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  2. I'm in my late 30's. Started fin/min ~12 years ago. Had some wicked mental issues (brain fog, etc.) on fin and had to take large gaps off, but I believe I have my doses/frequency figured out for what works for me w/o sides at this point: .25mg fin 4x's/week, 5mg loniten (oral)/daily
  3. From what I've seen, the curls of beard hair never fully goes away and is pretty distinguishable when using a large amount. My chest hair is fairly straight & non-coarse (aligning with my natural scalp hair), which is why it's a more-attractive option from my perspective. That said, I'm def not an expert either, and I'm sure there's more to consider outside of "it looks similar to my scalp hair". Dr.K seems onboard with the approach. Unclear if it's because it's close to my last resort, or if it would still be viable if that weren't the case. I'm aware that I have at least some tr
  4. Please cancel your 1000 graft FUE with Madgelin. They are the ones that got you into this situation and if thats how they left your donor after 1400 grafts how is it going to look when they take another 1000? I REALLY understand how much money is an issue (Im still broke from my repairs last year) but get some more consults and spend some time looking at other options. As youre in the US guys like Bloxham, Cooley, Konior, Shapiro, Gabel are all worth talking to. How much does Magdelin charge btw (if i can ask)?
  5. Yes I think going with less would probably best. That’s probably what the doctor Magdelin was looking at and noticing. As he suggested 1000 more, and mentioned and additional procedure or two after that. HW suggested just FUE. HW mentioned I should expect improvement with next procedure- yet not enough coverage to avoid seeing scalp in bright light. So lower the expectations. I will have to think about what to do. I’m already scheduled for the 26 October to do a smaller 1000. His suggestion is in line with HW in that regard. I think the approach similar too blending an
  6. Dr. Lorenzo was considered the best FUE surgeon in the world when I first started researching hair transplants. I recall he worked with Dr. Farjo in the UK. I have seen some amazing work from Dr. Cuoto, as i'm sure most of you have as well. I haven't seen any patient reviews. I do weigh patient reviews the heaviest.
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  8. How old are you? The loss is minimal, you should probably try medication before using beard hair.
  9. not an expert but chest hair is usually fine and the crown usually requires thicker grafts to get good coverage. so even with a lot of chest hair grafts you might be disappointed. If you could live with the beard hair there (despite the different texture) it might visually be the better approach. But ultimately nobody can really tell what to do because its all going to come down to your donor. What does DrK say? harsh lights are never the best way to analyse a situation but i think i can see your concerns. might be better/easier to stick with toppik or dermatch. @mustang and @BeHapp
  10. After 2 larger (2500-3000 grafts per) transplants resulted in minimal growth with another well-known surgeon, I very smartly went to Dr. Konior. We performed 2 smaller (300-500 grafts) sessions and I got noticeable growth from them, which I'm very pleased with.That said, I'm now at the point where I desire to have another procedure, but I wouldn't feel very comfortable with taking more hair from the sides of my head without feeling over-harvested.My beard hair texture is nothing like that of my scalp, however, my chest hair seems to be a fairly close/closest match.I'm considering doing a 2,000
  11. Great result. The shape and volume of the frontal third have improved immensely. Which areas did the patient have addressed in round two?
  12. Damn he looks young for 60, he still has his crown in tact as well. He's a lucky man, great job Dr. Lindsey.
  13. Wow. WOW. Knocked out of the park!! And only half way there.
  14. Thank Melvin and curious25 for your great feedback. I'd like to say thanks to HRN for helping find a Great Doctor and a amazing team and Advisor
  15. This was always going to be a fantastic result due to your choice of surgeon and for having what I'd consider to be the ultimate hair characteristics to have for a HT. Amazing at 6 months - the next 6 will leave you looking ready for the red carpet.
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  17. Alright lads, time for a proper update. I realized that I was doing this thread a disservice by not posting proper before and after photos. I’m at 8 months and got my first professional haircut. The barber didn’t even notice I had a transplant. Before I post pics I want to reflect a bit... I realized I didn’t have many before photos because I hated seeing my hairline. So most of my photos are with hats on or from my good side. The most noticeable different is the front hairline. It’s like night and day. The confidence boost that comes with this is crazy. It’s worth every penny imo.
  18. Transection rate is nice. I switched due to donor work, ethics, false expectations set by doctor, unresponsive staff and his overall technique. I also talked to other clinics and they say past Diep patients go to them to fix issues or get repair work. The best clinic in the world said this: "His donor work looks like someone just tenderized meat." Ouch.. But I can see the resemblance:
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