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Baldness always comes with a lot of depression specially when onset in young age. I tried so hard to stop it but it was in my gene so finally I found myself in genetic pattern baldness. I have heard a lot about hair transplantation but still surgery is big concern for me. I started to discuss with my friends, relatives, family doctor and a massive search on internet. I go for various forums, reviews & techniques for transplantation and my search end up with Medispa hair transplantation centre, Jaipur. I found most positive reviews about Dr Suneet Soni, Director, Medispa. I approached to Dr Soni and with a long and healthy conversation he explained all aspects abut transplantation. In my first sitting Dr Soni grafted 4500 hair roots with FUT and I was also amaze he did it with advance trichophytic closure technique. Only few surgeons in India are engage in this advance scare less surgery. The major roll in transplantation is selection of experienced doctor as with my overall experience I come to know that hair transplantation is an Art more than a science. Only an artistic doctor can create your natural hair line. From past 2 years against my family pattern baldness I am enjoying my natural hair. I am still in touch with Dr Soni for his post operative care tips and an enthusiastic discussion for stay healthy. I am writing this blog because hair transplantation is now a big market and it’s very difficult to reach on right destination. Hair transplantation is like filling colour in a blank canvas, anyone can put colour on canvas but only artist hand can create a creation so being wise to chose your artist……….


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