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Do you see the progress? My hair transplant in New Delhi, India on March 20th



I would like to share the story of my hair transplant surgery I had in New Delhi, India in this late March. I had a surgery with Dr.Mishra of Provelus Hair Restoration. Dr.Mishra was young and very knowledgeable, very friendly, very attentive. I was supposed to have a surgery the day before, but I had a trouble with my visa to India (post office misplaced my visa and passport), I arrived the evening of surgery. Despite I was late, he was very kind to perfome the surgery. The building he is in is not a state of art or prestine shape in our standard. His building looks like old and left-out buildings in Bronx or North Philadelphia, but his office is clean and very comfortable.



THe surgery was 2000 grafts on front. Please see the picture.

I am posting and asking your opinions because I had a hair transplant surgery with Lawrence Shapiro of Delray Beach, FL, and it was unssuccessful, I had no improvement. If you want to see my blog, please go http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/amb2000/blog/3484/

THis is my third hair transplant surgery, if this does not work, I have no other option at all other than wearing wig for rest of my life. I am watching the mirror everyday with fear of transplanted hair not regrowing back.

When I see pictures, I must question is it improvement or my wishful thinking make me see the illusion the hair is growing. So, I just want to ask your opinions.

A lot of hairs shed in a first month of the surgery thanks to shock loss by surgery and minoxidil.

First picture is taken on the day of surgery, second and third was taken on about 45 days since the surgery, and last two I took on the 4th of July, after 3 and a half months. It maybe too early to tell, but is there any improvement or just my hair got longer?






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