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Day (60)



Holy hell have I had a hell of a month. Some scares from scabs or what I thought were grafts coming from my scalp to working out and seeing a few grafts pool blood to some worry about my scar in a few spots. Anyway, I don't get around to too much of it in this one (I have a bunch of photos and video showing you in depth), but from my 45 day follow up with Dr. Mejia, from his assessment and the rest from what I've read, only time will tell. In the next couple of entries I will likely touch on it more, but in this one you will see I'm right back where I started at this point, with zero growth. I picked up a bottle of Caboki (highly suggest this especially if you shaved your head prior to surgery like I did) to cover it when I work, but I have to say the anticipation is killing me.




BTW I am using 5% minoxidil twice a day (morning/night) and ZERO finasteride.



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