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Hello everybody,

I just had my FUT hair transplantation 7 days ago. So far so good.

I have worn a wig for over 7 years now and I wish to continue to wear it while I wait for my new hair to come in. Let's just face it, I don't have the courage to step out of my house without my wig, sporting my thin hair and a visible FUT scar.

I asked my surgeon if I could wear a wig post op. She said I surely can by 13th October (I had my surgery on the 1st of October). But I am confused as I read some other blogs that suggested patients to refrain from wearing a wig.

My wig is glueless and has always had comb attachments, So I can remove it whenever I am home, or anytime of the day I wish. I will wear my wig during working hours only, so about 8 hours per day.

Has anybody here worn a wig after their hair transplantation? Did it have any negative effects on their hair growth or grafts? Please share your experiances with me. I'd really appreciate your guidence and input.

Thank you for your time!



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Hi Confidence,


At day 13, the grafts should be fully anchored. At this point, you can't really dislodge or harm them; especially if you aren't using any sort of direct attachment to the scalp. I would follow your doctor's post-operative advice closely.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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