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Looking for info about FUE with Artas




Looking for feedback about patients who had good experience with a FUE with Artas, as well as Dr.

Thank you for your help.

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I am 30 years journalist in Delhi, India. I have been suffering from baldness, from past 5 years. I was very hopeless and I could not face people because of my bald look. I had a grade 6 Norwood class of baldness and I looked 35 at the age of 25 and my friends used to pass comments on me. My profession involved meeting a lot of people and my look always affected my confidence.

I started searching for a solution of hair transplantation for my baldness, then I found on internet about Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika and their clinic Eugenix Hair Sciences, in Gurgaon and Dehradun India. I got fixed an appointment with the doctor and went through the previous patient’s results. Dr Pradeep Sethi was very helpful as he explained me everything about their technique. Then, I decided to go for the FUE procedure on August 15th and 16th, 2013. I underwent some blood investigations.

On the day of surgery, I came a bit early in the morning, then we were about to start the procedure of hair transplant though I was scared as well as excited. Finally we started the procedure. Only 2049 grafts were implanted on day 1 and rest 2254 grafts on 2nd day. A total of 4303 grafts were implanted in 2 days. After, the surgery I went back home and everything was fine. I was excited to see a lot of new hair on my completely bald frontal scalp, they remained for 1 month and thereafter, they started shedding. I was a little worried because, I thought I have lost them. I met Dr Pradeep after 3 months and he told me not to worry and I need to wait for another 3 months to discern the results.

Slowly after 4 months my transplanted hairs started growing, I was excited because of the coming growth and also my confidence started returning. After 6 months all transplanted hairs grew. Now I am again confident, I can cut my hairs and I can change hair styles. I am very happy now.

You can see my 4303 grafts fue on this below link.


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