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FUT Scar grafting



I have been a long time reader and have been help immensely by the information others have posted. I decided to start this blog in order to put my repair story out there for others to follow my scar repair and just provide another example.

I underwent a 3000 FUT procedure early last year and have only regret for ever doing it in the first place as I didn't fully have a grip on what I was jumping into and the information I was provided wasn't entirely accurate. My only aim is to camouflage my scar as best I can with an expectation of buzzing to a 2 guard with no visible signs of scarring and move on with my life.

In the photos I will add you can see my scar at a 2 guard from a couple of months ago. It is roughly 32cm in length and ranges from 2 to 4mm in width so a total of 7.7cm2 to maybe 9+cm2 in area. It is level with my surrounding scalp and has hair growing through it in places due to the closure used.

I spent a couple of months prior to grafting my scar applying silicone gel, dermarolling with emu oil in order to reduce the redness of my scar in order to get it as ready as I could prior to grafting it in July where I recieved 401 FUE grafts into my scar.


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Thanks for sharing. Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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