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A Warning not to deal with Vinci Hair Restoration... read on



Well this is a warning about a very special clinic based in London known as Vinci Hair Clinic

A hair transplant is a very sensitive issue that you feel that you can trust a clinic that would have your best interests in mind

Not Vinci Hair Clinic www.vincihairtransplant.com

Many months ago I enquired about a transplant with them but their cost was extremely high so I carried on looking around

Last week I received an email from them stating that have a half price offer if I booked it within October so about a bit of negotiation we agreed on a fee and a date in October to do the procedure

This was all done in writing and confirmed via email in regard to grafts, rates etc

Obviously this is a very big life changing situation so I wanted to make completely sure that what they were offering is what I needed

A very helpful lady known as Mia answered all my questions via email and a number went backwards and forwards and I sent her in images of my hairloss and she told me exactly what I needed

I was feeling a bit more comfortable now but as you can appreciate this is a major procedure and I wanted a consultation. We booked in a consultation for 2 days later and that was it

I then to my HORROR received this email

Hi Philip

I just wanted you to know that we now have clients who are willing to pay closer to the full price for the reaming dates we have for hair transplants this month so I can't offer you the procedure for that low price of £4.000 anymore ( which was more than half the price of a procedure here in London. I have never come a cross a low price like that before just so you know)

I just wanted to prewarn you that the I can only offer you the Vinci max for £8.000 now and I don't you to waste your time with a whole trip to see us when I can't offer you the same price anymore.

I do have a client pending for Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st that will pay £8.000 for his Vinci Max and i just wanted to give you the option to reserve it before him but I don't want to rush you either.

If you wanted to go ahead we do have Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th November free at this moment if you wish to wait but the cost would have to be discussed with James in the consultation on Friday

Best Regards



Vinci Hair are sharks, not to be trusted, do not put your faith in them, they will leave you shredded and very poor

Gutless springs to mind, there are so many other clinics who care, they are after one thing MONEY - NO CARE FOR THE PATIENT WHATSOEVER



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