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Post FUE (1500 grafts) day 4



Day 4 after my two-session FUE procedure to transplant just over 1500 grafts (around 3000 hairs) to rebuild the hairline and fill in gaps left by diffuse thinning. My hair loss has been stable for some years thanks to finasteride and minoxidil, but the time had come for me to take the next step towards fixing my hair, and move away from a dependency on cosmetic concealers like Toppik (although they are great, and have been my crutch for some time!).

Skin is healing very well - frequent saline spraying as advised by the clinic has kept the recipient site clean and prevented too much scabbing, and the redness is slowly subsiding. VERY pleased with the donor area - already practically no sign of any invasive procedure (although I'm light-skinned, which helps minimise the pock-mark dots from the punch tool).

Some of the grafts seem to be growing in place already, although some are still just sitting there without doing much at the moment. Have read that this is normal - different grafts respond in different ways to the huge trauma of being tranplanted, and it's to be expected that some will shut down into their rest cycle before growing properly. That said, it's a paranoid waiting game... Can't help but constantly check out the little things every time I'm in front of a mirror! Grow babies, grow! ;)

I know the shedding phase will be hard, as I'm so pleased with the shape of the hairline post-op - and despite knowing that it's a long game, and the results take time to show, I'm dreading the first hairs falling out. Fingers crossed for a quick return to growth and a high success rate.

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