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Procedure with Dr Hakan Doganay.



Hi everyone. I never intended to create a blog regarding my procedure, however since having my hair transplant I came to realise that this site and its posts helped me more than i thought in deciding what surgeon to go for, what to expect during and after the procedure and what sort of realistic results I was looking to achieve and also to understand my hair loss further, I want to create this to give something back to this site that helped me move forward not just with the procedure but accepting my situation and to help others that where in my shoes some months ago.

I had been looking at having a hair transplant for some years, having many consultations both on line and face to face with clinics here in the UK. Like many others I have spent years looking at sites like these and looking at results of other peoples procedures and wishing to have it done. I am so glad that I waited 18 months from the first consultation I had in the UK. Its easy to go to your first consultation and jump staright in, as by going for a consultation your hair loss is obviously effecting you to a point where you feel action needs to be taken.

First of all I would like to take this oppertunity to thank this site and many others as they helped me so much in my persuit to having a hair transplant.

I am on my 11th day post op surgery, which I had in Turkey with Dr Hakan Doganay, I had 1530 FUE grafts to fill in my receding temples.

I decided to finally take the plunge, it was something that I have wanted for years and it felt the right time for me. I didnt want to be that person that wants something done but never takes the plunge out of fear. I decided to go with Dr Hakan Doganay as all the sites I had looked at had good reviews and results, and I also liked the fact he was a member of both the international and american hair restoration institute. I did find some reviews that werent great, but the ones I did find seemed as tho the patient either had unrealistic expectations of what could be achieved or they were not taking into account that, if you travel to another country to have a procedure you must understand that there are cultural differances and language barriers, as some felt they were rushed or couldnt explain themselves properly. People need to understand that Turkey and other countries have a differant culture especially towards things like customer service etc and also surgeons carry out 5 procedures a week and for the Dr and his team the procedure is second nature. Some reviews had not good yield, but again that can also be down to how the patient cared post surgery and also how its has reacted to the body. If you carry out 5 procedures a week on differant people with differant types of balding with differant types of hair with differnat lifestyles, background, countries etc results are not always going to be 100% and I find it hard to understand when people think that there just going to have surgery and then the next day have a justin bieber hairline.....its crazy. It takes a good surgeon, good post op care, it takes you looking after your hair taking right medication etc and most of all it takes time. I am realistic in what can be achieved.

The consultation phase between myself and Dr Hakan Doganays team was fantastic. They were quick in there response, answered all my questions and very helpfull in working out the best date for me to have surgery (working around my work schedule and booking time off etc). I sent them photos of my current situation and they said that I would require roughly 2000 grafts. I was happy with that figure through looking online at other results etc that seemed about right for my current situation, as some companies whent as far as 2800 grafts which I thought was far too high. I liked the fact that they did not require a deposit to secure the date just a copy of your flight details, as some companies require a 10% possibly 20% deposit, as I found it a little aprehensive sending money to someone I had not even met. I booked my flights and sent them confirmation of my flight times which secured my date. I sent them an email a couple of days before just to confirm to which they replied 'all confirmed and looking forward to seeing you'.

The only thing I had to pay for was my flights as they assured me that all food, accomadation and airport transfers where included.

I travelled to Istanbul from Gatwick then caught a connecting flight from Istanbul to Antalya, Airport staff directed us to the wrong exit so when I arrived at 19.00 local time I counldnt see the gentleman from the clinic waiting for me. I waited around 15 minutes then phoned the number they gave me incase I needed to contact them and he informed me that he was waiting at the correct exit which airport staff should have directed us, he told me to wait there and that he would collect me from that exit in 5 minutes. The gentleman arrived introduced himself and placed my bags in the car. It was about a 15-20 minute drive to the clinic, which is infact a private hospital in Antalya. We were booked in at the reception and shown to my room and was told I would have a consultation with the doctor the following morning and to get some rest. I would just like to comment on how impecably clean both the room and the hospital was. The room was the equivilant to a BUPA private hospital room that we have in the UK with electrical medical bed, TV and en suite toilet and shower.

The following morning I had my blood taken and was delivered breakfast by the hospital staff. The food was not British food, but that is what to be expected if you travel to another country. Around 10 am a lady came and knocked on my door and asked if I was ready to go and have my consultation with the doctor. I sat down in the room which was the consultation room and was asked a few questions and asked to fill out some forms while we waited for Dr Hakan Doganay. Everyone was fantastic made me feel very confortable and coudnt do enough for me. In walked Dr Hakan Doganay a big man with a big smile, he didnt speak much if any english so one of the staff members transplated between us.

They told me that my native hair was strong and in good condition and we proceded to draw a line roughly where I wanted the new hairline to be. The doctor then informed me that I would only need 1500 grafts and not 2000 grafts which they initially quoted, I found this very good and re assuring as it goes to show that he is not in it just to make money as he could have stuck with the original quote just to make more money.

The clinics staff then took some photos of my hair at its current situation and also took some more after it ws shaved. I have spent years growing my hair longer in parts to cover the receding hairline and it was quite a suprise to see my hair so short and so exposed but for me it was the first step to acceptance and my receding hairline wasnt as bad as I though and I didnt look as bad as I thought I would look with really short hair.

Then for the most painfull part of the whole experience, the anasthetic which for me was barable but was happy when the area was numb. I layed face down as the clinics staff painstakingly extracted the grafts from the back of my head, it was uncomfortable as lying in the same position for two hours would be. I felt no pain throughout the extraction phase but was happy when it was finished. I was then bandaged up and was wheelchaired to the canteen to have some lunch.

After lunch came the business end of the day, placing the grafts into the recipient area. The doctor re drew the line and asked to check in the mirror to see if I was happy, which I was as I wasnt expecting to have such a fuller hairline. Again the anasthetic injections in the front of the head hurt considerabley but the pain short and sharp. Once the area was numb with two assistants either side of the doctor loading the pens with the grafts he took on the procedure of rebuilding my hairline. I couldnt feel a thing apart from the pushing of my scalp as the pen went in. About an hour into surgey after the doctore had constructed the frontal hairline and moved his way back the doctor left the room and another member of his team continued with the hair transplant. I wasnt worried with this as I believe that Dr Hakan Doganay would have trained her and wouldnt let her carry out some of the procedure if he didnt think she was capable of it. Plus I am a firm believer in training as you are not born a hair transplant surgeon and for this industry to succeed you need new surgeons coming through and this can only be achieved through carrying out procedures yourself in order to gain experience. Throughout the time the other member of staff was conducting part of the transplant Dr Hakan Doganay regurlarly came in to check on her work. After abouth another hour I was told the surgery was complete which was a relief as I was becoming numb and figitey. On looking in the mirror I was plaesed with the new hairline alough it looked sore which is to be expected. I was then given two strong painkillers to take if I needed them after the anasthetic wore off which I most definatly neede later on in the evning. I was then wheeled back to my room and told to sleep upright and rest which was easy to do in the electronic medical beds.

I rested for the rest of the day just watching tv and reading. I was delivered food which I et some of and tried to get some sleep. The pain did kick in after the anasthetic wore off which was like very bad sunburn and a throbbing feling, I held out for as long as possible and took one of the painkillers which managed to send me to sleep.

The next morning I was taken down around 11 am to have my bandages removed and hair washed for the first time. I wasnt looking forward to this as he said it might be painfull removing the bandages as the blood would have dried sticking it to my head. The clinics staff sparyed it with water and it removed without any pain. They then began to show me and wash my hair. It felt a little rough on the back but she showed me how to apply the cream and shampoos by dabbing only. After it was carried out I felt a bit cleaner to have the bandages removed and the areas cleaned.

The gentleman who had been transplating then whent through all the medication, what it was for, how many too take and when to start taking them. They gave me a month supply of finasteride and biotin, pills for the swelling, pills to thin my blood to aid healing, the shampoo and cream required for after care and a derma roller. Dr Hakan Doganay was present through all of this and at the end asked through the translator if I had any furher questions. After a few questions the payment was worked out which was good for me as I had budgeted for the high end of 2500 grafts but was cheaper as I had 1500 grafts. I was then taken back to my room and told to rest and that I would be picked up later to be taken to the airport for my return flight.

I was later picked up and taken to the airport where we shared a joke or two and he told me to keep in touch and to send weekly and monthly updates.

Going through the airport was a little worrying, but I didnt wear a hat as I didnt want to dislodge any grafts I just put my hood up on my hoodie to cover the back as it still looked sore and brutal to others. I went though security where they briefly asked me to remove my hood but as soon as they realised they said its fine and that I coud put it back on, they were very understanding.

I am home now and 11 days post op, I have stuck to what I have been told in regards to after care to the point and have taken the medication provided. I have relaxed and pretty much not left the house as I want it to settle and repair itself in the best way possible.

The only negative point from the clinic is the post care questions, I have emailed them a few questions and they are very slow to get back to me if they do. I undertsand that they are very busy and these questions may sound trivial to them but for someone who has had his first hair transplant its all daunting and need regular confirmations just to let me know all is how it should be.

Having said that my whole experince with Dr Hakan Doganay and his team has been fantastic and I am realistic and looking forward to seeing the hair develop over the next year.



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