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2000 graphs 2014 Dr Keser



This blog is a thank you to the admins and regular posters who through this and various other forums have allowed me research and educate myself regarding everything HT.

I spent at least 2 years evolving my understanding and enhancing my knowledge before finally feeling pretty confident to make the decision and book the HT. This blog will be pitched at entry level - the level I was 2 years ago.

I am currently 4 days post op.

Pictures are on my profile.

I chose fue over fut because fue was a quicker recovery less invasive and left no scar. Also I was a good fue candidate as I only required 2000 graphs.

Price vs Value - One of the most important factors. Dr Keser perfromed the whole surgetr himself with his assistant Saline. Dr Keser does pretty much everything from harvest, implant, head wash to the bandage, he even takes the photos himself. Some other surgeons only supervise assisants??

I had 4 days of surgery with 250, 600, 600, 550 graphs, this is actually very important to ensure the quaity or work and also making the whole procedure alot easier to endure. The idea of a mega session on 2000 graphs in one day scares me.

The amount of graphs you need will depend of the quality of the donor area (how many graphs you have of 1 hairs, 2 hairs, 3 hairs and 4 hairs) so its importnt to select a surgeon who has the skill and time to extract the better graphs that will decide the number of graphs you need. So a better surgeon extracting 2 hair graphs could be cheaper than a surgeon extracting 1 hair graphs.

People will always ask how cheap can I get a HT - The more you search and learn then you will learn the question is wrong for many reasons. PRICE VS VALUE.

The question you need to learn to ask is, who are the best surgeons and who do I want to do my HT. HT is surgery and does have risks involved, you are paying alot of money so you need to ensure your decision is informed and based more on quaility, you need to trust your decision and there is no going back to get a refund if you choose a bad surgeon.

Ankara is just a big city really, no real tourist interests. I stayed at the King hotel which is less then 5 min from the clinic and 5 mins from various restaurants, cafes, juice bars and of course Burger King. I payed 40 euros a night. You will need to ensure you bring entertainment with you as the tv only has 3- channels of english.

My flight cost £190 via Munich on Luftansa.

I paid 3.50 euro per graft (remember the price vs value! this is very reasonable considering Dr Keser's reputation, he does everything himself with an assistant to assit him only, 4 days of unrushed surgery, personal translator (Devram) who is ever present and supports you all through the surgery procedure and has perfect English.

Pain - some people expereince no pain other do, this will depend on how easy it is to extract graphs and well as how sensitive your head is in the recipient area as everyones nerve ending are different. Some parts for me where easy, some I had discomfort, parts a bit painful due to my thick head. A injection of serum to make extraction easier minimised the pain. It seems most people experience no pain at all.

The donor area after having 2000 holes put in it can be quite sore, although now on day 4 it feels almost normal again.

I would strongly recommend not keeping the ht secet, its one less worry if everyone already knows.

Smokers are allowed to smoke electronic cigs in the rest area of the clinic between breaks at Kesers clinic, they will even charge is for you will you have the op.

Any questions let me know.




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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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