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My hair transplant Experience with Dr Tejinder Bhatti, Chandigarh



My hair-transplant experience with Dr Bhatti


I started losing hair at the age of 25/26 and it got really worse by the time I was 35. Needless to mention that I started losing a little bit of confidence especially when someone could easily pass me for 40 yrs old….It was terrible….

After sitting on the edge and reviewing many hair transplant surgeon reviews, I finally gathered the courage and decided to take a consultation appointment with Dr Bhatti.

Why I chose him: I wanted one of the best FUE surgeon in India and be able to afford it too…

Boy...calling him must have been one of the best decisions of my life…..

He asked me to send him good close-up pictures of my donor and recipient area (clue: Pls use a nice HD camera for good close-up pics). I sent him 6-8 pics and got a response back in 1-2 days. A few questions were asked about my hair loss history, medical background and I was told that I would need roughly 3000 grafts in the front and about 1000 in the vertex area. After carefully reviewing the cost and reviews on HRN, I took the appointment for 7th September,2013.

Arriving to the Location

I live in Houston, TX. Booked a flight from here and reached Delhi 6th morning. A friend of mine picked me up at the airport and we drove to Chandigarh. Other options which can also be considered are rail transport. I also believe you can arrange pick up with Dr Bhatti’s help from the airport at a very nominal cost. We checked into Marriott which is a 5 star facility within 5 miles from Dr Bhatti’s new clinic. Lovely place, btw…

My anxiety was driving me nuts by now….Although I didn’t have a consultation appointment for 6th afternoon, Dr Bhatti was nice enough to see me for another consultation. We pretty much confirmed what we had discussed over the phone and emails. Dr Bhatti advised that I should break my procedure into 2 days for better handling of my front and vertex area. (Clue: Always leave a day or two extra in your itinerary so you are flexible)

Day 1 procedure

Arrived sharp at 7:30 am at the clinic. A blood sample was withdrawn for HIV test….boy…was that a relief J

Dr Bhatti gave me the details of what to expect during the day and tentative time these activities would take. This was really helpful as this helped me mentally prepare myself through each phase of the surgery…You need to know this as I kept on telling myself…half way done, almost done et:….

The procedure started with Dr Bhatti shaving my head to an equivalent of size 0 in US. I was almost bald…..the donor area was prepared and disinfected…..I must say that strong emphasis was placed throughout the procedure in proper sanitation and disinfecting practices….Anesthesia was applied…

After about 20 mins, Anesthesia kicked in….Dr Bhatti was very polite and made sure that there was no pain at all before extracting from donor area….I must say that except those 3-4 mins when I was being shot for Anesthesia, this was practically a painless procedure…..

At this point, my head was punched for preparation…….I must say although the noise of this might sound scary, but the procedure was painless…..I just kept on listening to my music to distract myself from this noise…

Must mention that unlike some other clinics, Dr Bhatti stayed with me throughout the procedure which was very comforting….

For next 1-2 hours, donor area was utilized to extract about 3000 grafts….These were refrigerated right away….bandage was applied and we broke for lunch…….

During the lunch break, the technician finished counting the grafts and advised me that she had extracted roughly 3120 grafts….

A nice lunch was served…I am an Indian and love Tandoori Roti/Daal Makhni…..You should specify your choice if you don’t like Indian food….

During the post lunch session, transplant process started. Dr Bhatti supervised this while his technicians performed the work. I must say this was a huge concern for me before the surgery that who is exactly performing the transplant. I was very happy to see that talented technicians in Dr Bhatti’s supervision did excellent work. Dr Bhatti kept a very close eye on the density and making sure that it was evenly done…..

This process took about 2-3 hours with a few small breaks. Again, I must mention that by this time Anesthesia had well kicked in so no pain whatsoever. I was on my phone checking FB and sending images to my wife in US over Whatsap J………..

The transplant ended around 5:30 pm at which time Dr Bhatti wrapped me with a bandage and put a cap on the top…..I have a big size head and that’s the only thing I could request from the clinic to order some XXX-L caps so they can gently sit on the treated area……

I wore my cap and my friend picked me up to go back to Marriott ….

Sleeping is a little discomfort for first few nights but it’s an insignificant issue in the grand scheme of things….

Day 2

Day 2, my surgery started right on time as scheduled for 12pm….We went through the same procedure and did about 1200 grafts for my vertex area…..

Day 3

Dr Bhatti was nice to come Sunday morning for a final inspection/re-bandage and I left for my home town.

A note about Staff

Dr Bhatti’s staff is very polite and most importantly sensitive to your needs. I recall so many times during the surgery they would ask me if I need a 5 min break to stretch…..water…tea…et:…..I really felt very comfortable in the way they handled their business.

Few Important Tips:

1. Avoid travel as much as possible for next few days….

2. Even if you have to sit in Hotel and watch TV for next few days, it’s well worth it

3. Read Dr Bhatti’s post-op booklet thoroughly….This is an instruction booklet….you rarely will have a question for which you won’t find an answer….It’s a little funny because I called Dr Bhatti a few times after surgery ….and he was patient enough to tell me….Read Page # XXX from the booklet…and he was spot on….

4. Your appearance would be impacted for a month or two….You need to be mentally prepared for it…..In my case, I did not try to hide….I actually formally announced before leaving for India that I am going for a transplant so I have to field less questions after I come back…It worked…..Chose the approach which suits you best…

5. In my personal advice, avoid a long flight for at least a week…..That’s what I did….It allowed things to settle down as I was too afraid to disturb the transplanted area…..during travel…


I completely followed directions in the booklet….The instructions start getting very easy after Day 21……There is nothing much to this section and it’s pretty straight forward…..After coming to US, I provided Dr Bhatti with monthly progress to make sure everything was in line….

About Dr Bhatti:

This guy is a true gem…..Does not believe in false marketing practices….advertizing….

Like a master craftsman, does his work and let it speak…..

Thoroughly impressed……

I am attaching my pictures…Any questions, please feel free to ping me…….

Good Luck to you all…..



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  • Regular Member

Thanks.....Please upload some pics of your HT....I had 1448 grafts transplant in Dec 2013. It was great but little bit worried on existing hair ....

.please upload some pics since start of the procedure.......

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  • Regular Member

I have added pictures within my profile under folders "Before" and "After"....

Take a look, if you need more details...let me know ...

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  • Senior Member



Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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