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Will Online Learning Replace Classroom Teaching?



With the development of the technology, the Internet has fifa 15 coins become more and more popular in people's daily life. The impact on the education is more obvious than ever. So someone think that whether online learning will replace the traditional teaching - learning in the classroom? In my opinion, the possibility is very large.

The traditional teaching has the following advantages. First, the students and teachers can interact face to face. When the students have any questions, they can put up their hand and teachers will give them the answers. Second, learning in the classroom can help build students' teamwork. When cheap fifa 15 coins the teacher asks to discuss something, several students can work together to reach the agreement.

Though the advantages of the traditional are obvious, learning online can replace it as well. With the help of the Internet, students can owe their own web classroom. Teachers will teach them in it on the other side of the computer. What's more, students have more chance to choose the classes and the teacher they like. They don't need to accept the arrangement of the school. They don't need to waste the money on their tuition, and waste their time on the way to school. They only need to pay for a computer and learn the knowledge at home. It is freer for the students.

Why doesn't online learning replace classroom teaching now? It is because the limit of ufifa coins the regulation of our country and the technology. But when the time is ripe, I believe the dream of studying on the Internet replaying classroom teaching will come true.


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