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Vogel Hair Transplant



I was a 50+ Norwood 1 and decided for some stupid reason that I wanted to add a quarter inch to my hairline. I had a "hair transplant" strip procedure by Dr. James Vogel. It was by far and away the worse mistake of my life! Prior to my Vogel experience I had ZERO hair transplants. I allowed Dr. Vogel to perform a strip procedure which took aprox. 10 min. & punch holes in Zone 1 of my hairline which took the Dr. Vogel aprox. 3 minutes.

Transplant was for 1500 Grafts Zone 1: I was told 1700 grafts were transplanted at 25 to 30 hairs per sq. cm. in Zone 1. Unfortunately I didn't even think about hairs per sq. cm. until it was to late. It was amazing 1700 grafts transplanted and it only took the doctor aprox. 3 minutes to make make all the holes for the grafts. So between the wide strip scar and holes for grafts the Dr. worked on my head for aprox. 13 min. in my opinion.

My Vogel STRIP SCAR & HAIRLINE if you want to call it that has plagued me going on two years now. I have to admit it gets me down and is a constant reminder of my screw up! I would rather be bald! I once thought losing my hair was a big deal, now I envy bald people with a normal scar free shaved head. As far as my hairline it's great as long as the wind isn't blowing. I have very good natural density in Zone 2, thankfully I can use that hair to cover Zone 1's "transplanted mess". Also, I'm no longer able to cut my hair on sides and back with a No. 2 Razor. I now have to cut my hair with a number 6 to cover the wide strip scar behind my head.

Transplanted hair Is not natural looking, looks like it was sewn in with a sewing machine. Thin and patchy.

Not sure what to do.

I hope to have the time and money in the near future.

I'm presently looking into FUE to fill in the large bare strip scar - back of my head. As far as my hairline & sparse patch of hairs that were transplanted in the front, not sure what to do with the transplanted mess. Hope to remove mess as I still have my original hairline behind the mess. Or fill mess in. .


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