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Hello Andrew! Thanks for video. How many graffts did u had ? I'm 20 days after surgery so it's cool to see your progress

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Hey Empirestate, thank you for your comment and question!


I was told approximately between 2500-2700. Mostly in the front with about a 5th of the total grafts placed in the mid to back area. I was originally quoted for about 2300, but Dr. Mejia said they pulled a bit more than planned and he placed them anyway so that was definitely awesome of him. Any other questions feel free to ask! And congratulations on pulling the trigger. Aside from the money portion, the most difficult part is mustering up the courage to have the procedure performed.


All the best,


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Thanks man, I am 3 weeks after and I am very happy about it.


Post more pics, videos please. That helps a lot.


All the best,


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