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2014-04-25 Twelve Months After



This is the one year mark. I don't see a lot of difference from the past few months, but maybe you do?

Before I say anything further, I want to say that for the most part I am happy with the results. I'm certainly in a better place folically than I was a year ago and the fear of going bald is no longer something I stress about. Perhaps I should just be grateful that this proceedure even exists and more importantly that I was lucky enough to have gotten a great HT that looks natural. If HT wasn't possible, I'd be stuck either taking sketchy pills or just shaving it off. Both options I dreaded. I get compliments all the time by people I tell I had this done. Old friends whom I haven't seen in a long time notice and also compliment, although usually they can't tell what specifically I had done, they always say things like "you look great!" or "you look different".

Now with all that in mind, I guess I'm still a bit disapointed that it's just not as dense as I'd hoped it would be. You've heard me say this before, but I want to wear my hair gelled/spiked and I just really can't do it as it is. You can clearly see in the photos how the top is quite thin, even when dry. I so wish that Dr. Hasson would have taken more hairs, maybe another 1,000 or so and just packed 'em all in the top. I don't know, maybe it's just not physically possible to do it that dense in one shot? I just know I told him to take whatever he needed and I didn't ever want to do this process again.

I plan to go back to bleach blonde in the summer time. My logic is that for one, the lighter color won't contrast as much against my white scalp and hopefullly not look as thin. Plus the bleach straightens my hair and so it spikes straight up, giving more forgiveness to the eye for seeing scalp through it. I figure that I used to spike and bleach it before the surgery and it looked good then, so now that I have more hair, it has to look as good or better right? I hope.

Barring that, I would consider another HT from Hasson (he's the only doctor I'd trust at this point) in another year or two after everything has stabalized and I'd tried my other ideas. But who knows, maybe at that point, I won't care as much about this density. Plus it's tough to do again since I no longer have the same job I did, and I don't get to work from home. That's another big reason I told him do do it all the first time, as I knew I had that luxury of not being seen for several months while it grew in. I do wonder however if the second time it appears to grow in quicker since there's more hair existing already and really I'm just growing grafts in between other healthy folicles?

Bottom line... No regrets, and in fact just the opposite. I'm very glad I had it done even if it's not quite up to my expectation. I tell anyone and everyone that will listen about H&W and share this blog with them. My hair-cutters all have this URL on their biz cards to share with their clients as they themselves have seen the transformation on my head and still can't get over how good it is.

I hope this blog helps other guys who are on the fence and facing the bald menace in the face every morning. Known that, like death, you're one day closer to losing it all. Know there is a viable permanent alternative solution out there, and it's name is Hasson & Wong.

Thank you Dr. Hasson.

Thank you Mike Ferko.





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I personally think the 12 month images show increased density compared to the 10 month images. I also think the final images look quite refined and natural! Congratulations.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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