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Planning FUE by Dr Bhatti Chandigarh in Dec-2014



Hi All,

I am 30, male, Indian suffering from Norvood 2 hair loss. Currently I am in Australia.

I planning FUE by DR Bhatti in Dec-2014. I am currently checking for available dates with him.

I read a lot about him in this site and finally decided to get the FUE done with him. But now I am not sure as he is not responding to all my questions. I read a lot that he responds to all the questions very patiently..... but it did not happen in my case. This is not a complaint, but I just want all my questions to be answered before I go ahead with FUE.

'What do you suggest to maintain existing hair after FUE' - I raised this question thrice via email along with dates. I always get an answer for dates but not for this question.

As I told you earlier I am at Norvood 2 stage and 30 years old. I am suffering from hair loss from around 10 years. I am afraid that I may loose more hair after FUE and it will look more patchy... What do you guys suggest? Please help. Can we maintain existing hair for sure with medication? Or should I go for FUE again in future? I amscared of the stage where my transplanted hair in the front stays and the original hair sheds leaving a gap on my head....


Please help me with your suggestions....


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