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  2. For those big hair fiber users out there, my surgeon mentioned that if using them, especially during the first year of regrowth, be sure to wash them out nightly. They’re so fine that they clog pores and can actually inhibit growth. Probably cause other issues as well if not washed out regularly. I was a huge user of Toppik and colored sprays (hence the screen name) prior to my HT. With 20 minutes of prep time I could do a great job concealing, but always felt the more I used the more I lost. Especially with the sprays. Maybe it was all in my head, but now I’m just being cautious going forward, and if I use anything I will be shampooing it out soon after.
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  4. Looks really good with the haircut @CosmoKramer! Have you (or has anyone for that matter) found a good conditioner that really helps take some of the awkward kink out of the newly growing hair?
  5. Thanks @flyinghotnow Planning dates was a big part of the process for me and would recommend it to other guys as well. I knew I’d want as much time as possible before going back to the office, so purposely scheduled the HT just before Christmas knowing id just lay low during the holidays and that I’d have about 15 days before returning to work. Then with it being winter I could wear a ski cap the other 90% of the time and no one would think twice. Now with summer approaching I just look like I got a “really short cut for summer” and will continue to let it grow over the next few months. @Lennney I’m a big believer in keeping the whole head really short during the first several months of recovery. I first saw @Arminius take that approach and it never looked like he was “recovering” from anything, just a guy with really short hair that was slowly getting longer uniformly. It made sense and I’m glad I took that approach. People just assumed I shaved my head on a whim and now that it’s filling in they’re none the wiser and are just like “Ah, I see you’re over the shaved head look.” And I’m like, “yup.” Of course every guy has to decide what works for him, but for those trying to figure out how to navigate the ugly duckling phase, that would definitely be my advice.
  6. Recession and Cosmo, Thank you for the kind words. That was absolutely the strategy here: natural, conservative, and a smart use of grafts to achieve a satisfying result in the "long term."
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  8. Hi elicochin, why did you choose FUE instead of FUT? Are you trying to maintain your current buzz style?
  9. Wow...mine would’ve been under $2,000 USD. I got 2700 grafts for around $12,000 USD. After seeing your result, that’s insane. Not sure I could do the travel to Turkey from the states though
  10. Agree with this. Looking at the OP's pre-op pics, the crown is obviously balding but not slick bald and I think the remaining hair will continue to go without medication. If you are not using medication, I think you are probably better off letting the rest of the hair in the crown go and then look to address it when it stabilises. You don't really want to be playing 'catch up' in the crown as in my experience hair loss there can quickly accelerate and that balding can turn into a slick bald spot in no time at all. If you were to go ahead addressing the crown now, yes in the short term it may look good but once the rest of that native hair falls out there, you'll be back to square one so probably better to let it somewhat stabilise first.
  11. Years of research, Dr. Ciniks pricing is still pretty much the same as it was 18 months ago. I highly recommend him, based on my personal experience. I'll keep you all posted on my buddy who had his crown and slight touch up on his hairline done 4 months ago.
  12. Haircut looks good and the progress is miles better than what you started. For what it's worth, I think your crown looks fine with the current situation. If it were me, I would wait for the second crown HT for at least a few years. Your crown will continue to thin, so why not do it when you know what is necessary? Again, I think your crown looks fine, and unless you're short or have multiple people walk to your desk from behind, no one will notice your crown anyway. I think you're also in the target audience for topik and other concealers. You have lots of hair surrounding the crown, you have some native hairs in the crown, and you have a hairstyle that supports it. Something to think about. I know you didn't say when you're looking for the HT, but I hope you at least try waiting and enjoying the change this HT has brought.
  13. Let Rahal design most of it. That is what you are paying him for.
  14. This is not a problem. This would be true if you had a terrible case with a butcher and needed a repair. But if you had a quality procedure, do not sweat it.
  15. I narrowed down my options to those two and would like your input. I'd rather focus on the quality of the results and not the financial aspect. Thanks!
  16. 3500 grafts for 2000 euros?! If I’m reading that right, how is that possible lol
  17. Hi everyone I have had two hair transplants, and it has really been good. It changed a lot in my "hair self confidence". Though the two transplants have been quite succesful, there are some thing I would like to improve. My first transplant was 1500 and the second 2400 grafts. Growth was great on the first, whereas the second was all right, but not impressive. The midsection of my head is thinning, so in a year or two it will probably be visible. I think I have grafts enough in my donor area. It will probably be something like 1000-1500 grafts needed. The hair line and the crown needs some more grafts. Probably just a few hundred in front and a little more on the crown. So a total of 2000 grafts is what I expect based on my prior experience. I am 51 years old, so it will probably be my last hair transplant. But I have read somewhere, that grafts doesn't survive as often, when they are transplanted into areas, where there previously has been transplanted hair. Something with scar tissue or so. Is it so? And if so: how big is the effect?
  18. Mystery solved. I have a new sofa made from a black velet material just rubbed my hands on it to confirm🙈😂
  19. Thank you! My incisions were done by Dr. Cinik. Thanks for the support man
  20. In 2012 I had 5,125 grafts transplanted in a lengthy 2.5 day session(s). My crown was covered then and worked out quite well. The crown is typically the most difficult area to cover. I had a 2,000 graft touch-up procedure done a couple years later but none of those grafts were placed in the crown area. Take a look back through the archives of my website (listed below) and you will see lots of pictures including many crown shots. If I had done a third surgery it most likely would include the crown area. Mine looks good now and I'm happy with it and don't plan to add to it down the road.
  21. Hi I'm looking to find a doctor/dermatologist in California for PRP scalp procedure. So far have only found prices between $1200-$2000 per procedure. Anyone recommend any California referrals & prices please? Also if you have had PRP would love to hear about your experience & advice? Thank you so much!!!!
  22. Hi guys, I know I didn't post my 8 month progress pics. I was very busy the past few weeks. It'll be 9 months at the end of this month and this time I decided to post pictures of my hair before/after my latest haircut (2 days ago). Before/after haircut Updates For my haircut, this time I decided to go as short as 1.5 on the back and sides. I kinda like it, I don't think I would ever go shorter than that. I feel like the crown area is getting more and more covered BUT I am seriously considering a 2nd HT now. Yes, I would go back to this clinic for my 2nd HT. I don't have any issues with my head. No dandruff, no pain, sensitivity and feeling is back to normal (top of head used to still feel numb from the local anesthetics) Still taking my vitamins every morning, going to the gym regularly, going out with friends, drinking, no issues at all. I'd love to hear your thoughts about doing a 2nd HT to finish covering the top/crown.
  23. Not sure. Do you have new bath towels? Look like it is not from your body.
  24. Nice👍🏼 Will you be posting your progress here?
  25. Get off your high horse. The guy posted one picture which shows an extremely bizarre result. If I was in that position I would want people telling me so I could immediately discuss with the doctor or post more pictures. This isn’t a therapy website, people need to be more blunt sometimes. And bizarre was me being nice.
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