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  2. Transplanted Phil, Thanks for your input. Everything you say makes sense. I have reached out to the doctor for the other answers also. Seems like the doctor is fan of PRP and may recommend that. Most data I have seen is inconclusive on PRP benefits? Temple does mean temple points ! I would like to get it done during the same surgery on second day if possible. Lets see if the doctor concurs. Cheers, Sean
  3. Amazing results!!! The hairline looks natural and fan-fucking-tastic! Congrats man!
  4. Any organic virgin coconut oil would do, you don’t need to look for the best of the best. I suppose you can mix it with other oils but personally I wouldn’t as adding more oils might create pimples on your scalp or possibly make it irritated.
  5. Hi I think your hair looks good, yeah, your temples look to have receded a bit but maybe give it a few years before any HT, til 33-34 and see if your hair loss has continued or stabilized, and in the mean time do plenty of research for an appropriate surgeon. Good Luck!
  6. Sorry to tell you, but in my opinion your donor even on back of your head looks to be pretty thin, so taking grafts from even the back to fill in your crown and midscalp with those grafts doesn’t mean they won’t also thin and fall out in a few years time, why waste the money and thin out your donor further. If you want to fill-in your crown and midscalp look into microneedling plus the big 3. My microneedling thread for example:
  7. I think it's at its worst if you have a bare hairline, your head is completely shaved for the operation and the amount of grafts used for your surgery are significant (like over 1000). Given most guys 1st operation would all fit that criteria, must make your first HT pretty tough to cope with.
  8. Ugly duckling sucks massive dick especially if you are transplanting into areas that are bare. Once you shed there remains the lingering redness, shock loss, inability to hide/combover areas, etc. For sure it’s the biggest mindfuck part of a transplant.
  9. 20 months Hair still there, looking ok, some of my orig hair has fallen of so my hair loss hasn't stopped but i am still taking fin, contemplating another small ht. Last pic is with hair fibre.
  10. Hello Mathur, i will to give you my feedback on Dr Doganay and my hair transplant. My experience is that Dr Doganay is a great and honest person and a skilled doctor. He will give you a realistic assessment and answer all of your questions but you need to ask what ever is on your mind and you need to understand your situation and the result that you can get. My result were satisfying and the op fulfilled my expectations but i do not have great hair, it is not perfect. I would need the second op for it to be the way i would be satisfied for the rest of my life. Op with Dr Doganay: cca 2500 grafts, i wanted more, he said enough, all transplanted hair is still there but some of my original hair has fallen off, lowered my hair line, filled my frontal and mid part with hair, looks good but not enough density to stile the hair without microfibre, with micro fibre great, with a 1000-1500 grafts it would be great but all in all for my first real HT results are very good. Meds: not using anything but 1/4 of proscar (fin), minox no way (itchy and scratchy show, dandruf etc), nanogen hair serum is great but you need to use it constantly and for a long time so i stopped
  11. Hey a couple of questions: 1) Does using Toppik have any affect on the result of the transplant? 2) Do you have any idea about what percentage of people do not shed after the transplant? and is the output better if you shed? Thanks.
  12. Very minor work indeed. But you have lots of hair in a zone you want work in. imo too risky and can cause permanent shockloss depending in density planted in that zone. May be worthwhile to get an opinion from H&W. They are good at natural looking hairlines and seem to offer true lateral slit
  13. Hi Folks, It took me long to post this similar to what it took me to decide for going for my HT 😊 Well in order for me to take you through my journey allow me to explicate it in phases……. About me: Indian by Nationality, currently 34 years of age, an individual highly cautious for his health and overall wellbeing. Hard working and quite disciplined in maintaining a decent lifestyle. Somewhat introvert in nature though can’t say completely. My Hair-loss story: I had thick dense curly hairs since my childhood. The bad phase of my hairs started when the good phase of my career started. I came to Dubai at the age of 24 post completion of my education MBA (Marketing). I got recruited in a MNC and was eager to achieve a lot. And like they say that all things come with a price tag, may be my precious hairs were the price of my professional achievements. It was around 3-4 years down the line since I started to realize that something is not going well with my hairs as I started noticing a lot of hairfall. As I told you I am very health cautious, I immediately tried to research/apply all possible ways and means to combat this hairfall, from hair oils to herbs, to supplements, to yoga, to fruits/ healthy diet, from homeopathy to allopathy to Ayurveda, what and what not…… You name it and I might have done it all to preserve my hairs. BUT……All in despair. Nothing seemed to have been affecting much. It was getting worse day by day and I had started to use hair fibers in order to conceal my agony. It had been 10 years since I was continuously battling and that was when I regained all my strength and decided that it’s time for me to get a HT done. My Hair Transplant story: Post making up my mind for HT, the most difficult step was to finalize a doctor/surgeon. Pause here…..when I say a doctor, I don’t just mean a doctor……I needed someone as good as the creator himself. My expectations were really sky high when it came to choosing someone for rectification of my devastated felicity, MY PRECIOUS HAIRS……. It seemed almost impossible to satisfy my expectation but I was determined….I visited numerous clinics, met multiple doctors/surgeons, continued with my routine online investigations and also got inclined towards couple of doctors though not fully satisfied. Then I remembered and approached one of my cousins whom I consider an encyclopedia. I reached out to him for assistance in my search. It took him few weeks before he could get back to me with certain recommendations. The final decision was obviously mine and I started conversing with the finalized ones. It was no later than my first conversation with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, I was convinced that HE IS THE ONE……..He saw my pics and gave me an estimation of 3000 grafts (approx.). It was not the number of grafts which would have mattered to me nor the financial aspect. I could sense his expertise in his approach. We hardly had a couple of calls and exchange of may be couple of mails and I decided to get my HT done from him. Journey to Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic: 12th Jan 2018 was when I got my HT done from Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. It was around 2-3am when I reached Chandigarh on the same day and around 8am I was with Dr. Bhatti for my procedure. We just had a small chat discussing my hairline, temples and we were through. It took around 7 hours for the overall procedure. Dr. Bhatti did the most of the procedure himself. Upon completion of the procedure I was given Post Op care instructions and next day I went for my dressing which again was done by Dr. Bhatti himself. That was it and I was free. There was not a single moment of pain and discomfort. Dr. Bhatti and his team took extreme care overall. It was merely a span of 2 days and I would have never imagined that these 2 days are going to be the life changing ones for me. As a standard HT procedure, it took around 5-6 months since the transplanted hairs flourished exceeding my expectations. I no more had to use any fibers, no more had to be worried about hiding my pathetic hair condition. It was all natural. Dr. Bhatti had infused new life to my hairs and scalp. Till date all the people who know about my HT keep complimenting me every now and then. They all admire my current hair looks. W.r.t. the people who don’t know about my HT, they can’t even make out that I have done any treatment. It’s so natural that nobody can even guess it in their wildest dreams. You may refer pics and evaluate on your own. SUMMARY – Words such as skilled, adept, experienced, apt, professional can be considered a synonym for Dr. TEJINDER BHATTI. He is a master of his game. A profound HT surgeon who has the ability to furnish outstanding results. The entire team at Darling Buds clinic is extremely friendly, co-operative and caring. Though I don’t remember all the names but Shalini and Puneet are 2 individuals out of the team with whom I have already developed a bonding. Dr. Bhatti and team manage even the minutest thing from the inception till cessation with extreme care. The overall atmosphere of the clinic is completely apt. The results produced by Dr. Bhatti are prolific and he can truly be regarded as a man with magical hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Tejinder Bhatti and DARLING BUDS as “One Stop Destination” for all individuals who are highly caring about the health of their hairs. P.S. – The above is not at all an endorsement but the true narration of my self-experience with Dr. Tejinder Bhatti.
  14. Hi , been thinking about getting a ht for my hairline for a while. Wanted to know what the more experienced members on the forum think. Should I get one? Can I come out of a ht worse then I alrdy am? I'm 30 yrs old, my hairline has basically been the same since I can remember, and I really do not like my hairline, but I'm wondering about the risk reward of a HT at this point, I don't want to rush it. main concern is losing some native hair and gaining a thiner hair overall. Is it worth it? What would u do?
  15. The only way you will have a thick crown is to get a hair system. Even then, it could be difficult to match the sides to a thick top. Your best bet would probably be to reset expectations, enjoy what you have, or shave your head.
  16. Assuming I don't have DUPA, and given both the density of the donor and recipient areas, what would be a rough number of FUE grafts to start with? I can't donate from the sides of my head unfortunately. Also, there is a lot of unwanted hair at the base of the back of the head (occipital area?). Can this hair be extracted or is it considered too thin? Thanks.
  17. 9 Month Update: Hey Fellas. So tomorrow is the 9 month mark since the two day FUE procedure back in December. As you can see below, difference is night and day. In response to some requests above I’ve taken several pictures in harsh lighting with wet hair straight out of the shower to really give you an unaided view. First pic is pre-op. Photos numbered 1-8 were taken this morning under very harsh bathroom lights, with both wet and dry hair. Photos numbered 9-11 were taken in more realistic natural lighting. The only thing I’ve really noticed is that hair in my hands when shampooing is shedding at a pretty consistent rate. I think most of it is from the non-transplanted areas, but I have to wonder if I was responding better to the pill form of finestride than I am the topical. I’ve been on the topical form of finestride now for about two months, which corresponds with when the level of shedding increased. I may return to the pill after I’m done with this round of the topical. The transplanted hair consistency remains a bit curly, frizzy, and kinked, but as it gets longer it’s starting to lie better. I shampoo and condition it daily with a biotin-vitamin blend, which I think is still helping. I’m looking forward to the hair getting longer because it will require less product than I’m currently using to keep it styled. I can’t imagine the styling gunk helps the hair health, but without it right now the hair just gets to frizzy. I find it doesn’t get naturally oily like it used to if I don’t shampoo for several days. The hair just seems drier. Although as the hair gets longer it will naturally appear more thin, so there’s the trade off I guess. All in all though, I’m still super pleased with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers.
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