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2000 Graphs FUE Transplant Dr Mike Vories



So this was done 30 Dec 2014 by Dr Mike Vories out of Charlotte NC. in one day he transplanted 2000 graphs. My experience with Dr Vories was very good. From our initial contact to the day of the operation, he was very calm and confident which was very comforting. The environment he establishes in his operating was very relaxing and soothing. The only discomfort I felt was the numbing needles, which happened 3 times and each time took about 1 minute to apply before everything was numb; and the extraction of the graphs because of the awkward positions you have to lay down in and stay motionless for about 2 hours. Besides that, the experience did not feel invasive at all and I will compare it to sitting down in a barbers chair for a very long time. I will continue to keep those interested updated and hope to answer any questions out there.


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Hello. I am scheduled to have a hair restoration with Dr. Vories in April 2015. Can you tell me how many days you head had sever pain, when did the scabs go away, is it noticeable after 10+ days, when did the black eyes go away. I'm ready for the HT but nervious about the initial recovery (first 10 days). Thanks!

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Hey, congrats on your decision to go through with the procedure. Before I answer your question, just let me forewarn you that my healing will probably be different than yours. So the swelling lasted 6-8 days for me. And I say that long cus when I went back to work, one of my coworkers asked me if I got punched during my time off. The pain for me was more of a nasal headache than anything. It has been 4 weeks and I still have tenderness and red like a sunburn where the transplants were placed and itchiness on the back of my head. 10 days should be good for a recovery time. I only took 7 and although the scabs were noticeable, I felt like it was enough time for me.

Hope this helps, and good luck. If you got any other questions don't hesitate.

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So here are my 4 week post-op pics. As I was told, most of the hairs have fallen off. The only bad thing about that is that one side seems to be shedding more than the other. It is definitely hard not to assume that only one side will grow back haha but I am being patient and not jumping to conclusion based on the now. I am also trying to avoid looking in the mirror so much and not expect a magical transformation over night. I would like to note that Dr Vories has made himself very available and I do feel like I am in good hands. Next month I am hoping the redness is gone and start seeing some growth, but I wont hold my breath. We shall see. Til next month.

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