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Micro Scalp Pigmentation w/ Matt Iulo of Headstrong NY



As an entertainer, hair plays a vital role. When I started losing mine, I went through great lengths to salvage what I already had, which including using mascara to cover over my receding and bald spots. The results looked disastrous on camera, and people started joking about me on a regular basis. I then opted to shave my head. For awhile, it was a great look. I actually appeared younger and started to get cast more. However, after about two years, my side hair started to grow in thicker, and instead of giving the appearance of a suave shaved head bad ass, I began to look like a bald man older then what I actually am. The next step? Baseball caps and fedoras. Again, they worked for awhile. I wore them for my music gigs. However, it didn't solve the problem for on camera work in acting. HeadstrongNY came along with Micro Scalp Pigmentation , and after just one treatment from Matt Iulo, the difference is already amazing.


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