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High Apartment Price



I do not know whether the price of the apartment is also high in other countries. However I have to say the apartment price in China is too high. And it is also going up day by day.I remembered clearly when I bought fifa 15 coins my first apartment in 2009.The price is RMB4000/㎡,nevertheless, my wages is only RMB2000 every month. My boyfriend and I paid RBM100000 as our down payment. The rest is a bank loan. We became liabilities clan successfully. I told to my boyfriend, we would have another apartment some ufifa years later or we would change to a big house in the future. Our wages will be higher to buy a new house at that time. While I saw the price in 2011, the price is about RBM8000/㎡. It is a comic that my wages is only increasing RMB500-it is RMB2500 now. Why the apartment price and my wages are not in proportion? And I found a truth that no matter how hard I work, I could not change my living environment. Maybe I will live in my small apartment forever. A big house will appear in my dream. What a pity!I do not know why the price of the apartment increases madly. Don't we all have much wealth? The answer is positive-NO. There are many officer workers with low wages as me. In order to have our own apartments, we work hard. However we lose heart when we see the price of the fut coins apartment. My classmate who works in Shanghai told me if he bought a small apartment and married with a Shanghai girl, he would repaid to the bank for about 100 years or more. He had to give up his work in Shanghai and went back to his hometown and bought a cheaper house in his town and married with a country girl at last.I think the price of the apartment changes our life and our value of love, many lovers separate for the high apartment price. Many beautiful girls marry with old men who have much wealth although she does not love him. Many people divorce at last……I really hope the apartment price will be cheaper one day; we will have our home one day.


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