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Seeking advice





I have just joined today. And hopefully the members on this forum will keep me right.

I have been losing my hair gradually over the last ten years. Receding fron the the front and the sides. My crown area as yet has not been affected.. I would say I am somewhere between a scale 2 and a scale 2a. I am 49 years of age.

I was supposed to get a hair transplant at the West Regent Strreet clinic in Glasgow last December but it was cancelled . It was for a FUT ( Think thats right) . I was told I needed approx 1100 grafts. The procedure was to be czarriied out by A Dr May. The clinic cancelled the operation and I asked for a refund. The surgeon paid me half and the director and owner disapperaed with the other half my money,. the total cost of the procedure was £3400.I am out of pocket by 1700 pounds. Trying to get my money back through civil courts.

Can any one help me in trying to find a decent surgeon ? I stay in Scotland


Thanks for reading




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I would say that there are not many good ht surgeon's in Britain. Look on this site and any others. You prob with have to go abroad with North America having the best surgeons with the homework I have done. Just make sure you do your homework and look at pic's of work of the surgeon you intend to go with.


Did you pay on a Credit card?The only way to do it really.


Good luck

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