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  2. Agreed. It’s a huge step and emotions are all over the place at the beginning of the journey. So glad I chose Dr B. How’s your journey are you pleased?
  3. I don't think there are any other doctors to consider in that region, especially if you are looking for the doctor to do the entire procedure. Still, I think you should consult with a few more doctors, maybe not in Turkey but around Europe, particularly those that match your budget. One thing I would caution about HLC is their graft estimates are sometimes ridiculous. I consulted with them prior to my second procedure and they recommended 3600 grafts just for the hairline and temples, leaving the midscalp and crown with little to no hair. I had a procedure before so them suggesting I needed 3600 just for the hairline was ridiculous when other doctors were quoting way less. This was also suggested to a couple of others NW V and above on another forum so just be cautious. Don't use up too much grafts now in case they are needed in the future.
  4. it seems the concerns at the beginning were not necessary. i am happy for you, it is really looking great
  5. Cheers buddy I’m so chuffed. It really is life changing 👌
  6. Thanks Melvin. I couldn’t agree more. What a talented man he is.
  7. Looking good mate. You can tell this is gonna be a home run, you must be well pleased
  8. Today
  9. Hello guys , I am 25 years old , from india. Planning to get a procedure done with either H&W or Dr Raymond Konior. Trying to contact and know people who are from india who have had procedure done by any of these clinic or anywhere outside india. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for your detailed response, excellent write-up. Dr. Bisanga is one of the very best. Please keep us updated on your progress l.
  11. Thanks for posting your review, Dr. Gabel is an excellent surgeon, and one of the best. Do you mind posting pictures?
  12. Everything I’ve read recommends 3-4x per week, the smaller gauges do nothing for me, I have a low gauge but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything. Maybe @CosmoKramer can chime in.
  13. Hi everyone, Long time creeper across the net just getting around to posting. Been an up and down ride for the last few years dealing with hair loss, snake oils, meds, and ultimately pulled the trigger on FUE at approx 3,000 grafts with Dr. Gabel out of Oregon state. Figured I could share some of my "progress" and what led up to the surgery. Ill try to detail most of this to the point for scanning purposes and if theres any questions just feel free to ask or reach out. This may get long but Id rather type it all out now without having to come back multiple times to add what I missed/forgot. I am currently 31 years old and 3 months post FUE. Started noticing marginal thinning in my crown at approx 27/28 years old (bordering birthday time period). I brushed it off as stress while working overseas (mil), and a possible hormonal reaction (supplements) and let it go for about 6 months until I noticed that my crown was becoming more transparent weekly. My room mate had been experiencing hairloss and I saw that he was using Rogaine so I tried it out for a few months and hated how irritated my scalp got with liquid (yes I now know the foam is a better route, too late) so I discontinued it and had went through back door routes of jumping on Dutasteride without consulting a doctor first. I discovered Toppik and just figured my body would normalize and my hair would eventually come back until I started doing my due diligence/ homework. One of the original supplements used had a straight conversion to DHT inside the body and had lit a wild fire for MPB for me even though NO ONE in my family had a real history of major hair loss.. OOF, I was pissed at myself. The first Doc that I originally sat with requesting FUE run down and prices told me I hadn't experienced enough loss yet and it was too early (he was a straight shooter and wasn’t trying to sell me on anything.. Besides a laser cap lol ((yes I know they work but the money used for that could be money used for FUE was my initial mentality)). As time went on I stuck with the meds and using concealers to keep my (then) long hair looking thick. I got sick of it all.. Sick of the daily hair routine and not being able to just jump out of bed and go, or going for a damn swim without wondering if the crap in my hair was going to wash out. I got sick of the meds making me feel sluggish, lethargic, and having tiny baby loads for sperm production (no libido issues just the fore mentioned). I weened myself down and off the duta and increase natural supps (biotins etc etc), and watched my hair thin more and more and just took the clippers to my head accepting that this is nature and I am a man. This was around 29/30 years old. Fast forward; I'm now financially savvy enough to afford FUE, I'm in a happy place mentally/physically/spiritually, and I'm ok with aging and not worrying so hard about what I look like and my ego. I started growing my hair back out just to see the round about area I was sitting at and sure it doesn’t look great but I saw all hope wasn’t lost and HONESTLY, I got sick of shaving my damn head (some people look great with it, it just isnt for me). Having freewill and the ability to make a choice about how I would like to live/look without boundaries is pretty nice. I did some research, got in touch with Dr. Gabel out of Oregon (better reviews and geographically desirable for where I live) and did a consultation. He understood my concern with ingested/ oral medication and having side effects and had me start a topical Fina/minox (82F), briefly talked about surgeries, and to come back in a few months and see how I feel on the meds and if I wanted to pursue the FUE. I was seeing some results from the 82F thickening and even bringing back some of my front hair line (super thin before/ that transparent look) after 4+ months and revisited Dr. Gabel and discussed an FUE gameplan. I still had a pronounced hairline even though it was thinner than Texas grass in the summer so no lowering was wanted on my end, just density. I still work overseas so I didn’t want to do multiple visits/ surgeries and agreed to do a 2 day operation basically hitting 1500/1500 front hairline and crown with the middle getting the bulk of the front and back stretched over it for overall top density. The doc provided me with plenty of material, references, websites, and emails back and forth leading up to the date to make sure I was ready, presented all the facts, and had a realistic expectation of whats to come and what to expect. Day 1 of surgery: I arrived approx 6 am to the office. Pre-op pictures taken, and road map drawn on my head for gameplan. Walked me through the office and different stations so I knew exactly what to expect for the next 2 days and introduced me to his awesome staff that were extremely friendly, offered me anything to help comfort (drinks snacks etc), and even just chatted with me to keep it a loose environment and not just a medical procedure. They offered me some meds for the pain, got me in the chair, shot me up with lidocaine, and began extracting from my donor area. Lunch time came around and they wrapped my noggin up and let me grub down on the lunch provided for approx 30 min so we could get back to it ASAP. Back in the chair, another pain med, and alotttttttt of Lidocaine and they started with the crown moving into the middle region. Not a lot to note besides they had plenty of music and movie selections. (YES Dr. Gabel did perform the extractions and implanting the follicles himself along with his power crew/ staff backing him up during the procedure). We finished the day up, wrapped my head accordingly, provided me pain meds, a special ATP spray solution to help my head in healing, and other supplies I might need in the following nights/weeks. No questions or concerns were left un-answered. Day 1 ended approx 6pm. Day 2: Same showtime at about 6 am, same meds, and back into the chair for extraction (all generally the same as Day 1). Lunch time, and then back into the chair for implanting the follicles. Day 2 was a little higher on the sensitivity scale in terms of "pain" but it still wasn’t unbearable (reminded me of getting a larger tattoo and having to sit all day). They loaded me with more lido and kept cracking on the front hairline into the midscalp. I don't have the paper in front of me but I believe we finished with about 2,982 grafts done (I even got a small reimbursement for the few grafts we didn’t hit since I paid for 3,000 which I didn’t expect at all so that was nice). Day 2 also ended approx 6pm. Since I was local to the area Dr. Gabel had me come in the following day for a head wash and examination followed by several other visits and washes up to about a week or so post-op. I had one more visit before I had to leave the country for work and he was satisfied with what he covered and my healing so far. My next check up will be around the 6 month post-op mark. We have kept in touch via email and I told him that I would do a thorough and honest review and document what I went through if he was ok with me being open about anything I liked/ didn’t like over public forums like this and he obviously didn’t seem to have a problem with it. *Pictures to follow this post granted its easy to upload from my Iphone or ill have to transfer the photos to my computer so bare with me. ((**note, I am extremely active and have a high/fast metabolism, lidocaine and many other meds run through me extremely fast so I was forced to use an abnormal amount of lidocaine to keep me sitting comfortably, this isn't normal for others so don't mind my swollen ass head pics coming after this post. It has always been like this for me since my teenage years**)) I hope this helps and covers some of the stuff I had questions on while going down the same research road. Cheers
  14. Wish you all the best @Cristero and look forward to read your results thread.
  15. Booked in with Pekiner eventually for the end of March. He had this opening and I thought now or never. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advices.
  16. Hello everyone. I have been researching transplants on this site for over 5 years and thought the best are H&W, Rahal and Koniar. However, more and more I am seeing so many results from Eugenix. Honestly at first, I really dismissed them as I never thought I would go get a procedure in India. But after seeing some NW6/7 get completely transformed and the special type of technique the doctors are using there, I just cant ignore them anymore. Does any else have insight about them? Is it just marketing or are they really world class surgeons over there? I actually have a lot of family in India so I could see myself getting a procedure there now but wanted to inquire more. What I am seeing though are some remarkable results, even really great placements and natural hairline designs. In the beginning, it was crazy to me that people were flying all the way from USA to India for them but I am not starting to see why.
  17. @ready4Hair currently the rock stars are Dr. Juan Couto in Madrid that is booked solid until 2024 and Dr. Raymond Konior in Chicago with a 2 year wait list and crazy expensive. Konior colleague at his Chicago clinic - Dr. Nadimi - is also great and charges a lower price 6US/graft. Then you have the rising star Dr. Bruno Ferreira that works with Dr. Lorenzo in Madrid and has his own clinic in Porto (2.5€/graft). Hasson&Wong is still achieving amazing results but they do have techs do part of the surgery (amazing techs but still techs). For mega sessions Eugenix is considered the best choice and Dr. Arika charges 1.8€/graft but it’s not a Doctor only surgery. They are getting amazing results with high norwood patients in just 1 surgery (using beard grafts to add density like Pekiner and HLC). Stay clear from ASMED and any Turkish doctor or clinic other than HLC (2.7€/graft) and Pekiner (2.25€/graft). I tend to always recommend Doctors that do the whole surgery themselves implanting using stick&place or DHI technique and operating on just 1 patient day. Wish you all the best!
  18. Thanks for the comments guys. yesplease, Dr. Hasson estimates an additional 2,000 grafts may have been available with an initial FUT depending on scalp laxity. Doug Kline
  19. Most of the pictures I see on the website and also on here seem to be done by Dr Hasson
  20. Wouldn't you say 1.5mm 3-4x a week is a bit over-doing it? I heard that 1x a week is enough for 1.5mm, and the rest of the week you should use 0.25, or 0.3mm
  21. Do u actually think the forum rep will come in and say “yes, Wong’s weak point is def hairlines but he excels at crown restorations?” As far as I know wong is the pioneer in developing the lateral slit technique himself. If he’s perfected his craft, then he should by definition get the most visually out of the grafts used. But, what do I know? I’m just a random dude on a forum 🙃
  22. Wow looks fantastic, early growth, Bisanga is becoming one of the world’s elite surgeons.
  23. Nobody is the best anymore.. at this point you just gotta get lucky
  24. I think I'm probably going to go with hasson
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