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My FUT 1500 graft surgery experience 9/1/15



ive never blogged before, but feel this is such a huge thing I have done, it would be nice to be able to share my experience with others, and also be able to reflect in the future.


I started losing my hair about 10 years ago. I don't know why exactly. I reckon a combination of factors: stress, genetics, , hypothyroidism, hormones. Anyway, after numerous trips back and forth to the GP and getting nowhere (the advice given to me once was to "just stop worrying about it") I explored different avenues of disguising my increasingly balding head. For the last few years I have been wearing hair pieces, which look realistic and nice, but they are uncomfortable and in fact made my balding worse (traction alopecia where the clips dig in!) So I started using powders such as Super Millions & Toppik which are great, except when you scratch your head or get caught in the rain.

One day I was getting ready for work and went to apply my magic powder on,y to realise I had run out. Well I attempted to leave the house without anything on my head and I had a meltdown. That was it. I thought I can't carry on like this much longer. And that day I booked my hair transplant.


I had the FUT procedure in Manchester on 9/1/15 under Dr Diaz. I had previously had a consultation with a rep from the Elite Hair Restoration company who was nice, but made the procedure out to be much easier than it actually was


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