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FUT with Dr. Glenn Charles



Just had strip surgery with Dr. Charles in Boca Raton 2 days ago. The expierence was so easy my only wish is that I had done it a lot sooner. Dr. Charles was very friendly, easy to talk to and very upfront with my options. Ended up getting 2,573 grafts done. We had agreed on 2,500 but I eneded up with 73 more for free. The surgery itself was completely painless. I wouldn't even quantify it as a surgery. I've had teeth cleaning sessions that were more painful. Just a few pinches when they admnintered the local anestatic at the very beginging and then I didnt feel a thing for the rest of the procedure. In fact the only discomfort I've had was later that night and with one pain pill I slept like a baby and woke up with zero pain in the morning. Now the waiting game begins. Just a few months till I start to see results. Don't hesitate boys, pull the trigger, change your life. It's so easy and Dr. Charles abd his staff make it a fun time. We were cracking jokes the whole day. Best of luck to you all and if you are still looking for a Doctor, Dr. Charles is worth your consideration. Great price and even better service.


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