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Week 15



Seeing good growth up to week 15. The weeks 8-15 have seen a lot of new growth for this early in the process, so it excites me for what could happen in weeks 15-26 (which are typically the primary growing weeks)!! I maintain my regiment of Rogaine, 1.25 mg of Propecia daily (sides not very noticeable), biotin, zinc, and multi-vitamin daily. The scar is looking so much better over the last 4 weeks as well. I think it will be very hard to find, even sifting through the hair, in about 2-3 months. I never plan to wear my hair really short, so this works for me. I can actually run my hand through my hair now from hairline to crown and actually feel something...almost 10 years since I could do that!

The hair seems to be growing in a natural pattern for a left side part and the crown swirl goes that way as well, so I am combing it each day with the idea that I will style it that way once it all grows to length. I really don't know if combing it now that way will help "train" it for the future as the hairs get longer, but I figure it cannot hurt. It's just fun to see some changes as the weeks go by and be able to play with it.

I have had zero funny looks or comments from people since I started this process. I have not even so much as caught anyone I know looking up there. In reality, I think most people do not look much at a peron's hair (people look in each other's eyes - it actually takes special effort to look at the hair) - only we balding people focus on it at a higher level. I wanted my change to be subtle, but I know family members I have not seen in a while will notice something when I see them in a few months. But that's OK, I am pretty sure they will be pleased with a younger/fresher look, as I had been looking older than my age for many years. I am prepared to discuss it if it comes up...but in a year's time no one will remember the old look and the only see the new look.


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