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Leaving Ottawa to Day 20



Just an update.

Going through customs wasn't much fun to be honest. At US customs in Ottawa, I was asked to remove my hat at security and had to leave it off while my bag was scanned and I was put through the "nude" scanners etc. I was asked to remove it again at passport control despite honestly telling the customs officer what my purpose of visit in Ottawa had been (he scoffed a little when I told him). I was also surprised that you cleared US customs in Ottawa. On the up note, despite catching a further two flights post that initial one I didn't have to clear security or passport control again until I arrived home in Melbourne - funnily enough I was also asked to remove my hat at passport control in Melbourne, I told him the truth also and he was much more sympathetic, maybe it was because he was a norwood six.

It was a relief to get home, but they lost my luggage with all the creams, potions and shampoos given to me in the care pack by Dr. Rahal's clinic. Very annoying. My luggage was returned the following day, but there was at least 48 hours where I didn't have access to any of the topical medications.

Then christmas day happened, no-one asked why I was asking a hat suddenly despite my mother who I just told I had a skin condition, she wanted to see what was going on but I told her no. So I got out of that relatively unscathed.

A few days later was day 14 and I went to my local doctor and had the stitches removed, that all went well.

On day 17 I had my partner shave my hair down to guard 3. Definitely improved the look of the recipient area but of course the scar area was more obvious. I've been applying some Toppik over the scar area which has worked brilliantly for keeping it hidden.

I was very nervous going back to work, most people haven't said anything if they've noticed. In fact I've been complimented on my new haircut more often than not.

Here are some pics from day 20. I apologise for the quality - we really must invest in a better quality camera.


It's so hard losing the hairs from the recipient area! But the hairline that Dr. Rahal created is still there at least, so it gives a shape of things to come!

The scar on the right side is healing well, in fact the scar already looks smaller than the scar from my previous surgery. However, we had a bit more of a problem on the left side and there is some shock loss on the left making it look worse. I was warned by Dr. Rahal that the left side was more of a problem. I think it'll be fine when the hair starts to grow back. I also notice I have a few grey hairs there! I am not sure how good all these close up photos are for your ego!

I think all is going normally, but it is a difficult stage and I can't wait to be a few months down the track.




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