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  2. Thanks man! I received 3200 grafts with the DHI technique!
  3. Brief background. 26 years old. Hair receded deeply between 15-16. High school teachers said I'd be bald before 20. Thinning didn't start until late 21 or 22. Been on Finasteride for 15 months without stoppage. Started finasteride, minoxidil, ketoconazole, and RU58841 in April of 2019. Here are the results https://i.imgur.com/as1LtvO.png (before, 1-4 months) https://i.ibb.co/RC6Q0V2/AF23-CD27-3294-4473-B77-F-67-E4-F0-E8-C851.jpg (shortly before ending all topicals, around 6 month mark, no top shot unfortunately) Stopped taking RU out of safety concerns, and decided to also stop Minoxidil due to it being so inconvenient. Oil 2x a day on your hair that takes 4 hours to dry and 8 hours for full absorption just isn't practicable or sustainable for a life long treatment. Well, that was a mistake, lost all gains as seen here in Jan 2020. https://i.imgur.com/hn2nPX0.jpg Got back on Minoxidil again and lasted until May. Ran out and was stuck overseas due to COVID travel restrictions, couldn't access more. Now everything is starting to fall out again just like before. From my understanding, this is all temporary, just losing the minoxdil gains and experiencing telogen effluvium. I was planning on getting back on as soon as possible, which is now, but I'm having double thoughts. Should I let every thing fall out, normalize without minoxidil, see what the finasteride alone has been able to keep/regrow, and then get a transplant? Before all this, I wasn't mentally ok with a transplant but I've overcome those mental obstacles. Still, applying minoxidil for life sounds very unappealing.
  4. @MichaelD thanks for your comment! Yeah I realise it’s only early days. It’s hard to not go over results with a microscope when you’re so excited for the final result! Trying to remind myself I still have 7+ months growing to go! Appreciate your reassurance!
  5. wow I am back here after 9 years ! but still no hair transplant done.. I am wondering why Rahal does'nt do dense packing anymore and why should it be difficult to meet in person with such a big investement.. Does Rahal takes patient since Covid 19 ? I read some where here that he does'nt dense pack 70 grafts per cm anymore I think the max he does his 55per cm
  6. He is one of the best for a reason. 100% worth it.
  7. Kudos for not going to Turkey, now don't limit yourself to just New York. Research top docs nationwide (and Canada) and consult with a handful of them. With your level of loss, you'll more than likely need multiple HT's to get where you want to be. One and done would be nice, believe me I get it, but it's just not realistic.
  8. What are his per graft prices or is it a package deal?
  9. Month 8 update Still a big gap in the front hairline which makes the forehead look big! Also no sign of improvement on the temples where hair was added which again was meant to be brought forward but it doesnt look like enough hairs were added or they havent grown as well. Scalp is improving...
  10. Okay and even thought you lose 10 - 30 strands does your hair feel and look the same? Should I be concerned about finding thin strands of hair in diameter? Also finally what do you guys think about my sides. Do they look thinner or okay? I'm a 31 year old Asian guy with usually thick strands of coarse hair. Current pictures of sides https://imgur.com/a/Ik1JNGD Older pictures of sides https://imgur.com/a/CsCdIwE
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  12. Your hair is coming along nicely. Don't get caught up with hair greed. I understand that you want to have a "perfect" set of hair BUT i strongly belive that 99% of the public wouldn't be able to tell if you had a HT, unless you gave them a microscope and told them. Relax, it's 5mo. You still have a ways to go dude. Thanks for keeping everyone updated tho.
  13. Excellent Doctor . Very ethical. The wait time is a few years if I'm not mistaken. Paddy
  14. The beard grafts are dryier than regular scalp hair. I use avocado oil on the hair and it works wonders. Over time the beard hair is becoming more and more like scalp hair. Paddy
  15. Yes. I had surgery with him with (and did so with only sending online pics). Never regretted it. I also had a visual impairment at the time of my 1st surgery and the fact he and his staff literally took care of everything speaks volumes. Feel free to PM me if you have questions
  16. Thanks! So, to answer your first question, the changes resulting from the procedure have made me feel a lot less insecure about my looks. I was a relatively late bloomer as a kid and thus didn't have a lot of time in my "prime," so to speak... so when I realized I was balding at 21 years old, I was pretty devastated and thought about it almost every day for years. I resented having my good looks, only recently obtained, suddenly stripped away from me again so abruptly. Every time I'd see myself in the bathroom mirror, or in a photo from vacation or with friends, the appearance of my hair would almost always cross my mind. With respect to dating, it's difficult to say because I met my girlfriend (whom I'm still dating) a couple of years before my procedure. During the period when I was still dating regularly (up until late 2015), the appearance of the hair hadn't degraded enough to really hurt my chances (it only started getting really bad in 2017). I haven't really asked for opinions from unbiased female sources since the surgery. That said, I know with certainty that I look better. My friends (who are mostly dudes) and my girlfriend have all commented on the improvement, as has my family. To be honest, most people don't make unsolicited comments about this kind of thing; most of them only said something when I asked them for their thoughts.
  17. results look very good. how short did you cut your sides and back? did you notice any areas of thinness in your donor?
  18. You’re welcome! And yes, you’re correct, plenty of time ahead for improvement progress. I can understand a conservative approach as it does sound reasonable, that said, I would still suggest going with a different clinic in the future if possible. Continued luck to you!
  19. great writeup. Can you please explain how the transplant has changed your life? Has it helped with the opposite sex? You obviously have more confidence as you describe.
  20. Since I live in NYC I decided to do the surgery here in the tri state area. I am going to be 34 in October and finally over the last 2-3 months its getting worse and worse up top to the point where even combing it over to the side isnt helping alot. Since there's only so much donor hair available to me I decided to not risk Turkey as I dont know what I will get and dont want to risk not having donor area If I am unhappy with the result. I had Neograft in 2013 for my hairline which was starting to widow's peak and used about 1,300 grafts to make it straight. Now I will likely need about 4,500 grafts. Does anyone in the tri-state area do mega sessions? I would rather get it over with in one shot instead of 2 surgeries. Here are 2 photos, one from a few months ago and one now.
  21. I shampoo my hair almost daily and sometimes see 10-30 hairs shed when I do...i just assume is seasonal shedding or cyclical shedding. I agree with what both @LaserCap & @pkipling commented as well.
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