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Let the journey begin ...



Hi! I am new here and basically a baby when it comes to HT ... I have always been very conscious about my receding hairline but really afraid to go for HT as I thought only FUT was the only way, until recently ... I came across some pages in FB regarding FUE and have been researching since then ... Now, I am ready to go for my HT next month if everything goes well and when I finally decide on who to have it done with ... Dr. Acar of Cosmedica or Dr. Maral of Maral Hair Klinik ...

I will keep updating this blog about my journey ... posting pictures ... etc. ...


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2014-09-14 - will be going to the Embassy in a while to apply for my visa as it is going to be holiday here very soon ...

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Do you have anymore updates on your H/T. I am thinking of going to Maral Klinic but I am unsure what to do. I would appreciate any update and info you could give me.



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