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  2. Wow, you really had a lot of area to cover with just 5k grafts. That is good growth. Are you happy with the crown too?
  3. Terrific hairline result in only one pass. At first I thought it might be because his recession was mostly in the corners, but the reconstruction there has a very "solid" appearance as well.
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  5. I was very hesitant to take Finasteride at first because of what I've read about it, but then I kept researching and talked about it here and decided to only take 0.5 mg everyday, which is half the dose people usually take. I've been on it for 3 months now and I don't notice any changes in my sex drive, I'm still the same really
  6. correct 4 months. Yes I am seeing some growth. just got worried as some people have a head full of hair at month 4. Ye I get the waiting game can be stressful at time ­čśü Thanks about the post on hair fibres.
  7. true. I think I have had some good growth but I see people with a head full of hair at month 4 so got me worried.
  8. Still too early. You look to be on schedule for 4 months. Remember your hair was much longer in your before pics so we couldnÔÇÖt see the full extent of your hair loss.
  9. wow great results! In such a short time too. Now imagine a year from now...
  10. ok) sorry if i came across paternalistic - this industry can just be a bit rough. having temple recession suggests balding btw, but it could just be a progression to a mature hairline. hard to say taking finasteride it seems has some pretty big risks as well which i hope you discussed with your prescribing doctor; https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55085-court-let-merck-hide-secrets-about-propecia-risks/ https://www.hairlosslearningcenter.org/topic/merck-makers-of-propecia-caught-lying-for-second-time/3390 hope everything works out for you sir
  11. Thank you, I've read so many "everything you need to know guides" and that never gets mentioned, please let me know if there is something I left out.
  12. Brilliant guide! Love the part about incisions as nobody is talking about it indeed.
  13. If I have DUPA, why Kaan never told me that? When I came first time to the op 2 years ago he said my donor was very good. Almost a year ago during the second op he also did not tell me anything about DUPA. Ne also never told me this when I asked in the messages about my results. And now a man, who has never seen me makes such a diagnosis. Thats bullshit.
  14. Hello @transplantedphi´╗┐l Thank you - I completely understand what you mean and i agree. That's why I already started taking Finasteride regardless of whether I'm starting to bald or not. But my hairline is the same as it was in terms of height and going backward except for some temple recession. Regardless, I have consulted with many clinics already - I'm definitely not just relying on his consultation as I need to make sure that I have at least a good number of clinics agreeing on my situation's being I've been researching since last fall and I'm continuing my research to make sure of my decision before June
  15. Yeah it must be a hairpiece on entourage and his real hair on that latest show. Guess the makers of that show refused to fork out the extra cash on a fancy wig. That halo effect must be tough for Piven to work with as well, as directors dont want to spend extra time setting up the lighting etc just to shoot an actors hair in a favourable way. As for Biden I feel like we are almost on the verge of creating a Biden hair timeline LOL.
  16. I agree with the doctor completely. This is a perfectly normal "mature" hairline. As others have stated, it's pretty early to tell whether you're going to suffer some natural loss or not, and you do NOT want to find that out after you've already wasted a bunch of grafts chasing a hairline you never had to begin with. Additionally, since you don't have much hair loss to speak of, there are decent odds that your final result will look weird and you'll be far worse off than when you started.
  17. You should regain most of the native hair 3-4 months post op. If it was strong hair it almost certainly will come back unless something has really gone wrong. IMHO.
  18. Hi Adam, Thanks for the response. Considering you left at 10.30 pm, I can now find the reason my surgery will spill onto Day 2 and it seems like a logical thing to do. Another question on the pain. I have ready your post fully and you say it was agony on Day 1. How was it subsequently ? Did you have any swelling ? When would you think you became conformable enough to have a fruitful day ? I ask all this, because I had my first HT in 2004 (FUT) with Dr Shapiro and I recall it was pretty painful for 4-5 days and I had swelling on the forehead and under the eyes for almost 5,6 days. The post-op bothered me considerably. I am sort of hoping that with FUE post-op and pain is dramatically better? Thanks,S
  19. As youre just 21 and we don't have any pictures I'd be concerned if it is a "very high hairline" or you actually have the beginning stages of male pattern baldness (and thus might bald even further). A lot of physicians are uncomfortable with operating on those under 25 as it is difficult to tell what someones balding pattern might be and where they might eventually end up. Im not saying any of this to worry you, but I just dont want anything bad happening to you. So is it possible for you to send in consultations with other clinics as well to get their perspective? A few I consider ethical off the top of my head are Bisanga, Feriduni, Konior, BLoxham/ Also do you have a family history of balding, tried any medications, are you able to take photos under the same lighting with the same hair length so you can assess if you are balding? That's smart not deciding on anything before June as well, as this stuff is permanent and shouldnt be rushed into.
  20. I posted on this forum a month or so ago seeking advice for some thinning that I had been experiencing behind my transplanted frontal hairline. Thankfully I stumbled across a post by Shifty in which he reported amazing results from microneedling. Deciding to give it a go myself I have been rolling twice a week (Tuesday & Friday nights) with a 1.5mm roller and truthfully, am blown away with the results too. The thinning part has almost completely filled in within just one month! I could notice improved results by the 2nd week! Seriously guys, imho it is about time derma-rolling or micro-needling gets a boost in recognition! Im not sure if it can bring follicles back from the dead, but it can definitely give a big boost to sick, thinning follicles.
  21. You're just 4 months in today right? Then the ugly duckling stage should just be finishing and this is when you hopefully start seeing some noticeable growth. The hairs at this stage should be pretty weak as the hair shaft is still developing and has to go through more cycles to get thicker and reach full maturity Although your hair is cut at different lengths from the photos you provided, a simple comparison between them reveals your hair in the 4 month photo looks more uniform, meaning i suspect growth has already begun (whereas your hair in the pre-op photo looks really bare). Realistically Month 4 is way too early for most to assess their growth (took me until month9-10 to hit full density with my first FUE) so hopefully in the next month or so you;ll see some improvements. Just a waiting game at this stage buddy As for hair fibres i used them after 4 weeks. There are other threads on it, and ask your doc https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/54981-hair-fibers-after-hair-transplant-surgeons-recomandations/ Keep us updated
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  23. 1) they should know what DUPA is. FULL STOP 2) pretty sure they should have checked your donor with a magnifying loupe to check for signs of miniaturisation, and in doing so this would have probably revealed if you did have DUPA or what class baldness you might develop into etc 3) FUE is not scarless. Jesus. It actually creates more scarring, in terms of surface area, than FUT, but just appears scarless because its more spread out 4) In terms of whether medications would buffer the follicles in the safe zone if you develop DUPA ... DUPA has no safe zone; that's why it has the "U" in the acronym .. its UNPATTERNED (meaning its not predictable). It would come down to whether you are happy on the meds for the rest of your life and whether you want to risk surgery Here's a link: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/55074-dr-charles-answers-whether-you-can-have-a-hair-transplant-with-dupa/ 5) I would have hoped going to a dermatologist or HT doctor would assess it, I'd consider asking for my money back from this derm. Send some photos to some of the more established doctors here for a consult, they might actually give you educated answers to your questions On a side note without photos we can only guess, but you might have DPA and not DUPA. The difference comes down to whether your donor appears stable or not.
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