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Should We Compare Ourselves with Others?



When we entered the school at the first day, we were always told that "You should do better than others; you should keep fifa 15 coins pace with the students who are smarter than you." No matter we are willing or not, we are under this environment, so we should try our best to accept this fact and make progress by comparing with others.

The first reason to support my opinion is that we can make progress by comparing ourselves with others. Maybe you are the best one if you continue to live in your world. But if you go out of your world and look around, you will find how small your world is. For example, you take part in a competition, and you lose the game. At first you may be angry, but when you are calm, you will find the reason why you lose the game by comparing with others. Then you will work harder and change your attitude. That is the great progress it makes when we compare ourselves with others.

Another reason why we need to compare fifa coins ourselves with others is that we can discover our shortcomings and overcome them. As a normal people, we usually see the disadvantages of others and ignore the shortcomings of ours. It is the cause of our bad temper and self-centered thinking. But when we observe other people's speaking and behaving, we will find that the shortcomings which lead to failure.

Though we will have pressure when we compare ourselves with others, it is the best way for us to change fut 15 coins ourselves in the shortest time. In this way, we are more likely to succeed.


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