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Is Borrowing Money Harmful to Friendship?



As the old Chinese saying goes "Friends are those one who offer fuel when you are in ufifa snowy weather", from which we can see that when we are in trouble, the first person we will ask for help may be our close friend. But sometimes the friendship will be easily harmed because of several factors, among which borrowing money is the top one.

First of all, borrowing money from friends has the possibility of damaging the trust between each other. When you ask your friend to borrow the money, he will lend you or he will refuse. If you are refused, you will feel sad fifa 15 coins and suspicious about the friendship. He will also feel embarrassed about your requirement because he cannot lend money to you because all sorts of reasons. From then on, there will be a gap between you and your friend.

The second reason is obvious to us; paying back money will also lead some problems. If you can repay it in the due time, that's fine. But if your difficulty can't be solved within the time limit, your buy fifa 15 coins friends will feel upset about your borrowing money. It is not strange that two close friends quarrel with each other or even go to the court. There's no possibility for them to keep their friendship if this affair happens.

From what I have discussed above, the conclusion is that we shouldn't borrow money from our close friends. The friendship should be totally pure without any interest.


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