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My hair transplant with Dr. Bernstein, New York



Hi everyone...I have never done a blog, so I hope I am doing this right. I am a 37 year old female, and I just had my surgery with Dr. Bernstein about 6 weeks ago. I have always had a receding hairline, more of a typical male pattern of hair loss. Dr. Bernstein was fairly confident I would be a good candidate (although he can be a bit standoffish at times). He said I had a stable donor area, so I took the plunge. Now, I am scared I made the wrong decision.

This is such a scary stage because I look so thin from the shock loss. I am afraid I made my hair loss worse sooner by doing this. I was hoping for some positive feedback...I know people say it gets worse before it gets better, but I'm scared it won't get better. Thank you everyone.

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