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Should I?



I've been considering restoration for quite some time now. I'm 44 and in very good health, but I've been fighting the slow process for up to 20 years now. I see the righting on the wall when I look at my father, and always thought I would use modern technology at my dispense when the time came. Well the last year the crown (the worst trouble spot) got to the point no amount of toppik could cover, and the spot kept on growing. I've always had a high forehead, but there's no doubt it's pulled back. You can see the eventual righting on the wall that that at some point the two will meet. I've been a consistent romaine user for 10 plus years, and have taken generic propecia off and on as well. I think if ever there was a time to get something done it's now. I have dense substantial donor areas in the back of my head. My thoughts were to hit the crown heavy (1500 or so graphs....then re-fortify the hairline and mid scalp with the remaining 1000 or so) I know I have a good donor supply for a FUT, and the way I wear my bushy hair it will never be noticed, but no one really wants a scar on the back of their head. The issues it seems with the FUE's is perhaps less credible graft transplants, and you'll need to shave a noticeable part of your head to pluck the donors. I'm going back to work in 10 days, and like most patients wouldn't want anyone other than their wife to notice a thing was done. That's my story, looking for valued suggestions.

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