the donor area will be intact. Dr. Cooley has a reputation of excellent work and that his incisions/scars heal really well. No need to cut my hair to number 1-2 for the operation. Status update I noticed that it takes less effort to hide/cover the areas with missing hair. I will probably post new photos sometime in April when the progress should be more obvious (compared to the previous photos).
  12. Hi Merlin, why did you choose FUT over FUE? I'm mostly doing it for the better yield and livability, but FUE is very tempting
  13. Melvin-Moderator

    Top 5 hair transplant surgeons.

    I didn’t mean in general, im talking about comparing elite surgeons. For example, konoir vs wong they both perform refined hair transplantation, so the difference maker IMO is the hairline design.
  14. Melvin-Moderator

    Recommended on this forum

    What are you talking about? We’re the most transparent site on the web. Please go on any other forum and demand what you’ve just demanded. I would like to see of the thread makes it past a few minutes. Running a website isn’t free, everything we earn is put back in to running the site. The site has been involved in several free speech lawsuits and lawyers aren’t free either. Secondly, we’ve always been open about any fee that we charge. The community is free to members, but it’s not free to run. We’re rectifying the issue by speaking with the surgeons. Our community has helped thousands if not millions. If you feel the way you do, then I’m sorry you can simply stop posting or visiting the site if you think we’re a “sham”. Best wishes, Melvin
  15. Very nice, the temple triangles look fantastic and natural, I’m jealous! 😉 Just another couple or a few months and density should be much improved! 🤞🏻
  16. BjornBorg

    Dr.Keser Manuel FUE Result-Turkey

    Bannish? @Melvin-Moderator @Bill - Managing Publisher He posted another spam thread with old material aswell.
  17. RecessionProof

    Top 5 hair transplant surgeons.

    These are all strong picks. Cuoto seems like a hard doctor to assess — his YouTube videos look great, but I haven’t seen many patient accounts that really document his process and techniques. I’m not too knowledgeable about the docs in Europe and Turkey, but I’d definitely include Konior, H&W, and Rahal in my top 5. With the remaining slots going to someone like Cooley, Shapiro, Diep, Ferduini, Cuoto, or maybe a couple of the other European doctors.
  18. The foundation is there. Let's hope it fills in. Thank you for keeping us updated.
  19. That's great news. I hope you'll find the time to keep us all posted on the journey. I thought I would be the first De Freitas thread on this forum but I will follow yours with great interest instead.
  20. Hi TameemJam, how are you getting along. Can you post some recent updates pics?
  21. Hi Everyone, Was wondering why there are no posts about Dr. Arihant Surana from Alvi Armani India on this site. He seems to be a well experienced and respected surgeon in India. However there are no patient reviews or photos of his cases performed here on this site. Was wondering whether anyone of you had reviews or opinions on his results?
  22. Total number of grafts planted are 4500 in total. (And I am not yelling bro! Why I would yell!)
  23. Did they tell u what density they implanted the recipient at?
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