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  2. Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient. The negligence might be the result of errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare or health management. Saying this is your 2nd 'bad' surgery makes anything you say after that questionable.
  3. I am a big believer in Dr. Cinik work as in fact I booked a surgery with him on 22 August and have been waiting for the right time and right surgeon since my hairline repair with Dr. Rahal back on August 2011. I am quite disappointed that Cinik wasn't recommended here. In my opinion and experience in Turkey HT industry, he is way better than Dr. Resul Yaman in terms of reputation and documented results. I think voting should be in poll basis and not only in some few comments from members with agendas. His results speaks louder that words and his technician team is not part time basis like other clinics. Its just some members are freaked from some doctors who do not charge per graft. Anyways I will posting my results in monthly basis soon. God bless you and best wishes in your future Hair Transplant surgery.
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  5. Yeah, that’s good advice, I only shampoo my hair after I’ve had the oils (coconut or emu) in my hair overnight and the rest days I’ll just wash my scalp with cold water then a few sprays of saline spray to add chemical free moisture.
  6. Now you got me thinking of the basic advice of: don't wash your hair every time you shower. I was reminded of this by a BF of a friend. He said he stopped washing his hair (sometimes twice) daily, and more weekly. He said it took a few months, but his hair quality improved. Maybe minox does too much stripping of oils. All the people I've met who had amazing hair told me they didn't wash their hair more than 3 times a week.
  7. Sure, I would say around the 7th to 9th month I noticed the new hairs looked better and less wirey...and I think it’s not fully there yet for me, so I’m hoping for normalcy here on out. Obviously applying minoxidil and other things might make the hair look more coarse.
  8. Quick question: approximately how long after HT did your hair stop having the curl/ rigidity and start to behave like your other hairs? I'm curious as to when my hair will stop acting like a hair brush, and more like the softer existing hair.
  9. Recently found an old photo...so here’s what my hair looked like 10 years ago 😫🤣 Much much better now...Mission accomplished i’d say.
  10. Thanks JJ, top is around 1.5 inches long and sides are half an inch long from top sides faded down to a 0 at the base.
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  12. This latest look is great! Keep it. Dont grow it longer, transplanted hair tends to look so "coarse" when not so dense.
  13. A couple better photos post gym and shower today with most of the dandruff flakes combed out for a better look at progress, and I’ve definitely improved in my mid scalp and crown and the corners of my temples very likely due to my microneedling/minoxidil routine IMHO, as if I had my hair this short 2-3 months ago it definitely would have looked more sparse.
  14. Thanks man! Your progress is mind blowing really happy for you and thanks for the tips! Yeah, I’ve been consistent with it, I’ve been using the pen not-so-gently at 1.5-2mm once a week on same night and every 3rd night I gently microneedle at 1mm and use Minoxidil foam about half and hour to an hour after, no issues with sides and I have a good tolerance for the needles. Do you recommend me not using minoxidil a little after the microneedling session if I’m not experiencing any side effects? ...is there a reason to wait 24-hours to apply minoxidil other than sides? I totally agree with you, a good diet is important. Daily, I’m taking muti vitamin gummies/(2) MSM 1,000mg/(2) fast dissolve Biotin tabs 5,000mcg/(2)Vitamin D3 5,000 iu/(3-4) Nettle Root capsules 250mg/Collagen peptide powder in my iced coffees or smoothies for the extra collagen & amino acids/I try and get 1g of protein per pound of body weight a day/work out 4-5 days a week. Oh and the Kirkland brand Minoxidil 5% foam 1x a night/Nizoral 1% once every few days, Biotin shampoo & conditioner, emu oil 2-3 nights a week an hour after minoxidil foam. It seems like a lot to keep up but I like a good healthy routine.
  15. Lots goes into this. When you say bad surgery, what exactly are you referring to? The transplant looks like a transplant? Are there really thick hairs on the hairline? How long ago? I gather from the first paragraph you then visited with others, they agreed the previous work was horrible and offered to make it more natural? What happened in that procedure. Was it successful? Did they make it look better? Are you upset with this outfit as well? How many grafts did you do each time? And of those, how many were OK and how many were not OK? Estimate and provide a percentage of success and failure. How many incisions did they make 1.2.3? Have you spoken with the doctor about these concerns? How about the staff? Who did the apertures? Provide a photo and point to the hairs you feel were the result of what you're claiming. I'll have a better idea once you submit your responses.
  16. How risky? No risk at all....But, When you say 20's, exactly how old? Big difference between 20 and 29. And, when exactly did you start the medication? In other words, how long have you been on it? 6 months? A year? Not sure what you mean by stabilized. It is typical of patients to say they're not losing hair anymore. (They are referring to no visual change). This, unfortunately, is incorrect. Hair you can see, (shedding), is normal. The follicle gets tired of producing hair and it takes a vacation. Eventually it will start producing hair. This will happen without or with the use of Propecia. Mind you, you will not shed all the hair at one time, some today, some tomorrow, and this will happen daily. Most think 100 hair a day is normal. The hair you don't see....that's hair loss. So, when you go visit your favorite doctor, have him scope your scalp. You'll notice a variance in the shaft size of all the hairs you see. Some thick, some thinner, and some that are so thin, they seem to be withering away. The hair eventually dissipates and disappears. That's hair loss. So, if you think you've stabilized because you look relatively the same as you always did, OK, perhaps...but I would not bank on it. Do the scoping and repeat 3 months later. If the photos are similar, or you see enhancement of the hair....then I would say it's OK-Understanding you now have to stay on the medication indefinitely. Lastly, how mature are you? Be honest. This is not a game and you are playing with fire, particularly when you consider donor limitations and the fact that there is typically not enough hair in the area to allow for a full set of hair when dealing with an advanced pattern. What area(s) are you considering transplanting?
  17. I guess I was so lucky. Never had any pain passed 3rd day. First 3 days weren't really a pain, more like sore.
  18. It's always about results......Transplants sure helped him. PRP and laser combination - great combo. He must be thrilled. Great job.
  19. This patient came to Dr. Arocha for 2000 FUE procedure and a PRP treatment. The patient went home with a LaserCap Pro 300. These after pictures are four months post-FUE and combined PRP and LaserCap Pro treatment. As you can see, the PRP and LaserCap treatment seems to be reversing the crown thinning. Dr. Arocha did not place any grafts in the crown. We look forward to updating you as this patient comes in for his follow up visits. Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  20. I remember clearly when Armani was suing this site. It was awful. His FUT results were really good as I remember but FUE were all hit or miss.
  21. Imo there is still some risk. Your final pattern or rate of hair loss likely isn’t fully obvious yet. I’ve been on fin since about 20-21 and I’m turning 34 soon. Over that time I’ve even added minox and other treatments but still have lost ground over the years. My advice if you decide to get surgery: 1. Plan to stay on treatments long term 2. Go to a reputable doctor that has your best long term interests in mind 3. Try to go a bit conservative (you can always add more down the line) 4. Plan to do more hair transplants down the line as hair loss is usually progressive if you’re nw3 or below id suggest finding good styling options and trying to wait out til at least mid 20s/late 20s. All my opinion of course
  22. Thanks to everyone for the comments. I actually wanted to go as low and flat as possible. I wanted to go lower originally, but this is where the dr and I were both happy.
  23. How risky is it to have a hair transplant in you early 20's if you've stabilized on finasteride?
  24. Yeah their fue has been looking great. Apparently they sent their techs a few years back to train under erdogans. Dr Wong seems to attend many of the fue conferences worldwide so he seems to be trying to advance in the field. They started by using manual punches like asmed but have since moved on to the waw system as that’s what hasson explained to me during my consult. According to JTs new vid they are now also using implanters to place grafts into premade incisions
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