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Amazing result with Shapiro Medical Group



I had a great result due to the Shapiro Medical Group. I began loosing my hair at the age of 18 which concerned me greatly considering my father is norwood 6-7, figured i was headed down the same path. I admit i am vain and figured no girls would wan't to date a balding 18 year old. So i started looking into options to circumvent this eventhough i knew i was to young to get a hairtransplant. I still went to a local doctor at the time only to be told, that yes you are to young to get a hair transplant you need to wait until your at least 25. The long wait began and the hairloss kept progessing year after year. I managed to wait until i was 32 to take the plunge. Through this website i was able to find the who's who in the industry and i decided on SMG by hearing other member's time after time having great result's. Of course i had my trepidations, that i would be the only one not to have a good result, but that wasn't the case.

My First go round with SMG 1/30/12 i had approximately 1871 FUE I thought the result was great. The Team was exceptional and i knew at that point i was going to get another one, not because i wasn't happy with result. Think i got a case of hair greed, I wanted to have best the result! I wanted to be the example that everybody that wanted FUE would look at my picture's and say. WOW KNOW THAT IS AN AMAZING RESULT! WHO DID YOU USE! so course i setup a second session. Density now that's what i want.

Second go round with SMG 2/4/13 I had approximately 1719 FUE half by ARTAS and the othe half by manuel hand drill. Going into this i had very high expectation's because of the great result from the first procedure. I kept telling myself now your really going to have some head hair on you, the density is going to amazing as if i was just reborn with new head of hair. The waiting began i really was anticipating this full thick head of hair like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. My expectations were so high that no doctor could possibly live up too. After the first 12 months i was disappointed just felt like i really didn't have the density that i should have at this point. Did i make a mistake by using the ARTAS, that's got to be it. So I contacted Matt over at SMG and told him that i wasn't happy with the result. I told him i had no growth or next to no growth i sent him over some picture's and he relayed that to Dr Shapiro so they decided to do a touch up. But wait all of a sudden from months 12-20 everything started to change, hair really started to come in at an alarming rate. I guess i was a slow grower and it wasn't until I got SMG for my touch up that i realized the amazing transformation from the second procedure. They really are a class act and decided to follow through with a 3rd procedure on the house. DR Shapiro is a perfectionist and still felt that i could use a little more density.

Third go round with SMG 12/1/14 1011 FUE result's to come. As of right now i couldn't be more pleased with the whole SMG Team.


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