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Hoping for hair . . . Transplant



Hey all,I believe this is my first post ever although I've be creeping for about a year and joined a few months back anywho back in July 2013 I had a consultation with A sugeon and he recommended 1700 grafts to the front we didn't really talk much about the vertex he said he'd be happy to do it,it was almost 2 years ago so memories fuzzy but I probably said the front was my concern as it still is.So since the consultation I started saving i got on finasteride then added minoxidil and nizoral I bought some caboki for when I feel like having hair I checked out people's journeys here and a few guys on YouTube and now I think I'm ready to get started myself.im a pretty easy going guy and imo I think a hair transplant would be good for me especially if future hair loss is minimal Wich would be super duper seen guys with a lot less then me achieve something I want so I'm optimistic.i hope to contact the dr by the end of the week to set up a date possibly another consultation if that makes any sense, I'm not really sure how things go I suppose that's part of why I'm posting this,I'm excited I've had positive vibes these last few weeks I really think I'm making the right choice. Keep ya all posted thanks


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Hi there, I noticed you went through with get surgery. Can I ask how many grafts you had put in??

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just wanted to say thanks for posting your experience and results.

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