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26 years & hairloss at the front of scalp. Advice needed!!!!



Hi, I have been surfing this site for the past one year which helped me in gaining a fair amount of knowledge about hairloss. I am using finasteride(finpecia1mg) for the past 8.5 months . hairloss has stabilised but no major regrowth. No noticable side effects.



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I am 24 and post op 7 weeks from my second procedure. I started taking 1/4 (1.25 mg) of finasteride every other day starting in November of 2013, ( the active ingredients stay in your blood for up to 3 days) so every other day is my regiment. What i can tell you from my personal experience is that for the first few months I did notice a slight decrease in libido, which is not the case now and also increased shedding for the first few months. When I went to see my HT Doc for the second consultation (back in June 2014) he did say "great news your loss has stabilized and your native hair looks much thicker, so we won't have transplant into uncharted territory just fill in the cracks for additional density". I would say that i DIDNT gain any new hair growth but definitely stabilized my hair loss and made my existing hair thicker. From what I've read finasteride as far as "hair regrowth" usually only works in the crown region but again this is my personal experience.

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Thanks for reading my blog & hope it benefitted you.Finasteride might have helped me in stabilizing hairloss but as u mentioned their will be a lot of shedding in the initial phase of treatment & a decreased libido with watery semen for the first few months.Then body adjusts to the medication & returns to normal. I will be using fin 1mg daily upto 1 year & decrease the dosage to 1mg every other day.

I am planning to do ht with dr tejinder bhatti may be at the end of 2015 not so sure regarding the date.

I hope that their will be enough money with me by that time.

My hairloss is mainly at hairline, temples & frontal third.

Where is your hairloss on Norwood scale?

Are u planning to do ht in the near future?

Alsi I started applying black seed oil to the scalp starting from today & 1 tablespoon of it drinking daily.

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Sam at the time of my 1st proceudre (August 28, 2013), I would say that I was a NW 3 but native hair was very thick and course. 1st HT consisted of 1559 grafts(3,118 Hairs). At 4 months i started to see a lot on initial growth, at 6 months it was starting to make a cosmetic difference and at 8 at looked great. At that point people I hadn't seen awhile were giving me "looks" like how is this guy looking younger, I was happy but wanted more. On july 22, 2014 I had my second procedure consisting of 1537 grafts (3,283 Hairs) so 7 weeks ago, my goals on the 2nd procedure were to add additional density to the previously transplanted areas and get the hairline thicker.( I liked how the Hair line was after the 1st procedure and thought it would be best to not lower it any further, I never had a perfectly straight hairline anyway). I am however experiences a slight shock loss but thats expected. I also do use ketakonzol shampoo called "the big 3" and its suppose to clean the scalp of DHT. Its also great in volumizing hair which makes it look even thicker. The Doc said someone with my degree of hair loss and since its was already my second procedure he stated"

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