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looking for help





I want to have a hair transplant and have been doing some research on the various sites including your own which seems to give good objective feedback and I am looking for help.

I am in my 6o’s and am between a norwood 5 and 6 probably closer to 6. I have been told by HP doctors that I have ideal donor hair which has remained quite high at the sides .

Having looked at Doctors in the UK I was attracted to doctors in Turkey initially because of the price. I have had a couple of quotes in the €3/4/5000 bracket for 3/4000 grafts who seem quite plausible and looking at their website have good facilities. However looking through the different sites and yours in particular I keep coming up with Dr Koray Erdogan in Istanbul and Dr Hakin Doganay in Antalya. They appear to come recommended in a few places and appear to be particularily skilled in their art. However quotes from them are coming it at €10/11,000 which are in the same price bracket as the UK doctors.

What I am trying to understand is the reason for the significant price differential and how some of the different clinics vary so much in price. Are the two doctors I have named much more highly skilled than their fellow countrymen and produce much better results. How do the other clinics and Doctors compare and what sort of results may I expect. Is it worth making the trip to Turkey or would I be as well off in the UK.

The FUE seems to be the best system can anyone tell me how long it takes for the redness to die down ??. One of the clinics makes a virtue of a manual punch for extraction over the motorised punch ,has anyone any thoughts on this .??

Sorry to be so long winded but I would appreciate any help or information from any other follically challenged people who have had the courage to go down the transplant route.


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Both Dr. Doganay and Dr. Erdogan are highly skilled FUE physicians. This may explain any sort of pricing difference. Most experienced hair restoration patients believe that paying extra for a quality procedure from the beginning is actually more cost effective in the end. Many times, patients who "price shop" hair transplant procedures find themselves disappointed and in need of additional work.


The duration of the "redness" in the recipient region will vary between patients. Altogether, it will likely remain for somewhere between 14 days and 3 months. However, most patients report fading much closer to the 14 day mark than the 3 month mark.


The "manual versus motorized" FUE tool debate is highly contentious. Many people strongly believe manual tools are superior. Others think motorized tools offer certain advantages. In the end, both are simply tools used by a physician to complete an FUE procedure. The best tool for the job is likely the one that the physician is most experienced using.


I hope this helps!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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