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Repair work Dr Lorenzo. 2700 grafts FUE




5 years ago I had a FUT procedure in Pakistan with Dr Humanyu. He left me with a huge scar across the back of my head which went from ear to ear and was at least 1cm wide. The transplant was awful and there was no after service nor did I get a good result. Seems like Dr Humanyu was just interested in money and had no ethics whatsoever. I made a mistake by having a hair transplant at the age of 22 as I had a receding hairline.

Anyway 5 years on and I decided to do something about this. I visited Farjo clinic in Manchester to find out what my options are. I was advised to wait another 5 years before Dr Farjo would operate on me. But again, I was not happy with this. I advised Mick that I could not shave my head as I had a huge scar at the back of my head and nor could I go out without a baseball cap due to my hair loss. Mick then advised me to see Dr Lorenzo and arranged for me to have a consultation with him within a week as he was visiting Manchester that same weekend. I was advised that he is the best in the world for FUE.

Dr Lorenzo saw my hair and advised me I would require 2 procedures. 2500 grafts at the front of the head to make my hair look natural again and 2500 in the crown with some going into my scar to cover it up. I was eager to have my procedure started sooner rather than later as I am starting work in September. Dr Lorenzo is relatively expensive but I did not wish to risk going to another "cowboy doctor" and ruin my doner area. So I felt this is my last chance to do something about my hair. I did not wish to look back in 10 years and wish I had spent that extra money on a good doctor so I decided to go with Dr Lorenzo.

In my first procedure I had 2700 grafts. approximately 330 in my scar and the rest in the front area of the head. It has now been two weeks since I had my procedure with Dr Lorenzo and I am hoping for some good results this time around. I will upload some pictures of my hair before the procedure. I have been taking pictures every couple of days since I have had my transplant this time around. So I will be able to give a good detailed review at every stage I am going through.


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any advise on how to aid my transplants and have a high success rate would be appreciated. It has been 14 days and I have not wore a baseball hat. But from tomorrow I will be wearing one which will be loose over my head. I have also started using Biotin 150 a day. I have not touched my head although it is very itchy only when I was it. I have been using saline solution which was given to me by Dr Lorenzo. I have not used a shower head over my head yet instead I have been pouring water from a jug onto my head.   

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