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FUE 1800 grafts




Hello Everyone in this hairrestoration network.

First of all let me thank all the people out there who have been posting heir experiences right from losing their hair to countering it with many different approaches.

However I cannot thank enough to this website which gave confidence to my decision of going for a hair transplant which I have been planing for 4 years now and today when i am writing my Hair transplant experience I am on Day 3 post op FUE with 1800 grafts.

The hair loss problem was affecting my inner self for quite long now and I wanted to deal with it strictly. I have been losing hair since I was 20 years old lost most of my temple areas of the head but had thick hair enough to cover those areas with a decent hair style.

Most doctors say that hair loss have many different contributing factors but in my case I would be specific what accelerated mine.I would be specific to my case because each individual has different nationality, lifestyle family background, personality traits bla bla bla.

My hairloss suffered the most when I was about 24 years old in London doing my MBA there and water had a devastating affect on me. I lost all my thickness in the head which made my hairline vulnerable to weird gazes when air used to fly through them :) Imenion this to convey that water quality does have an effect no matter what medical professionals have to say as I have to talk my gut feeling.

After a receding hairline none of the oils saved me but let me say I strictly applied a hair gain lotion available in the market which controlled the progression of losing hair for quite sometime but in vain.

Then I researched more into other techniques to combat my hair loss by this time you can say Iwas like kinda declared war on hair loss. Then I got to know that Hair transplants have evolved as a good approach towards a permanent solution but solely depending on the skill and reputation of the doctors performing it.

Then I researched some doctors my from my city who were approved on this website who also had been certified by American society of hair restoration. Even now I was not sure of this idea beause I was scared as it was my head wih which i was trying to experiment with. Then I got to know about two ways of doing a hair transplant which was out of my need to find out the minimal invasive technique.

FUt and FUE. I was totally against the idea of FUT as I did not want to cut my skin out that too from the back of my head. After rigorous reserach i landed at a conclusion to go aheasd with FUE. However it was most expensive in comparison to FUT but i wanted to go for it. The three doctors i mentioned above from my city recommended here in this website wre more into FUt they were also in FUE but they were not confidntly encouraging it giving their own reasons only god knows what. To me I felt like it is their competence in particular procedure that makes them advocate their particular approach nothing wrong in it but I would like to do things on me my way. At the end of it I have to live with the consequences not the ones who perform the surgery.

So I researched for more doctors in my city and found one with my research specifications.

I zeroed them in on the basis of their expeience in hair transplant in terms of their medical qualifications, hair transplants, FUT and FUE procedures they have performed, pics of the hair transplanted patients, their before and after results. Forgot to mention I saw thier interview on a local TV news channel which boosted my confidence to meet them I happened to fix an appointment and met the doctors. All five of them were plastic surgeons by profession and have been in this field for the past 7 years performing numerous procedures even uploading their operating procedure their speed and approach towards hair transplant.

When I met them they asked me what i actually wanted from a transplant I said I just want to do a 1000 grafts FUE for a trial basis on my hairline and will then decide for a second procedure. He drew a hairline on my forehead with a marker and asked me if its ok ....I was more than ok with it and said yes. he then asked which procedure i said i have come to them only for FUE by looking at their FUE videos on their website. They said they call it a virgin area I mean donor area and instead of going for a 1000 grafts I should look for atleast 1800 grafts as they were advising me for a dense packing. I asked them about the technique they use in FUE they said they were using Harris pnch which amazed me as my research gave the same name with which many HT surgeons are doing the FUE. i was more happy now and by the way they were extracting around 500 grafts per hour in their videos which for me was ok. They gave me a package instead of per graft basis which was very kind of them. So they asked me to do a minor surgical profile and come back for a surgery date.

I went to them and fixed my surgery on 16 Feb 2015 at 6.00 Am in the morning.

Hair transplant day : 1800 grafts FUE.

The night before surgery i was nervous I mean it.... lack of proper sleep but adequate enough to go next morning.

I was warmly welcomed by the staff at the reception area and escortted to the patient rivate room which had a neat nice washroom a TV a bed and a bright lighting.

I was asked to change my clothes for surgery and was agiven a comfortable attire.

Then came the doctor designed my hairline with a marker and asked me if i was ok.

I was happy and then I was asked to take some medication after which I went to the surgery room.

I laughed and said to the doctors there that i have transformed from a wanting to have a HT stage to a stage where it is actually about to begin to which they smiled too....i felt good about the way they made me confortable.....all were very friendly and jovial and mind you it counts a lot......

I soon laid down on the operation table and they told me they will be making slits first I was surprised because the research material of HT I have gone through many doctors were extracting first and then slitting the recipient site

However they had already told me that whenever they get 1000 grafts their approach is to transplant them first without having them to wait longer outside the body and then go for further extraction whatever they gave me local anaesthesia which were some uncomfortable pricks but not very painful, they were monitoring my vital signs continuously then started the slitting session where i was able to feel the sound of the needle on my head but not pain...I would hard hittingly say it was the most smooth experience to me ...in one hour they made around 1800 slits on the recipient sites with no painful experience at all. all the while I was talking to the doctor about the technical know hows of FUE I had to which he seemed to be quite surprised as very few patients discuss them directly with doctors.....

My recipient sites were done...i was given a breakfast had it the went back for extraction. The Harris punch started doing its job of extraction of course in a experienced had.....all the while during extraction they were asking me how was I feeling.....I was doing good without any discomfort except for the lying down on the tummy position which is inevitable for extraction......after a while I felt some burning in the extraction sites and conveyed the same ...they stopped for a while....then started again...I promptly said may be harris punch is heated.....I guess they were wondering that I did my home work well for the surgery...lols....the doctors were really happy saying that I had 3 or 4 hair follicles in a single follicular graft which they said is a good quality graft.....finally in one hour 15 mins approx extraction was done.......until now I was feeling very much relaxed as major parts of preparing recipient site and extraction were over....

Now came the grafts implant....which took a little longer than expected as I was feeling very tight in the back o f my head lying down continuously I was taking frequent breaks....finally my grafts were inplanted.....

I was given a head band nd was asked to return the next day for a head wash.....I was asked to sleep strictly on my back without turning sides so that i do not disturb the implanted grafts.....The next day I went in for a wash they found everything ok ......gave me a speacillay made cap by them for their patients and some medicated water to hydrate my grafts regularly every 2 hours by sprinkling that given water. I was asked to use a water sprinkler given by them to dilute the baby shampoo and have my head wash 2 time a day... I asked whether its ok to use a sprinkler as I had read online that no pressure should be applied on the grafts...to which they responded that they have carefully chosen the sprinkler keeping into consideraion this aspect only......So now I am in my 3rd day post op...check the pics and let me know..........

I have written a Hair transplant saga I guess which I hope will not bore you guys...but with only intent of information provision to those who crave for a HT but do not dare very easily......



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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story.



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