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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Hair Transplant

Gaurang Krishna


Hair transplant is one of the safest and most effective treatments for hair loss. If you are suffering from an irreversible form of hair loss and have tried all sorts of medicine and other alternative forms of treatment, then it is time you start searching for the best avenue for hair transplant. However, along with smart search for the clinic and doctor it is also required that you make an educated decision. To choose the best for your hair transplant, you can invariably find the following top 5 tips helpful.

: If you have tried various medicines and other alternate methods without much benefit, then it does not imply that you are suitable for hair transplant. So, before you move ahead, you should consult the best hair loss treatment expert and get yourself tested for suitability for various types of transplant procedures. A simple test is required to assess your suitability and goes a long way in reaping the best benefits of the hair loss treatment procedure.

The process: After you are found to be a suitable candidate for hair transplant, it is time you make an educated decision about the choice of the process. The procedure you choose should not only be guided as per your budget; rather, it should also consider your individual requirements and conditions. If you do not have sufficient amount of donor hair, then you cannot go for FUT process. Similarly, if you do not want to wait for at least 10 months to see the results then FUE is also not for you. Then, if you really understand the processes or trust an expert, it is time you enquire about Perfect-I process. This process suits diversified needs and offers great results.

The Centre:
A centre or clinic might have a lot of clientele, but it might not be for you. Suppose, you want to go for FUE and the clinic you opt is only good in FUT process. The results in that case will not be satisfactory. Rather, it is advisable that you trust only a clinic that is specialized for the process you want to move ahead with. Further, the center should also have the latest facilities and equipment to carry out the procedure efficiently offering you the desired result.

The Doctor: A clinic, no matter how good it is and how stuffed with the latest medical equipment it is; you cannot get the desired results for your hair transplant procedure unless the doctor or surgeon who performs the procedure has good experience and is known for his/her skills. The experience allows the hair transplant surgeon to perfect the process and understand the nuances that is required to deliver great results to different individuals.

Cost: The cost incurred over hair transplant can vary basis the procedure you have chosen, the clinic, the doctor, your condition, your requirement and even on the basis of the experience and skills of the surgeon. The cost of hair transplant is directly proportional to the number of grafts that are required for the process.

However, if the grafts are not properly extracted and transaction rate is high then the cost will shoot up, regardless of the process you have chosen. Additionally, transacted grafts, if implanted will not deliver and will fall off eventually, never to grow again. Therefore, it is imperative that when you decide on cost, make sure that you consult your surgeon and the clinic and discuss about the transaction rate and how they plan to lower it consequently lowering the cost of the hair transplant procedure.


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