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Dr, Keser Hair Transplant - 2500 implants



Okay I am not an expert writter but i hope it helps people. I recently got my hair transplant done with Dr. Keser, got 2500 implanted. I would at first like to thank all experts and patients who share their resp experiences to help people like me who need a strong push to enter into a "danger zone", to get out of our comfort zone, to do something which has no other alternative.

The story goes like this, i noticed a small crown area patch in 2008-9 but thought it could really not be possible since i never did see any one in my family suffer with any issues related to hair, but gradually it kept getting bigger. i never got into any medication apart from the very mild ones which aint really worth considering. i thought it should be fine in sometime and could have probably happened because of change of water/air, but it wasnt so. in 2010-11, it extended to the front side and keot worsening. i bought a few things including minoxide but never used anything or ate any medicine. it kept getting bad in the meantime. 2 years back i came across this forum and started doing my homework, but didnt really think i would have the balls to go for a transplant. i started using nanogen/topic, and used it for a year or so, to eventually realised it wont help me for long and time has come to lay down weapons to what seems the last resort. i was sure it would not be the strip method, no matter how costly FUE eventually is, i never kept short hair and didnt know how would i look bald, i always knew i would keep long hair, as much as possible, but still strip was a strict no. for FUE i couldnt think of any one but Dr. Keser. the reason, i am not really sure, i just felt he was the one for me. i did my homework on other excellent surgeons too, but Dr. keser still was the one.

I live in India but keep traveling europe often, although his being in turkey was an added advantage but turkey as a country didnt excite me much. after all hiccups, i just thought to give it a go and in the end if i didnt feel confident ill see what to do. but Dr. Keser and his team was excellent, i would like to thank Dr. Keser, Ozgur, Senem (dr. Assistant) and mehmet (the translator). Dr. Keser really is an artist and would extend a hand in all possible way to give you comfort.

The surgery happened the same way as others have mentioned so i wont waste time writing how did it go. i had 2500 implant, spread over 5 days, 450-600 per day sorts. i wont say it was painless, i did feel some pain but pain killers made it good, but it involves too many injections which my wife some how managed to see. i have a thing against injections and i did feel some pain while they were being injected but otherwise all went well and i am now waiting.

i would update photographs tomorrow, i had my surgery end of december 2014, so i am 3 weeks old now :)




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