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  2. May be I'm wrong but in picture no.7 it seems that the direction of the implants is not in the right angle and there are several multis in the hairline. Hope this is only my faulty impression... Wish you all the best and a good result!
  3. Thank you for your report! Was this split into two day sessions? DO you have pics of the donor directly after the surgery? Happy growing!
  4. Wow, another 3100 grafts. I wish you all the best. You are on a long and bumpy road and most of us can feel with you. Please apologise for my following questions: Did you insist of unshaven recipient in the first surgery? What about this time? Why did you go all-in this time (instead of having subsequent small surgeries)? Was this your wish or the clinics recommendation? Is the any explanation of the clinic why they believe the yield of FUE is better than FUT (which typically puts less stress to the grafts)? What was your internal score for graft quality etc.?
  5. Hello Everyone! I had a Hair Transplantation in Hair Istanbul Clinic in the end of September, I used this forum for gathering information and making my decision so I'll post my progress here. Last result is only 4 months. Although most people learn from this clinical colleagues I meet a lot of admiring the publication said that American surgeon working in Turkey. My stay in the clinic was very pleasant. There are already a number of very detailed posts here about the procedure at Hairstanbul. Also, everyone at the clinic seemed very busy. Dr. Caymaz opened my hair channels one by one using both hands. Why did I choose Hair Istanbul Clinic and Dr. Erkam CAYMAZ? I did a lot of clinical research. In most of them, either the doctor did not perform the operation or the people they said were not doctors / surgeons. Most famous companies are in Istanbul in that way. In addition, a surgeon can perform a maximum of 2 operations in 1 day, and no more. Most clinics perform 10-35 operations a day, which is not possible for a real doctor to deal with such patients. Dr.Cinik or Dr.Acar I researched them all the same way. That's why I preferred Dr. Caymaz. He is interested and opened all my channels one by one with Safir Fue Technique. (I shared too this article some pages for information.) Their website is: Hairstanbul.com My details: American, 33 years old. My hairline started receding when I was 22 Total donor capacity estimated by Caymaz was 8500 grafts. My HT involved 5450 grafts.
  6. Thank you very much. I had about 3.100 grafts. I will post pics asap
  7. How many grafts did you have the second time? post some pics, hopefully you see improvement in the next few months, good luck
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  9. Hi to everyone. I am 6,5 months post up an I have noticed some growth, but not as much as I expected. I will let you know in detail in about 1-1,5 month.
  10. Just an update with some Minox in the hair and maybe a hat head, was wearing a baseball cap for some reason. Probably force of habit. I have a photo in this thread from November. where the top looks much thicker on the left side. Maybe a trick of the camera? I think maybe my crown went backward a little bit, =/ FOR ANYONE VIEWING THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WHOLE THREAD IS DEDICATED TO ME GROWING MY HAIR BACK W/O THE USE OF A TRANSPLANT. I need a hair cut desperately been 2 months.
  11. Is there anywhere I can read about gatsu first 2 surgerys at Dr. Keser. sorry im new in here and dont Seem to know how to find it. /mikael
  12. I quoted the research. If you google metformin hair loss pubmed autophagy you will find several sere aches. Anyway, the statement that autophagy increases hair growth makes senso if you only consider that autophagy id the key for a young skin.
  13. Regardless then - top notch result for sure. For such a small area - it's a one & done.
  14. There is not one post. There are loads of them. Just google it.
  15. there is nothing to fear but fear itself - pain is less than going to dentist's office for a general cleaning! and the drugs you get before procedure starts literally knocks you out - I was asleep probably 3/4 of the time. you're taking a leap of faith, but if you select a reputable surgeon, the entire staff will be making sure you're comfortable throughout the procedure
  16. Looks great considering the amount of hairline that was raised. Near the temples it's probably more than an inch. Impressive stuff! @Swill How many months did it take for the marks to fade from the removed hairline? FUE scars always remain at the donor area, so surprised they fade away at the hairline!
  17. love how he kept the restoration within your native, natural hairline - looks amazing.
  18. most docs or clinics don't even bother removing old grafts, instead they accept where that old hairline begins and transplant in front and behind it, whether the hairline is odd or too low, which seems insane to me, so seeing Dr. Feriduni take the time to actually "repair" and properly restore your hairline - which is the most important part of the transplant, says alot about his ethics and skills! thanks for responding
  19. It is very easy, trust us, many of us are saying the same thing
  20. Resveratrol, NMN, metformin, even rapamycin. There are a number of potential targets in terms of slowing aging. Their relationship, if any, to hair loss has not been studied to any degree that I know about. On which subreddit did you see that post?
  21. @Jijypuru because Dr. Bruno splits his time between Dr. Lorenzo clinic in Madrid and Porto he does not have his own clinic. According to my friend Goncalo that was at his Porto clinic last monday, he has his own operating room at a plastic surgery clinic with all the new gadgets (he’s behind you checking your scalp with a microscope and you can see your grafts on a big screen in front of you). I would prefer a private clinic but for that you need to go to see Dr. Bruno at Dr. Lorenzo’s clinic in Madrid and pay double (5€/graft) or go to Pekiner like I did. HLC has patients posting great results but they have 6 doctors and you don’t know who will be operating you. i rather know who the Doctor is so I can check the results he is achieving. It’s the only reason why I didn’t mention HLC.
  22. Looks great! Arocha is good. I'm currently 18 months out , so I'm complete. Still want more density and need my crown filled in. Yes, greedy for sure :)
  23. @Abhinay Singh the huge transformation and really impressive improvement is clear to see. Congratulations to you, you are only at 2 months , you have a lot to look forward to for the months ahead. Well done. ........Paddy.....
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