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hair with scab and dry blood few days after hair transplant



. Hi , I wonder if I lost a graft . I saw a hair follicule with a scab and dry blood just 2 days after my transplant in the morning when I woke up on my pillow. I had done a shampoo shampoo at the clinic the day before . I did see some dry blood on the recipient area but it is probably from the operation , I believe. Do you think I lost a hair graft , and is it normal to loose a scab with hair that early . The thecnician shampoo me every day from day 2 post surgery to remove the scabs. I was putting saline water spay every 20 minutes. I know itS not the end of the world if I loose just one graft but it bothers me to know , I am paranoing about that graft and wonder If I lost it . Thank you ....

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Hi Dorito,


If it was 2 days out and you noted bleeding, you may have lost a graft. Normally, a lot of bleeding occurs when a graft is lost, but it still could be possible. Like you said, it won't likely make a cosmetic difference in the end. Sounds like everything else is fine otherwise.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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