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Im 19 and have noticed my hair receding very rapidly.



So guys. My dad is bald. I have been progressivly noticed my hair receding because the hairstyles i used to have look weird. My hairline is dissapearing. Ive been considering rogain. Idk if you guys have any tips. Ima upload pictures so you guys can give me you opinion


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I think your first step should be seeing a physician with hair loss experience and undergoing a thorough evaluation. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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I myself started loosing my hair at young age just as your are experiencing. The good thing about you is that you are aware of it (I was in denial until I graduated college). From the pic you have, I would say that you still youthful looking hair. I agree with the FutureHTDoc below. Finasteride can work wonders for thickening existing hair and stabilizing future loss

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